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Flamboyant Gamine vs Dramatic | Zoe Kravitz vs. Tilda Swinton | Kibbe Body Types

Flamboyant Gamine vs Dramatic | Zoe Kravitz vs. Tilda Swinton

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Flamboyant Gamine vs Dramatic | Zoe Kravitz vs. Tilda Swinton | Kibbe Body Types

The Dramatic and Flamboyant Gamine Kibbe body types and style identities have quite a lot in common, making choosing between them a little confusing. Luckily, they also have some distinct differences which I hope to highlight.

In this post, I make a direct comparison between the Dramatic and Flamboyant Gamine Kibbe body types and style identities to highlight these similarities and differences using a selection of outfits from style icons Tilda Swinton (Dramatic) and Zoe Kravitz (Flamboyant Gamine).

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Similarities between Dramatic and Flamboyant Gamine

    • Sharp bone structure
    • Yang dominant
    • Long limbs, may have a ‘leggy’ look


Differences between Dramatic and Flamboyant Gamine

    • Vertical line (long for Dramatic and short for Flamboyant Gamine)
    • Essence (grown and mature for Dramatic; fun and youthful for Flamboyant Gamine)


Let’s Compare and Contrast

Flamboyant Gamine Staple- Cropped Pieces

Cropped items are a Gamine trait. So, naturally, they look great on Flamboyant Gamines but not quite right on Dramatics.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

In this outfit, Tilda looks slightly offish. I want to stretch out her pants so they ‘fit’ her better. This cut also makes her look wide at the hips.

She is a very tall and thin woman, so that speaks to how unflattering it is when her long vertical line is not respected (and cropped). Where her jumper hits on her hips also aids her to appear wider. Also, the shoes are not the best for her.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe looks amazing in this outfit. She’s at home in these cropped pants and cropped tee, because they work to put her body in proportion.

The busy pattern of her pants is also perfect for her. It adds the exciting detail that Flamboyant Gamines need to not appear boring. 

If these pants were black, this outfit would still be flattering because the lines all complement her, but it would be dull compared to how it looks now.

Verdict: Cropped pieces look great on Flamboyant Gamines but they look small and slightly odd on Dramatics. On Dramatics, it looks as though the clothes are small and not long enough for them.

Flamboyant Gamine Staple- Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are a Flamboyant Gamine trait, which is why they look amazing in graphic T-shirts where other body types might look sloppy and childish. On Dramatics, graphic elements are distracting.

I don’t know who the lady in this picture is, but I will assume she is a Flamboyant Gamine.

This is perhaps the most graphic coat I have ever seen, it is literally a comic strip- and yet she looks very grown and stylish in it. Fun and playful, yes- but not childish.

(As a Flamboyant Natural, if I wore this, I would look as though I was trying too hard to appear ‘fun’.)

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

There is no picture of Tilda Swinton in an equally graphic coat (because she is smart), but I did find this gently decorated coat on her. This has all the sharp tailoring that a Dramatic thrives in. It fits her perfectly and the color is great for her.

However, I can’t stop looking at that thing down her side. It takes all the attention from her, and when I look at this image I have to fight to keep my attention on her face. On her, this graphic detailing is distracting. Any ‘fun’ element on its own becomes distracting.

The Dramatic essence is intense and bold, so she can handle a print, even a bright one- but it has to be somewhat uniform. 

As an example, consider this outfit:

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

In this coat (and outfit) below, Tilda looks incredible. I perceive her and the outfit together. The print is prominent, but not distracting.

Verdict: Graphic elements look great on Flamboyant Gamines, but they look distracting and childish on Dramatics.

Dramatic Staple- Menswear (Suits)

Menswear and specifically men’s suits are a Dramatic element. So, naturally, they suit Dramatics perfectly. On a FG, the lines of a men’s suit are overwhelming, while the style is typically underwhelming.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

Dramatic is the most yang body type, and suits are perhaps the most yang outfit there is. So, naturally, they fit them like a glove and highlight all their best features. In a suit, a Dramatic woman actually looks more feminine.

Tilda looks amazing here. It’s so elegant and complete on her. I have no notes. The lines of her clothes and body blend into each other and almost move into the background to highlight her feminine features (of which some are on her face).

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

I mean…Amazing. I just love her in a suit!

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

In a suit, Zoe looks small. I know that she is small but, generally speaking, when she’s in her best lines, I don’t see her small statue first- I see how amazing she looks, and then I may make note that she is a small woman. In these long, sharp dramatic lines, she looks tiny.

In the red-striped suit especially, the outfit highlights the size of her head and it looks very large in comparison to her body. The second suit is slightly better, I think due to the presence of a contrasting color from her top as well as the crop of the pants, but not by much.

The suit below is the best I’ve seen on Zoe. The cut is more flattering on her, and the pattern and the contrasting button detail are Gamine elements that make it more harmonious with her. However, I still feel like something is missing.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

While this is really beautiful, the look is still rather subdued on her. It doesn’t fully communicate her essence. I think a pop of color (shoes/bag) would have elevated this look.

Verdict: Menswear looks amazing on Dramatics but is underwhelming on Flamboyant Gamines. On Dramatics, it highlights their sharp bone structure, lean physique, and long vertical line. On FGs, it highlights their smallness in a way that isn’t as flattering.

Dramatic Staple- Long Vertical Line

A long vertical line is a Dramatic element. So, naturally, it looks great on Dramatics but drags Flamboyant Gamines down.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

I love this look on Tilda Swinton. This bold, long, and straight dress highlights her tall frame. It’s perfectly harmonious with her bone structure. In this dress, she looks powerful- her Dramatic essence is on full display.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

This long, slinky, plain white dress is very underwhelming on Zoe. It drags her down. The long vertical line overwhelms her small frame. The biggest problem though, in my opinion, is that the dress is so plain.

She looks so dull. I wish someone would accidentally spray paint her so that she had some visual interest because this is too boring for a Flamboyant Gamine.

Verdict: A long vertical line looks great on Dramatics but is overwhelming on Flamboyant Gamines. While it enlivens a Dramatic, it drags a Flamboyant Gamine down.

Flamboyant Gamine Staple- Staccato Effect

A staccato effect is a Flamboyant Gamine element. As such, it looks great on FGs, but it looks disjointed and inelegant on Dramatics.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton’s outfit makes me frown, involuntarily. There are a few things that work against this look for her, but none worse than the crop, so that’s all I’ll focus on here.

This horizontal cut across her body looks so random, haphazard, and unnecessary. A typical Dramatic body (like Tilda’s) is a straight line, so there are no natural breaks (like at her waist) where this crop would look at home or natural. As a result, all my attention is drawn to this line that shouldn’t be there.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

This crop top and skirt combo looks amazing on Zoe. That slice of skin where her crop top ends looks beautiful and natural. Blocks of clothing (staccato) look amazing on FGs, so this is not surprising. A different color top/ skirt would have been excellent but this is still beautiful.

Note: Even that giant necklace with a giant blue jewel on her neck doesn’t take attention from her face. On her, it’s prominent, but it’s still just a detail and she is still the main attraction. Also, without it, this would be bland. No body type can handle stylistic detail like a Flamboyant Gamine (or fall flat without it).

Verdict: A staccato effect looks great on FGs, but it looks disjointed on Dramatics.

Dramatic Staple- Monochrome vs Flamboyant Gamine Staple- Color Blocking

Monochrome is a Dramatic element, and color blocking is a Gamine element. As such, I expect that each type will be best suited by its element and look rather separate/ bland in the other.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

In these monochromatic looks, Zoe looks rather boring. The pink dress is also a bit too light and whimsical for her essence. The stiffer black dress is better suited to her, and the cutout detail is a life-saver. Still, these are both quite underwhelming.

Flamboyant Gamine: Zoe Kravitz

I think she looks so much better in these dresses. The color blocks elevate each of her outfits and she looks more fun, which in turn makes her look more elegant.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

I won’t pretend not to love these color-blocked looks from Tilda Swinton because I do. She is a style icon- the end. 

However, with respect to her lines and her essence, as a Dramatic- or more specifically, an Ethereal Dramatic- she is best suited to monochromatic looks. Some of her elegance is lost when she breaks her vertical line with color blocks.

Kibbe Dramatic: Tilda Swinton

In a head-to-toe look, she looks her most elegant. Something of her essence is better communicated in these looks and I think she looks very stylish but also quite complete.

Verdict: Monochrome looks great on Dramatics but is underwhelming on Flamboyant Gamines. In contrast, color blocking looks great on Flamboyant Gamines but is inelegant on Dramatics.


While the Dramatic and Flamboyant Gamine Kibbe body types and style identities have a lot in common, they also have some key differences that set them apart. The purpose of this analysis was to highlight these similarities and differences.

A Dramatic will look childish and busy in pure Flamboyant Gamine lines, and a Flamboyant Gamine will look overwhelmed and boring in pure Dramatic lines. The use of color is also different for these body types. Bold graphic elements are better suited to FGs, and solid colors or patterns are better suited to Dramatics.

If you were stuck between these two style identities, I hope this post helped. 

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Talk soon,




2 thoughts on “Flamboyant Gamine vs Dramatic | Zoe Kravitz vs. Tilda Swinton”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts with these in-depth analyses of the body types and essences!
    My question is how cropped/short is too cropped for Dramatics? I’m a Soft Dramatic. In Spring/Summer, my pants are generally a bit shorter, as I tend to wear flats and I thought it looked cuter with sandals…I have some dress pants for work in which my ankle bone is visible, but the pants are straight, and seem to have a slight boot cut on the end. I have a couple of the Reiss Hailey Pull-on trousers, for example. On me compared to the model, they fall a bit shorter (maybe 0.5-1 inch)

    1. Hi Johanna, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and finding it helpful!

      Thanks for your comment and that’s an interesting question. In general, what I can say is that as a Dramatic type, the most important consideration is preserving your vertical line. So, you can wear a cropped pant that hits at the ankle for example (with a nice shoe that maintains a sleek silhouette), and if your top is in the same color, your vertical remains long so the crop of the pants won’t upset your proportions. Or if the color of the shoes and pants is the same (like the model in your link has it), that visually extends the vertical line even if the top is a different color.

      That said, this advice is probably best for pure Dramatics, and your curvature as a Soft Dramatic will give you more allowance with that vertical. So, it’s difficult to give advice without seeing you dressed in the items you’re talking about. I hope that helps somewhat.

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