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Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Blake Lively: Glamorous + Curvy Flamboyant Natural

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Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

At the start of my Kibbe journey, I believed that everyone could be neatly and squarely put into a body type category. However, with the more I learn, I now understand that the body types fall on a spectrum and some people fall somewhere between body types and this affects what their best lines and recommendations are.

An example of this is falling between the Flamboyant Natural and Soft Dramatic body types (but closer to Flamboyant Natural). This can physically manifest as someone who ticks all the boxes for Flamboyant Natural, but they are curvy. They will need to accommodate this curve and this takes them from purely Flamboyant Natural to leaning into Soft Dramatic recommendations. I’ve decided to call this combination type the Curvy Flamboyant Natural.

Within the category of Curvy Flamboyant Natural, some women may find that they also have a strong Romantic essence. This affects how they need to style their hair, makeup, and accessories to look their best and fully harmonious. So they not only need to account for the curvy silhouette by adopting some Soft Dramatic leaning lines, but they also need to adopt some Romantic leaning essence traits. Instead of being more natural in their styling, they need to be more polished and glamorous. I call these women the Glamorous Flamboyant Natural.

In this post, I explore and discuss the Glamorous Flamboyant Natural body type, style identity, and essence by focusing on a selection of outfits by someone I believe embodies this body type composition, American actress, Blake Lively.


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What Is The Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Identity?

The Glamorous Flamboyant Natural style identity is a combination of Flamboyant Natural and Soft Dramatic, so it’s important to understand both these style identities individually. How these two style identities combine in a Glamorous Flamboyant Natural depends on the individual. Some will be closer to Soft Dramatic and some, like Blake Lively, will be closer to Flamboyant Natural.

What Is The Flamboyant Natural Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Flamboyant Naturals are soft yang. They are frame dominant, with broad shoulders and slim, straight hips that create a clear and prominent T-silhouette. They have a long vertical line and a broadness to their structure.

Following their lines, Flamboyant Naturals are best complemented by loose/ relaxed, oversized, and unconstructed silhouettes that honor both their dominant vertical and horizontal lines. They look great in a mix of natural textures and colors.

What Is The Flamboyant Natural Essence?

The Flamboyant Natural essence is free-spirited, down-to-earth, and fresh. It’s effortlessly bold and open. They give off an easy and approachable ‘girl next door‘ vibe.


What Is The Soft Dramatic Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Soft Dramatics are characterized by a prominent and angular bone structure, often with sharp edges, elongated lines, and prominent facial features. Atop this angular structure, they have lush, yin flesh, characterized by soft, sensual curves. They are often described as voluptuous.

A skinny Soft Dramatic will not have the same excess of voluminous curves, and their chiseled, angular bone structure will be more prominent than their curves, but their curvature will still be noticeable.

Following their lines, Soft Dramatics are best complemented by fitted, structured garments that create a strong, elongated line while draping over and accentuating their curves. Great examples are tailored jackets, pencil skirts, body-con dresses, and long goddess-like gowns with excessive draping that cinch at the waist. Their details should be bold and glamorous.

What Is The Soft Dramatic Essence?

Kibbe describes the Soft Dramatic essence as ‘Diva Chic’. It’s bold, dominating, sensual, and magnetic. They give off a slightly intimidating but alluring ‘glamorous and diva-like’ vibe.


Let’s take a look at the lines of Blake’s Body:

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Blake has both vertical and width, I can see that she’s tall and there’s a broadness to her structure in the shoulders, ribcage and general torso, even though she is very slim in these photos. She looks athletic and even though her flesh isn’t muscular, it’s not sinewy either. She has a sense of physical strength to her. She has a defined waist which gives her visible curve but it’s not prominent.


Casual Looks

Super Casual

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Blake is not flattered by these outfits at all. They are all too casual and she looks disheveled in them. In the two outfits to the right, this is further emphasized by her undone hair which does not look good on her.

This is interesting because a signature of Natural style is the laidback, casual and athleisure looks as well as the undone, I-woke-up-like-this hair. That these styles look so bad and separate from Blake is an indication that there’s more to her Flamboyant Natural aesthetic.


Glam Casual

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

In these looks, Blake looks great. These outfits are still fairly casual on her, but they are more glamorous than the outfits above. This is as casual as she can go and still look good, meaning her casual style needs to be polished and put together. Equally important, her grooming (hair, makeup) needs to be polished too.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

In these casual outfits, Blake looks better as we move from left to right and the pants in particular start to get more fitted. What I see is that she is better suited by a silhouette that outlines her body than one that doesn’t. The very loose pants in the first look (left) are the least flattering and they make her look wider than she is. The combat boots are also not glamorous enough for her and the combination creates a look that’s very separate from her.

The middle look is better than the first, but again the mom jeans fit widens her and again the boots (though much better than the first pair) are not quite sleek enough for her. She looks okay.

The last look (right) is the best on her. The skinny jeans are sleek and streamlined and they cling to her body which defines her shape. The high heels add the glamour she needs.

In this way, in parts of her styling she is functioning closer to a Soft Dramatic than a Flamboyant Natural.


A Suit Study

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

We can see this at play again here. In these suit outfits, Blake looks better as we move from left to right and the fit of the suit gives her body more shape. The first outfit (left) is the least flattering because not only is the fit (particularly in the pants) very loose, but the rolled up hem makes the look too casual and even disheveled for Blake. This would look great on a true Flamboyant Natural like Gigi Hadid who doesn’t require the glamour that Blake needs.

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The middle look is the first look done right. Blake looks beautiful and very cool. The suit has a relaxed fit and the pants are cropped with a single fold that is clean and sophisticated. I love this look on her and it acts as reminder that she is still a Flamboyant Natural after all and she can pull off those lines as long as she doesn’t let the look get too casual.

The third look (right), is stunning on her. This suit leans Soft Dramatic with the fitted silhouette and the cinched waist. However, the fit of the pants still allows some movement which honors her Flamboyant Natural lines. It’s a perfect blend for Blake and she looks amazing. I do wish her hair was more polished, that would complete the look perfectly.


Flamboyant Natural: Long Loose Lines

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Here again we can see how Blake can pull off the long, loose Flamboyant Natural lines of the first two dresses (left, middle) and look good. However, when the dress starts to lean more Soft Dramatic like the look on the right, she truly shines. The more elegant chiffon fabric and the cinched waist that defines her shape all work to create a more elevated and harmonious look.


Soft Dramatic Lines

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

This is a good time to highlight that while Soft Dramatic leaning lines look amazing on Blake, this does not mean that she is a Soft Dramatic. She is still a Flamboyant Natural. But she has prominent curve and that curve needs to be accommodated, and Soft Dramatic lines are the best to accomplish this. Add to this, Blake has a Natural and Romantic essence blend, and the Romantic essence influences her need to be well groomed and polished to look her best.

The dress above is pure Soft Dramatic. The tight fit, the cinched waist, the delicate lace fabric, and the gathered, rouched detail on the sash all form the Romantic elements that are half of the Soft Dramatic identity. The long length (vertical line) forms the other half.

Blake does not look good in this dress. She looks restricted and uncomfortable. She also looks large because the daintiness of the fabric stands out against the broadness of her structure. Here, it becomes clear that she is a Flamboyant Natural and as such, she needs clothes that allow her freedom and movement and breathability. Yes, it’s important that her body be defined and clearly shaped, but it’s equally important that her clothes have a sense of freedom.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

We can see this again here where the skin tight bandage dresses look too restrictive on her. She needs just a little bit f air between herself and her garments to look her best.


Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic Lines

Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Here again, in these very similar dresses, Blake is least flattered by the first outfit (left). The dress is purely Soft Dramatic and on her it’s too tight and restrictive as it gives no allowance for the flow necessary for her Flamboyant Natural part. She looks so much better in the second outfit (right) where the material is more lenient and (while still shaping her body) allows for some ease of movement and flow.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Let’s compare how Blake looks in the similar outfits to the left vs those to the right. The outfits are similar but Blake looks better and more harmonious in the outfits to the right.

The stiff fabrics and straight lines of the outfits to the left lean more Dramatic (or Dramatic Classic). In them, Blake looks restricted and stiff. Both looks are not flattering on her. In the outfits to the right, Blake looks so much better. She looks comfortable and beautiful because these outfits have more relaxed lines and slightly looser fits which lean more Natural. She looks harmonious.

This comparison again reminds us that, fundamentally, Blake is not a Dramatic, she is a Natural.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

Here again, the very stiff, long, red coat in the first image (left) is the least flattering of Blake because of how restrictive it is on her. It is too structured and stiff and doesn’t allow for flow or a sense of movement and she looks trapped in it. The coats to the right look great on her because they offer just that. The coats are structured but the fabrics also offer movement which makes them perfect for her.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

In these dresses, we see this at play yet again. The first look (left) leans heavily Flamboyant Natural, it’s long, flowy, and unconstructed. In it, Blake looks underwhelming, her body is lost in fabric and looks shapeless. It’s just not a flattering look on her.

In the last look (right), she looks good because the fitted silhouette provides great shaping for her body. However, the fabric is a bit stiff and it doesn’t offer as much movement as best suits her. Finally, her hair is too undone, and this style lacks the polished glamor that she needs.

Blake looks the best in the middle image. It offers shaping by being tight up top and cinching her waist, but it also offers flow with the fabric choice and the loose fit below. The accessories and grooming are polished and glamorous and she looks stunning.


Essence: Hair

Blake Lively: Best Hairstyles

These are some of Blake Lively’s best hair looks. In the top row, she is wearing her long hair down. In each mage, her hair is smoothed out, even when it’s curly, the curls are polished (no frizz or excessive strays) and this gives her a clean look that’s important for that sense of glamour that she needs.

In the bottom row, her hair is tied up and again she looks beautiful in the styles because they are sleek and polished (to the left). To the right, the hair is more relaxed and it leans more Natural but not excessively so. She has minimal strays and frizz so the Natural looks still feel polished and elevated.


Blake Lively: Worst Hairstyles

In these looks, Blakes hair is too undone for her. It’s the characteristic wild and free style of the Flamboyant Natural, but on Blake that’s too heavy in the unkempt direction. In the worst instances, she looks disheveled and at best she looks like she forgot to do her hair. She needs a certain level of being polished to look her best.  For me, this is a clear indication of her Romantic essence.


How this looks on a purely Natural essence person:

Gigi Hadid: Flamboyant Natural Hairstyles

Gigi Hadid is a great example of someone with a dominant Natural essence and who looks great in purely Natural hairstyles. For her, the more disheveled or unkempt her hair gets, the better she looks. It brings out that characteristic wild and free essence and she looks beautifully harmonious.

Romantic Hair

Blake Lively: Best Hair

This is Blake leaning heavily into Romantic hairstyles and I think the results are interesting and further prove my theory. The curls in the first and last looks (left, right) are a bit too ornate for Blake, and while she doesn’t look bad, these styles would be better suited to someone with a pure Romantic essence. While neither are her best, I think she looks better in overly Romantic styles than she does with overly Natural styles as pictured above.

She looks her best and absolutely stunning in the middle image because it’s a better blend of her two essences, it’s mostly Romantic (clean, defined curls with a polished finish) with a slight Natural feel (looser curl that seems slightly combed out).


Essence: Makeup

Blake Lively: Best and Worst Makeup Looks

The looks up top show some of Blakes best makeup looks. With her Romantic essence, she can handle high glamor such as a red bold lip and she also looks good when her lip and eye makeup are both emphasized, so long as the look isn’t too extreme. This style of makeup would be overwhelming for someone with a pure Natural essence.

In the looks in the bottom row, we see how she looks in purely Natural makeup, These ‘no makeup’ looks are very underwhelming on Blake and she looks undone. She needs more visible makeup to look her best.


How this looks on a purely Natural essence person:

Gigi Hadid: Flamboyant Natural Makeup

‘No makeup’ looks amazing on Gigi Hadid. She doesn’t look undone or unkempt. At worst she looks cute and at best she looks stunning.


Best Looks:

Blake Lively: Best Red Carpet Style Moments

Respect where respect is due. This dress was a moment and I think it cemented Blake Lively as a fashion icon. This dress is Soft Dramatic and it brings all the drama with the black and while color palette. Her hair is sleek and polished and her bold makeup and jewels bring the high glamour. She looks iconic and I think when it’s all said and done, this will be the look she’s remembered for.


Blake Live: Best Red Carpet Style Moments

This look is stunning. The combination of fitted up top with a cinched waist and flowy at the bottom is ideal for Blake. The color looks great on her and her leg is amazing. Her hair and makeup are sleek and polished and her accessories are glamorous. A complete win.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

This is cute. I love the leggy display that’s sexy but still elegant. The bow tie is playful and the fit of the blazer dress is perfection, it offers both structure and flow. Her hair and makeup are cute and flattering and she looks great.


Blake Lively: Glamorous Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis

I think this is cute and definitely a style moment. It’s very Romantic with the delicate fabric and the waist emphasis, and this time her Natural hair anchors the look and gives it some balance. Overall, she looks beautiful.


Pinpointing your Kibbe body type can be challenging because grasping the nuances of each body type can be confusing. Add to that, the idea of the body types falling on a spectrum and the truth is that sometimes it’s not so easy to put people into neat body types. This post explores the style identity of a Glamorous Flamboyant Natural, that is a Flamboyant Natural that falls very close to being a Soft Dramatic by exploring the style of someone who embodies this, actress, Blake Lively.

This style analysis explores what happens when she honors all her lines and essences and what happens when she doesn’t. If you think you could be a Glamorous Flamboyant Natural, try some of the same outfits and styling and see if they suit you as they do her.


You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Let me know if this helped you and if you agreed with my analysis.

Talk soon,




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