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Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis: Gigi Hadid | Kibbe Body Types

Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis: Gigi Hadid | Kibbe Body Types

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Flamboyant Natural Style Analysis: Gigi Hadid | Kibbe Body Types

Finding your Kibbe body type can be very confusing, so it’s helpful to have a person who embodies that body type and essence well, and whom you can look at as a reference.

In this post, I explore and discuss the Flamboyant Natural body type, style identity, and essence by focusing on a selection of outfits by fashion model, Gigi Hadid.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.


What Is The Flamboyant Natural Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Flamboyant Naturals are soft yang. They are frame dominant, with broad shoulders and slim, straight hips that create a clear and prominent T-silhouette. They have a long vertical line and a broadness to their structure.

Following their lines, Flamboyant Naturals are best complemented by loose/ relaxed, oversized, and unconstructed silhouettes that honor both their dominant vertical and horizontal lines. They look great in a mix of natural textures and colors.


What Is The Flamboyant Natural Essence?

The Flamboyant Natural essence is free-spirited, down-to-earth, and fresh. It’s effortlessly bold and open. They give off an easy and approachable ‘girl next door‘ vibe.

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Gigi’s Body Structure:

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: body lines

Gigi has a long vertical line, meaning she appears (and is) tall. Along with this length, she also has a width to her. Her shoulders are broad, and her structure in general is prominent and solid. On top of this structure, she has pinchable flesh. She’s a model, so she’s obviously quite thin but even still, she appears fleshy.

She has a defined waist, which isn’t always the case with this body type which tends to be rather rectangular in shape, but she is definitely more frame dominant than curve dominant.

Long Vertical Line

Flamboyant Naturals have a long vertical line, so they are best suited to long garments that honor this trait.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: vertical line

Gigi looks good in all these outfits, but as the length of the outfit gets longer, it looks better on her.


Flamboyant Natural- Hits

Oversized Silhouettes

Oversized Blazer

Flamboyant Naturals have broad shoulders, which form the basis of their structural width and T-silhouette. As such, they are complemented by oversized blazers which highlight this feature.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: oversized blazer

Gigi looks great in these looks. The blazers fall perfectly on her and they highlight the width of her shoulders without swallowing her. The blazer on the left is more fitted and looks good, but the other two (middle, right) where the blazers are oversized actually look better on her.

Oversized Coat

Flamboyant Naturals have both length and width, so an oversized coat highlights and honors both these features.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: oversized coat

Gigi is at home in these oversized coats. She is wearing them and not the other way around. She looks cool and sophisticated. Flamboyant Natural is all about blunt strokes and relaxed lines, so she looks better in the first image (left) with the burnt orange coat with rounded shoulders as compared to the more structured blue coat (right) with sharp shoulders.

Oversized, Chunky Knitwear

Part of the Flamboyant Natural essence is ‘relaxed and comfortable’, so they look especially chic and at home in weighted, chunky knits.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural: Gigi Hadid

These unconstructed, loose, oversized knit sweater dresses look amazing on Gigi. While these outfits might look too simple and even homely on a different body type, they look sophisticated on her.

Casual Wear

The essence of Flamboyant Naturals is easy and relaxed, so casual wear is their wheelhouse.


Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: denim

A head-to-toe denim look is not an easy thing to pull off, but as a true Flamboyant Natural, Gigi does it with ease. She looks cool and sophisticated.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: denim

Gigi was made to wear jeans and a t-shirt. She looks beautiful and effortless. The casualness of every aspect of these looks (jeans, t-shirts, hair) compliments her. She looks like the supermodel next door.


Flamboyant Naturals look sporty (generally strong and toned), so they look at home in clothes that evoke that ‘active’ feeling.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: athleisure

Gigi looks amazing in these sporty clothes. She looks stylish and complete. While I can tell that these are sporty, I don’t necessarily assume she is going to the gym. In this outfit, she could easily be meeting friends or going on a date or whatever. She just looks good and cool.

Flow and Movement

Flamboyant Natural lines are characterized as bold and sweeping and their silhouettes are unconstructed. Added to that, the Natural essence is free, natural, and unrestricted. This translates into clothes with some movement, that allows air to move between the garment and the body.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural: Gigi Hadid

The see-through mesh dress of the first look (left) gives the impression of flying, which makes me think of freedom and movement, which looks great on Gigi. Similarly, the long sleeves of the third image (right) also create that sense of movement and flow.

The middle image is an example of how Flamboyant Naturals can successfully pull off a body-tight jumpsuit.

Firstly, the fit of this is tight but relaxed, it’s not like a latex/ second-skin fit. I get the sense that Gigi can easily breathe and move in it, this is important for Flamboyant Naturals. Secondly, the bell-bottom flair creates visual width to balance Gigi’s shoulder width (T-silhouette) while also creating a sense of movement (that wouldn’t exist if this was a skinny leg fit).

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural: Gigi Hadid

All these looks are amazing on Gigi. The long vertical line and the movement provided by the capes capture the ‘free-flowing’ and ‘unrestricted’ essence of the Flamboyant Natural.

Unconstructed Silhouettes

Unconstructed silhouettes speak to the frame dominance of Flamboyant Naturals. These looks pull awareness to how big and strong they are, in a good way.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: unconstructed silhouettes

The white dress is both large and long, and it would easily overpower another silhouette. Gigi impressively appears to be wearing the dress, and not the other way around. In the second image, I’m drawn to looking at her body. That is, the dress highlights her frame.


Flamboyant Natural- Misses

These are looks that don’t honor Flamboyant Natural lines or the body type’s essence and so look unflattering on Gigi.

Gigi Hadid: worst outfits

The first look (right) is overall too severe and stiff on Gigi. This outfit lacks movement. The jacket is too stiff and restricting, likewise the hair and even the shoes. The skirt, which is the only element with movement (added bonus for asymmetry) is not enough to restore the balance. The all-black-everything vibe is also too severe on a Flamboyant Natural.

The second look (right) is also too severe and restricting. It is also theatrical in an unflattering way. The bodycon fit, high neckline, head thing (?), and even the gloves all create a sense of closure and being restricted. The coat is stiff, so instead of giving her the sense of flying, it further weighs the look down (even with the feathers). The makeup is too much, and that eye detail detracts from her easy natural beauty.

Restricted Garments

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: restricted outfits

These looks are too restricting on Gigi. The two bodysuits are clearly sexy, but they look underwhelming on her. They expose and highlight a great body, but they don’t capture her essence.

The middle look is objectively beautiful and styled to perfection, but again it fails to capture her essence. While beautiful, at least for me, she looks like she’s playing dress-up.

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Kibbe Flamboyant Natural- Gigi Hadid: restricted outfits

Similarly in these looks, Gigi looks restricted because of how tight these outfits are. I almost get a sense that she is uncomfortable and I want to loosen her dress just a little bit. In the first (left) and third (right) looks, this sense of restriction is further emphasized by how short the dresses are.

Flamboyant Naturals have a long vertical line, so they need length in their garments to honor this. When a dress is both shirt and tight, this puts it at the opposite end of the harmony scale, and it looks separate from them.

Let’s compare that to this:

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural: Gigi Hadid

This is how a Flamboyant Natural wears a short dress. This is free and easy, open and flowing. Styled with flowing hair and casual sneakers, this look is perfect for Gigi and Flamboyant Naturals in general.

Overly Girlish Ensembles

Generally speaking, the Flamboyant Natural essence is grown, not childish. So, elements that evoke a young girl will clash with this essence and look childish.

Gigi has a very cute face that does embody the Ingénue essence, however, that doesn’t translate to the rest of her body and her general vibe. I would say overall she has more of a Natural essence.

Gigi Hadid: worst outfits

These just don’t look like Gigi’s clothes. She looks like she’s playing a part. Both these dresses look separate from her. The first look (left) almost looks like a gag outfit, as if she wore it to make fun.

The high neckline, floral print, and bright shoes all make the second outfit girlish (right). The pigtails also add to the childish effect and her makeup is too severe. Overall, the look is not harmonious on Gigi.

The first look (left) is the least flattering on Gigi. It is too far from her natural essence and it seems stark against her. The short length cuts her long vertical line, and the fabric is stiff and seems restricting on her, which is further compounded by the high neckline.

The baby pink color is also not the greatest. Her hair is pulled back (not free and flowing which is best for her) and I don’t like or get that hair thing.

The middle outfit is fine. It’s flowy and light which is great, but the high neckline, short length and gathers of the skirt make it a bit too girlish for Gigi. So, it’s not bad but it’s not really good either. I think her shoes are cool though.

The third image (right) is actually not bad, I think she looks very cute. While the dress is short, it isn’t constricting and the pattern is feminine without being girlish. It’s more the accessories that work against it.

The socks and school shoes are very Flamboyant Gamine in nature, the detail across her chest is very random and distracting. If she lost the black detailing, socks, and shoes and replaced them with a simple sandal or even sneakers and added a kimono, this look would be great. As is, it’s not the best on her.

Essence- Hair

The Natural essence is free and wild, and their hair is best when it embodies this. They are also best suited by natural hair colors.

Gigi Hadid: best and worst hairstyles

In the top three looks, Gigi looks her best. She looks effortlessly beautiful with the easy waves, and tousled hair that evokes the feeling of ‘I woke up like this’. Her hair also looks best with a little messy feel, she needs a few strands out of place to create that ‘natural’ look. When the hair is too perfect, it looks stiff on her.

Gigi has low contrast coloring, so she is best suited for low contrast hair, which for her is closest to her natural dirty blonde. The bottom three looks demonstrate how dark and high-contrast hair colors look stark on her and take away from her.

Tight and sleek hairstyles also look too severe on her as they lack the movement that is synonymous with Flamboyant Naturals. The looks in the bottom row would better suit someone with a Dramatic essence.

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Essence- Makeup

The Natural essence is effortless and, well, natural. They look their best in simple makeup with nude palettes. They can handle color, but nothing severe or too contrasted.

Gigi Hadid best and worst makeup

Gigi looks amazing in the top looks, her face really shines in the barely-there makeup and I can see how beautiful she is. The third look (right) with the red lip is balanced by a clean eye and an otherwise fresh face, and the red shade is not too contrasted against her skin.

In the three bottom looks, Gigi’s beauty is overpowered by the makeup. I can hardly recognize her in the first look (left), her eye makeup is too intense and the lip detail is distracting. Similarly, in the middle look, her bright blue eyeliner is all that my eye is drawn to. It competes with and wins against Gigi’s face.

The last look (right) is not too bad, I think her eye makeup is beautiful. However, the lipstick shade is too dark for her and my eye is pulled to her lips and not her face as a whole.

Best Looks- Flamboyant Natural

Easy and Natural

Gigi Hadid: best makeup

This is Gigi at her best. Natural makeup, nude lip, gentle eye, and loose wavy hair. She is stunning here. The bright yellow pop of color in her inner eye (right) is bold without being distracting. It adds to her beauty. In both these looks, she is beauty goals.

Both her Natural essence and her Ingénue essence shine through and she looks like the best version of herself.

Best Looks

Let It Hang, Let It Flow

This outfit is a Flamboyant Natural checklist: Long monochromatic vertical line, blazer action, long flowing asymmetrical skirt action, a casual feel added by the bag and pocket, loosely wavy hair, and natural makeup. Perfect.

I just love these looks on Gigi. ‘Cool and comfortable’ is her whole vibe. The knitwear, the athletic wear, and the long oversized coat. The hanging shawl and the shades. The sneakers. Gigi knows her elements and she wears them well.

This look is about this coat and I love this coat on her. The sleeves are what make it what it is and also what makes it work for her. The puffed-out sleeve creates an even more oversized T-silhouette that is great for Flamboyant Naturals. She looks cool and edgy.

If the shoulders were sharp, this coat would be more suited to a Dramatic and would be rather stiff on a Flamboyant Natural.

I love this look. It is simple and elegant. The long vertical line is even further extended by the turtleneck and the same colored shoes, The knit fabric provides a gritty texture that is so great on Flamboyant Naturals. The fit is streamlined but not restrictive. The hair and makeup are perfect. Gorgeous.


Pinpointing your Kibbe body type can be challenging because grasping the nuances of each body type can be confusing. I hope this Flamboyant Natural body type and style analysis was helpful.

Gigi is such a great style study because she naturally, whether knowingly or unknowingly, leans into her Flamboyant Natural style essence. If you think you could be a Flamboyant Natural, try some of the same outfits and see if they suit you as they do her.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Let me know if this helped you and if you agreed with my analysis.

Talk soon,




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