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Dramatic Flamboyant Naturals- A Study

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I recently did a post on the Curvy Flamboyant Natural, my term for women who are Flamboyant Naturals, but who fall closer to Soft Dramatic than the average Flamboyant Natural on the spectrum of body types and who thus often appear curvier than the average FN.

In this post, I’ll be focusing on Flamboyant Naturals who fall closer to Dramatic than the average Flamboyant Natural- the Dramatic Flamboyant Natural.

I’ll be focusing on three women that I feel embody this, namely Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Nicole Kidman. Gisele and Nicole are both verified Flamboyant Natural. I do also believe Alessandra is verified FN, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

I will start with a brief body and style analysis of the women. Then, I will compare all three women in similar lines to see what we can deduce as generally true for all Dramatic Flamboyant Naturals and what is unique to each woman’s expression of the body type.

Let’s begin:


Let’s Look At The Lines of Their Bodies:

Each of these women has a very long vertical line. They are long and lean, with a prominent and narrow frame that almost represents a straight line, especially in the case of Giselle Bundchen and Nicole Kidman. Alessandra Ambrosio has some curve to her but, like the others, her long vertical is prominent.

Although they have Kibbe width, these women are all very narrow, which is why they fall so close to Dramatic on the body types spectrum. Atop their narrow frame sits lean (but not sinewy) flesh. So, although lean, I get a sense that I can pinch their flesh.

Flamboyant Natural Lines

As these women are all Flamboyant Naturals, we would expect them to easily pull of these lines and styles. I expect a certain harmony with these looks that makes them very natural on them. While they might not be their absolute best since they are so close to being Dramatic, they should still look good or even great in them since this is their actual body type.

Giselle certainly looks great in these FN lines but they are not her best. She can definitely pull them off: the long, sweeping lines don’t drown her and that sense of movement and freedom created by how the dresses flow (middle, right) complements her.

The middle dress is just a bit too wide for her, particularly the skirt. I wish it was narrower on her body to also complement her Dramatic part. The sleek hair and make up helps to balance it out. While, she looks beautiful, this look is just okay on her. I think she looks better in the last dress as it’s flowy but lean, her best combination.

In the first look (left), that feather cape is peak Flamboyant Natural/ Dramatic, it’s long, striking, textured, and artsy. The way it hangs off her shoulders widens the silhouette and draws attention to her long frame. I think this look works because she paired it with a slim fit, Dramatic-leaning dress that slims down her silhouette and balances out the look. If the dress was loose, it would be too Flamboyant Natural and swallow her up.


Alessandra looks amazing in these looks. She is definitely a Flamboyant Natural with a strong Natural essence. I see that best in the middle image where this long, loose dress with no waist definition just sits perfectly on her body. Her hair is loose and tousled, the entire outfit boasts a lot of natural materials and colors and the overall vibe is just relaxed. She looks effortlessly cool.

The other two looks are interesting because they lean more Romantic. Although flowy, the first look (left) has a defined waist, excess fabric, sparkly details and ample cleavage, yet she looks amazing in it too. It’s not off or too much on her, which leads me to believe that she might have a Romantic essence.

The last look (right), leans more Soft Natural and I find it to be the least flattering. I find this surprising since I think her essences are Natural and Romantic, so I would guess that Soft Natural (which combines Natural and Romantic body type elements) lines would be flattering on her. This highlights how essences are different from body types. Alessandra’s Romantic essence stands alone (it’s not as a result of a Romantic leaning body type) and it’s far more expressive.


Nicole Kidman is definitely pulling off these lines and she looks good. However, I don’t think they are her best. The long vertical lines, malleable fabrics, looser fits, and bold patterns (middle, right). and artsy fabrics (middle) all make these looks Flamboyant Natural. Each of these looks is narrow in silhouette which flatters her Dramatic leaning.


Dramatic Lines

Now, we would expect these women to look amazing in Dramatic lines as their body types and essence leans very strongly towards this body type, hence the confusion that often surrounds these women’s classification. While I expect them to look amazing, I do also expect at least a small degree of separation as they are not Dramatics after all.

Alessandra looks incredible in the Dramatic lines. The long vertical line, stiff fabrics, narrow silhouettes, and sleek metallic accents make the looks Dramatic and they are incredibly harmonious on her. I think she looks even better in these pure Dramatic lines than she does in the Flamboyant Natural lines in the previous section.


Gisele also looks amazing in these more Dramatic-leaning lines, but I still don’t feel like they are her best. Of these three, I actually think the middle look with the longest vertical line and some softer, more sweeping (so more Flamboyant Natural) lines is her most flattering.

In the first look (left), her long, loose hair (Natural) hair really pulls it together. I see the same in the last look (right). Without the freedom of the hair, both these Dramatic-leaning looks would be too restrictive on her. She would still pull it off, but the balance wouldn’t be there.


Interestingly, while I think these more Dramatic lines flatter Nicole, I think she looks more harmonious in the Flamboyant Natural looks in the previous section. Here, she looks incredible, the sharper lines, heavier fabrics, and narrow silhouettes complement her Dramatic leaning, but they look too heavy somehow, nit quite delicate enough for her. I think the Flamboyant Natural styles showcase her essence(s) more.

Suits + Blazer Study

Suits and blazers are both a Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic staple, the only difference is the fit. Flamboyant Naturals are better suited by a more relaxed and oversized fit while Dramatics are better suited by a sleek and slim fit. So, this is  a great way to see which of these two styles suit each woman better an what that means for where they fall on the Flamboyant Natural-Dramatic spectrum.

These suits lean Dramatic with the long sharp lines and narrow silhouettes, however, they also accommodate the Flamboyant Natural with the soft, flowy shirts in the case of Gisele (left) and Alessandra (middle) so that they both look wonderful and harmonious in their outfits.

Nicole (right) does not have the flowy shirt to balance her look and as a result her suit is the most stiff of the three.


Comparing how these three blazers look on her, Nicole is least flattered by the first look (left), where the pink blazer is too floppy (unstructured) because the fabric isn’t stiff enough and the fit is slightly oversized. This first look overall leans more Flamboyant Natural.

She looks much better in the two looks to the right where the fabric is heavier, the lines are sharper, and the blazers are more fitted. I think the last look (right) is the most flattering because in addition to all this, it also features a long vertical line created by the head to to monochromatic navy color. So, in blazers, the more Dramatic styles suit her best.


In these three looks, Gisele looks the least harmonious in the middle blazer because of how short it is. It cuts her body at a strange place and while it doesn’t exactly violate her long vertical line since the look is monochromatic, it does make it so the look isn’t as seamless.

Being longer, the other two blazers (left, right) are more harmonious with her, vertically speaking. Of the two, the first blazer (left) leans more Flamboyant Natural (wider and more relaxed) where the last blazer (right) leans more Dramatic (sleek and narrow). Gisele looks good in both, but I think the first look just harmonizes with her better.

So, in blazers, she can do both Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural


Alessandra looks better as we move from left to right and her blazers go from wide and oversized to more fitted. The sharper, longer lines and narrower silhouette suits her better.

Casual: Denim

Casual styles are a Natural staple. Denim in particular forma the basis of most casual, everyday wear styles, so these looks are great to assess these women’s harmony with this aspect of the Natural essence.

As Flamboyant Naturals, I expect them to look great and harmonious in these styles. I will also see which styling suits them better, the more relaxed Natural styling or the more sleek and polished styling of the Dramatic.


These ultra-relaxed denim styles are not flattering on Gisele. The loose fitting jeans coupled with loose fitting tops creates wide, unconstructed silhouette that widens and swallows her frame. Her styling is also very relaxed: hair in  ponytail or bun; minimal/ no makeup.

All this creates an undone look that looks underwhelming and disheveled on her. These looks lean Flamboyant Natural and they don’t flatter her.


In these looks, the jeans are tight and narrow and, while looser, the tops also maintain a slim fit to preserve Gisele’s narrow silhouette. The styling her is cleaner and more polished and she looks sleeker than in the outfits above.

These denim styles lean more Dramatic and they are far more flattering on Gisele.


These wide leg denim looks don’t flatter Alessandra as they widen her silhouette and distort her frame.


These looks lean Flamboyant Natural with the slim but loose and easy fit denim, the textured sweaters with a relaxed fit, and easy and laid-back accessories and hair. She looks relaxed and natural in each of these looks and they look incredible of her.


These outfits lean Dramatic with the tight skinny jeans and clean, sleek styling. She looks amazing, but not perfectly harmonious. There is something of separation because these don’t give enough accommodation to her Natural side.

This is clear in these two looks because she looks more natural and harmonious in the first look (left) where the jeans are slightly looser (as compared to the second look) and it gives an impression of breathability. This ease is more in line with the Natural aesthetic and it’s more harmonious with her.

In the second look (right), her jeans are skin tight and her top bares her (super toned) midriff. While her body looks incredible, this lack of space between her and the jeans feels restrictive. Compare this to how amazing she looks in the outfits above. So, in jeans, she leans Flamboyant Natural.


In the first look (left), the jeans are too wide and baggy for Nicole. They do not flatter her frame and figure but instead just swallow it up. The spandex bodysuit and weird alien glasses help to create an overall bizarre look. This look is so mismatched with her style and essences that it honestly looks like an outfit for someone else.

She looks more natural and is far better flattered by the slim, fitted skinny jeans to the right. Her the slim fit t-shirt and leather jacket both honor her narrow silhouette and she looks great. So, in denim, she leans Dramatic.

Dramatic vs Natural: Casual

Similarly to the section above, here we look at which lines and styling suit each woman in their general casual (non-denim) attire. These looks lean either more Natural or more Dramatic and the direct comparison helps to see which body types they fall closer to.

Long, sleek, monochromatic- these looks lean Dramatic. Gisele looks good but a bit dull. The looks lack variation which isn’t ideal for her. The best of these three are the two looks to the right, where the knit jersey (middle) and shaggy lining (right) give the looks texture that gives them some dimension.

The two looks to the right also follow the T-silhouette of Flamboyant Naturals by having a larger/ wider jacket and narrow pants. This looks great and naturally harmonious on Gisele. The first look (left) is long, lean, and straight up and down which honors Dramatic lines, and she doesn’t look as good in it.


Gisele looks great in these Flamboyant Natural leaning outfits. The T-silhouette, textured fabrics, natural colors and neutral palette, and relaxed fits make these outfits Natural in essence. She looks so much more harmonious in these styles than she does in the ones above.

So, in casual, she leans Flamboyant Natural.


Alessandra looks good in these Dramatic lines but, on their own, they aren’t her best. They look too restrictive on her. I like the middle look, but it’s brought together by the slightly loose shirt and the long coat hanging on her shoulders- both of which are Flamboyant Natural leaning elements.

In the first look (left) which leans more truly Dramatic, she looks rather boring and likewise in the last look (right). So I think her best combination is a mostly Dramatic look with some Flamboyant Natural elements.


I don’t like these looks on Alessandra. They are casual but I think they lean a bit too Natural. The sweater in the first look (left) is too flimsy, the pants in the middle look are too flared. She needs more structure and more edge. She needs to lean more Dramatic than these looks allow. Without that, she looks a bit incomplete and underwhelming.

So, in casual, she leans Dramatic.


Nicole looks good in these Dramatic leaning lines, but they don’t feel natural on her. There is some separation between her and the clothes and they look stiff and even boxy on her (middle, right).


Here, Nicole looks amazing and completely harmonious in these more relaxed lines. I think she looks more like herself in these styles. So, in casual, she leans Flamboyant Natural.

Dramatic vs Natural: Formal

In formal wear, Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic styles are quite different. The Natural styles are looser and have a sense of movement and freedom and the fabrics and details are textured and artsy. The lines are long and sweeping. The Dramatic styles are narrower and tighter and the details are sleek and edgy. The lines are long and sharp. Let’s see how each woman looks in both:

These lines are too sharp for Alessandra. She looks separate from them. In each case, I wish the dresses had just a little more softness in the edges and that the fabric was a bit more malleable. As is, the dresses look stiff on her. She has a great deal of sharpness, of course, so she can wear these dresses, but the separation is clear. The looks are not effortlessly harmonious.


Here, Alessandra looks infinitely better and more harmonious. While heavy, the fabrics of these dresses are softer and have more of a gentle draping over the body effect as compared to the ones above, the silhouettes are still narrow but the edges are rounded, not sharp and it makes all the difference. This added softness (or rather, less sharpness) better mirrors her composition and she looks amazing.


Gisele looks stunning in these fitted sheath dresses. The tight fits lean Dramatic and they accentuate her long, slim figure and she looks completely in her element, particularly in the first and last looks (left, right). Her hair looks great and the loose, voluminous curls honor her Flamboyant Natural essence and beautifully balance the Dramatic dresses.

The least flattering of these is the middle look which leans the most Dramatic because it has extra angularity and sharpness in the asymmetric design. The asymmetric hair further throws her off balance.


These dresses lean more Flamboyant Natural (and in some cases  Romantic) because of the longer, softer lines that allow for more movement and space between her and the dress (as compared to the dresses above). These are not her best looks. The lighter fabrics and lack of structure of the first and last looks (left, right) fail to visually support her frame and overall look almost flimsy on her.

The middle look is perhaps the most Flamboyant Natural with the heavier fabric, slim but not tight fit, and fringe detail. This suits her better (just the dress, not the overall look), but it’s also not her best. She is far better complemented by the more Dramatic leaning dresses above.


It’s not fair to call the first and last looks (left, right) Flamboyant Natural, but they do have some elements that qualify such as the long, sweeping lines, softly draping and flowy fabric. These dresses are too soft and they don’t quite sit right on her. At best, Nicole looks okay in these looks. They do not complement her.

I love the middle look on her and I think it’s the most truly Flamboyant Natural: it’s long; the fabric is weighted but still flowy; the cheetah print evokes something natural, free, and animalistic, and I think Nicole looks great in it. It’s harmonious with her natural lines and her bone straight hair leans Dramatic to balance the look.


Nicole looks amazing in these looks. The heavy fabrics, sharp lines, and slim silhouettes make them lean more Dramatic and they harmonize beautifully with her.

Essence: Hair & Makeup

When Gisele’s hair is long and bone straight (Dramatic), as can be seen in the top row of images, she looks somewhat unnatural. The lack of volume creates a visual imbalance with her large features and her nose in particular looks larger on her face. It gives her an irregular look that’s unflattering.

Gisele looks amazing in the Natural styles seen in the bottom row of images where her hair has volume and the curls are large and loose. The volume balances her features and her nose looks normal and natural on her face.

She has a stronger Flamboyant Natural essence.


Alessandra looks great in both the Dramatic hair and makeup of the top row as well as the Natural styles in the bottom row, it’s just a case of what she wants to play up more. That said, I think she looks the most harmonious in the top row images where the intense makeup and sleek, straight hair do a better job of capturing her essence.

She has a stronger Dramatic essence.

Nicole looks better and more natural in the bottom images where it has voluminous layers and invokes a sense of flow and movement. In the top row, the flat hair looks dull and incomplete on her, like she forgot to do her hair. This is particularly true in the first two looks (left, middle) where her hair is tied back.

While flat, the last look is more forgiving as it’s let down and at least the length connects to her Natural essence. Still, it’s not her best and notice how much better she looks in the image directly beneath it where she wears a similar style but this time with just a bit more volume and curls.

She has a stronger Flamboyant Natural essence. However, hers is different to Gisele’s, for example. Nicole’s Natural essence is closer to Dramatic than Gisele’s, so she can better pull off long straight hair than Gisele. Similarly, she while she can handle curls and volume, her ideal volume is less than Gisele’s and her best curls are more combed out and more polished, else she starts to look a bit messy/ cluttered.



While the Kibbe Test and system is designed to help someone identify their body type, I think it’s important to understand that these body types fall on a spectrum. So, sometimes a person won’t fall neatly within one body type and instead fall between two of them. In this case, they might have characteristics from both body types and it’s important to understand which of these they need to accommodate to create their true style identity.

This post has explored this in the case of Flamboyant Naturals who fall between the Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic types, aka the Dramatic Flamboyant Natural.

My main objective in writing this post was to emphasize that there is no one size fits all when it comes to any body type characterization. Even in the Dramatic Flamboyant Natural subcategory, the three women we discussed proved just how differently the same body type can manifest and how their best lines can differ. Please keep that in mind as you continue on your own body type journey.

In different outfits, the women sometimes looked better in Dramatic leaning and sometimes better in Flamboyant Natural leaning styles with no real consistency. For example, Gisele often looked best in Dramatic leaning lines but Flamboyant Natural hair and makeup. Alessandra looked amazing in Dramatic makeup. So, if this is your body type (like me), it’s useful to play around with both style lines to find your perfect balance.


You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.


Let me know if this helped you and if you have any thoughts on my analysis.

Talk soon,





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