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Flamboyant Gamine Style Analysis: Zoe Kravitz | Kibbe Body Types

Flamboyant Gamine Style Analysis: Zoe Kravitz | Kibbe Body Types

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Flamboyant Gamine Style Analysis: Zoe Kravitz | Kibbe Body Types

Let’s face it, the Kibbe Body Type system can be very confusing, so it can be very helpful to have an example to refer back to. Someone who wears the lines correctly and who just oozes that essence. When pictured in similar outfits, you can have a reference to see if you’re pulling it off or not and thus have a better idea of whether that is or isn’t your body type.

In this post, I’m diving deep into Zoe Kravitz’s style to see what makes her a perfect Flamboyant Gamine style icon as well as discussing some looks that didn’t quite work. I’ll be making a special note on lines, fit, colors, patterns- and overall style/ outfit breakdown. I’ll also discuss how that particular outfit works with or against her Flamboyant Gamine lines and essence. Let’s dive in.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.


What Is The Flamboyant Gamine Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Flamboyant Gamines are an uneven mix of yin and yang opposites with additional yang. The ‘uneven’ is important because it’s a standout characteristic for Flamboyant Gamines- where their yin and yang often appear irregular and potentially mismatched.

This means that their bodies sometimes give off the impression that they were made with parts that belong to different people. So, a Flamboyant Gamine can have a very short torso with long arms and legs, for example. They appear lean, strong, and are made up of straight lines, with a tendency toward a leggy look.

Following their lines, Flamboyant Gamines are best complemented by segmented lines that create a staccato effect. The silhouette should be broken up at the natural breaks of the body. They look great in sharp, boxy, geometric, and irregular silhouettes. They look great in bold/ wild and contrasting colors and prints.


What Is The Flamboyant Gamine Essence?

The Gamine essence is energetic, youthful, and mischievous. They give off a rebellious yet fun ‘I make my own rules’ vibe. They are often outwardly tomboyish in style and attitude, or rather not overly traditionally ‘girly’.

Zoe’s Body Structure:

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: body lines

Zoe has a short vertical line. She is small and she looks small. Her body is made up of short, straight lines. There is a sharpness to her structure. Over her bone structure, she has lean, taught flesh. While she does tend toward a soft hourglass, in general, she comes off as boyish (as opposed to overtly ‘womanly’ or voluptuous).

Short Vertical Line

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: vertical line

Zoe has a short vertical line, so as her outfits get longer they look less flattering on her. The shorter the better.


Flamboyant Gamine- Hits

This is a collection and discussion of some of Zoe’s outfits that honor her Flamboyant Gamine body type and essence.

Cropped Items + Bold Patterns

Cropped pieces are a staple of the Flamboyant Gamine body type as they honor the short, straight lines of their bone structure. Bold patterns and colors highlight their fun essence.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: cropped items

This outfit looks amazing on Zoe. She looks cool and edgy. The cropped top and cropped pants make allowance for her small structure, and the fun pattern of her pants gives expression to the fun, eclectic energy of Flamboyant Gamines and the Gamine essence.

A different body type would look childish and silly, but she pulls it off with sophistication.

Staccato Effect

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: staccato

The staccato effect is the blocky break in lines that works wonderfully for Flamboyant Gamines, particularly when they line up with the natural breaks in their bodies, such as the look on the right. Here, the black belt at the waist acts as a break between the two distinctly different patterns of the ensemble. This outfit would easily look too busy on a different body type, but it works on Zoe’s Flamboyant Gamine structure.

The look on the left doesn’t break at a natural ‘body line’ but the pink color block adds a needed element to what would otherwise be a boring black dress on her.

Cropped Items + Bold Jewelry

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz

The cropped top and its high neckline are classic Flamboyant Gamine elements, and they save this look. If this dress was one piece it would look matronly and rather severe on Zoe, it would be less flattering because it would be less ‘fun’.

The neckless makes this outfit. It raises the neckline even higher and the bold pop of color adds the fun element that the Flamboyant Gamine body type always needs.

Grungy + Quirky

This is more about the Gamine essence than Flamboyant Gamine lines. Quirky outfits and the ‘Grunge’ aesthetic visually communicate an ‘I don’t care’ and ‘I don’t play by the rules’ attitude that is at the heart of this essence identity.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: grungy + quirky

Zoe looks at home in these outfits. She looks cool and effortless. On her, this is stylish. On a different person of a different body type, this would look like someone trying too hard to look cool at best. At worst, it would look disheveled and like they failed to make an effort- not effortless.

Accessories are the life force of the Flamboyant Gamine, the more elements to an outfit the better. Notice how in the middle image, even her mask looks like it’s part of the outfit. Masks take away from most people’s outfits, not Flamboyant Gamines and definitely not Zoe.


Flamboyant Gamine- Misses

This is a selection and discussion of some of Zoe’s outfits that don’t honor the Flamboyant Gamine body type and essence.

Monochromatic + Long

Flamboyant Gamines are best suited by broken-up silhouettes that show up as blunt lines across the body. Long straight lines drag them down and monochromatic color schemes drain their vibrant essence.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: worst looks
Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: monochromatic

This long, slinky, plain white dress is very underwhelming on Zoe. It drags her down. The long vertical line overwhelms her small frame. The biggest problem though, in my opinion, is that the dress is so plain.

She looks so dull. I wish someone would accidentally spray paint her so that she had some visual interest because this is too boring for a Flamboyant Gamine.


The essence is Flamboyant Gamines is fun and bold. Their best outfits communicate this with their use of color, patterns, and design. When this is lacking, they look dreadfully boring.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: boring outfits

These outfits are gravely underwhelming on Zoe. The first and third looks (left, right) honor her short vertical line, the first look also has the short, boxy silhouette so complementary to Flamboyant Gamines. Even so, it still looks boring on her, there is no visually interesting place to rest my eyes.

The white outfit (right) is too girly and unconstructed to complement Zoe’s lines and essence. The open neckline, flouncy skirt, and lace fabric all work against her. The middle outfit is at least fitted and stiffly constructed, but the length is too long and a higher neckline would be better.

Too Big + Too Long

Flamboyant Gamines are small and they have a short vertical line. They look their best in fitted and cropped garments that honor this petite frame. They drown in overly big and long clothing, and they look even smaller than they are.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: oversized silhouettes

In the first outfit (left), it actually looks like Zoe’s clothes are heavy on her. I feel bad for her having to carry that jacket. In reality, she’s perfectly capable of wearing her coat, but visually the weight and length of her clothes overpower her.

This is a cool outfit and I like it, I just think it would look better on someone with a bigger frame, such as a Flamboyant Natural (imagine this on Gigi Hadid for example).

Similarly, the second outfit also swallows her up. However, I think it works better than the first one because the fabrics are visually lighter, so it better balances with her frame.

Overly Girly

Flamboyant Gamines are boyish in essence. Anything overly girly will clash against this essence and stand out against them, which tends to make them appear more masculine or rather, boyish.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: overly- girly outfits

I think the first outfit (left) is cool, but it isn’t quite right for Zoe. This look gives me ‘little girl’ energy and Zoe doesn’t have any of that Ingénue essence. Her feminine essence is fully grown and sensual, not youthful.

So this pleated skirt and the schoolgirl shoes contrast against her and look off. As a Flamboyant Gamine, she has what can be overly simplified as ‘little boy’ energy, so the overly girly pieces will always look off.

The second look (right) actually looks really good on her and I think it’s an example of how Flamboyant Gamine can successfully pull off ‘girly’.

While the pattern is floral and girly, the fabric is stiff (and not flouncy). Even though the pleated edging is not ideal, the neckline is high which respects her lines. Her hair is cropped and her makeup is natural. She also has great accessories to pull it all together. She looks great.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: little girl dresses

Similarly here, the first look (left) is overall more Soft Gamine than Flamboyant Gamine, meaning it leans more toward the feminine essence of this body type. This is encapsulated in the light fabric and dainty print of the dress.

It works on her because the short length and high neckline still respect general Gamine lines. The socks and shoes are quite boyish so they are Flamboyant Gamine, which is perfect and adds a necessary balance to this look for her.

Unfortunately, the hair in pigtails throws it off by adding that Ingenue essence that just doesn’t work on her. The overall effect is that this isn’t one of her best looks. She looks okay. I think if she just had her hair different, perhaps in a pixie, it would swing the balance back in her favor and while this still wouldn’t be one of her best looks, it would look good.

The second dress is too flouncy and her accessories are minimal. It does nothing for her.

Overly Sexy

Flamboyant Gamines are ‘boyish’, so anything overtly sexy will only highlight how voluptuous they aren’t and bring out their boyishness in a negative way.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: overly sexy/ feminine outfits

The white dress (right) is too girly and feminine, both of which work against her Flamboyant Gamine composition. The lace fabric and the cut of the dress are very feminine and would work better on a more voluptuous body type and on a woman with a Romantic essence and body type.

The petals and white color evoke a very girl essence, which is opposite to her natural ‘sexy tomboy’ vibe. The shoes are sadly an extension to the dress. This outfit looks very separate from her.

Consider that in two of these looks (left, right) she is half naked and these outfits are clearly meant to be ‘sexy’ but that isn’t the impression I’m left with at all. I feel like she’s playing dress-up. At best, it’s cute.

I think the middle look is the best of the ‘sexy’ looks. The short length honors her small frame and the flower detail adds visual interest. However, it is still a bit too flouncy and girly. Again, for me, it reads as ‘cute’.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz

This look is an example of something that could have worked but didn’t. That is to say, it had many of the elements that are great for Flamboyant Gamines such as the stiff fabric, the fun print, and the short length.

However, it also had opposing elements (for FG) such as the long train that adds length to the back, the low neckline, and the lack of color (while the print is fun, it is very low contrast) and edge. The result is an overall underwhelming look that is even difficult to classify. In this outfit, Zoe almost looks like someone else.


Essence- Hair

Zoe Kravitz: best and worst hairstyles

Zoe and Flamboyant Gamines in general are suited by very short hair. They can rock a boyish pixie/ cropped cut like no one else. Zoe is also complemented by very long hair, just not anything in the middle. Mid-length does nothing for her.

As far as colors, she is best suited to high contrast, which for her means dark hair (on account of her light complexion). Blonde hair doesn’t provide her with enough contrast and, at least for me, doesn’t look as good on her.

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Zoe Kravitz: best hairstyles

I think these are some of her very best hairstyles. Aside from being stunning on her, they communicate both her Dramatic essence and her Gamine essence. She looks fully like herself.


Essence- Makeup

I think Zoe Kravitz has a strong Dramatic essence, so dramatic makeup suits her but she has to be careful not to take it too far. In these looks, the over-dramatic eye makeup and intense lip colors overpower her and I think she actually looks better in the more Natural essence makeup in the next section.

This is not typical for all Flamboyant Gamines, so if this is your type you’ll need to experiment and identify your essence(s). Let’s look at Zoe’s face:

Zoe Kravitz: worst makeup looks

Bold makeup detracts from her beauty. It competes with her. Where her eyes are bold I find myself looking at them and similarly, where her lips are bold I find myself looking at them and not at her face as a whole.

Zoe Kravitz: best makeup looks

This is Zoe at her best. Natural makeup with a nude lip and delicately defined eye, all in natural shades. Her beauty shines here and I perceive her entire face at once. Also, she is stunning and I could look at her all day.


Best Looks

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: best looks

Yaaassss! The glasses, the coat, the cropped pants, the pattern of the pants, the loafers, the green pop of color- EVERYTHING! This outfit is perfection. Her cropped hair and subtle makeup are also perfect.

She is respecting her lines and playing up her Flamboyant Gamine essence and she looks so at home, so in her full stylish power in this outfit. Remember, as Flamboyant Gamine, more is more!

How a Flamboyant Gamine correctly wears a long vertical line:

With their short vertical line, Flamboyant Gamines can struggle to wear a long dress (as discussed earlier). I love this next outfit because it demonstrates how Flamboyant Gamines can pull off a long vertical line beautifully while still honoring their essence:

This is beautiful. The bold, colorful print; the staccato effect that is created by that horizontal pattern; the high neckline- all these elements are distinctly Flamboyant Gamine, and they stand out and are perceived first before the long vertical line. That is, it’s almost secondary that she’s wearing a very long dress, everything else that I’ve mentioned catches my eye first and all those things compliment her.

Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine- Zoe Kravitz: best looks

This look is how a Flamboyant Gamine does understated. Take note of all the stylistic pieces; the pattern of the shirt, the earrings, the shades, the bag, the blonde crop, and even the coffee (haha). If you take these elements away, something will be lost.

The almost monochromatic color scheme makes this look rather subdued on Zoe, so these stylistic elements are vital to balance it out. If you are a Flamboyant Gamine, remember to accessorize or you will look boring.

I love this look. This is how a Flamboyant Gamine does a little black dress. A single-color ensemble can quickly be boring on Zoe, but the stylistic elements of this dress remedy that. The length is perfect, it’s short which honors her short vertical line. The fabric is heavy and stiff, which gives her the visual weight her prominent bone structure requires.

The best part of this dress is the weird pointy thing in the front that adds visual interest, which is vital for a Flamboyant Gamine. The cropped dark hair and nude makeup are perfect complements. The earrings are a cool statement without taking away from the dress. Zoe looks cool, edgy, and incredibly sexy.


The Flamboyant Gamine essence is fun, youthful, rebellious, and boyish. To convey this in their clothing, Flamboyant Gamine lines are short and sharp, with a staccato styling. Prints are wild. bold, and vibrant.

Outfits that most people would look at as ‘busy’ or ‘clashing’ are exactly what’s prescribed for this body and style type. Lacking this, Flamboyant Gamines look underwhelming. Their outfits look flat and it creates a desire to add some (any) detail to make them more interesting.

If your outfits often give you this feeling, and if you would probably look the same in similar outfits as our Flamboyant Gamine style icon, Zoe Kravitz, then you might be a Flamboyant Gamine. 

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

I hope this style breakdown helps you in your search for your body type. Please let me know.

Talk soon,




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