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Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

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Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

What is Hailey Bieber’s Kibbe Body Type?

I have determined her to be a Flamboyant Natural. However, she also has a strong Dramatic leaning/ undercurrent.

This post is a detailed account of how I got to this conclusion. I’ll be focusing on the lines of her body and clothes as well as her essence. I also hope this is a fun read that helps people trying to type themselves (as well as myself) to better understand the lines and other things to look for.

The basis of this analysis is primarily the Kibbe system of body typing, and secondarily the Kitchener system for understanding Essence. These systems are unique and independent, but I like to use them together. Please keep in mind that I’m no expert and these are just my thoughts. They could very well be wrong. Anyway, let’s begin.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Let’s take a look at the lines of Hailey’s body:

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

I see a boxy silhouette, moderate sizing, and musculature. I see both width and length, but the length is not overly prominent. The chest is open (width), but I also see sharpness in her legs and definitely in her face.

I think her torso is slightly short for her body which is why her length comes off as moderate-tall (and not clearly tall as most Flamboyant Naturals/ Dramatics). Her waist is defined, but her frame is much more dominant over her curve. i.e. even with a defined waist, her silhouette is still rectangular.

Elongation/ Vertical Line

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees and has to do with how fabric falls on the body.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey has a moderately long vertical line. When I look at her, I don’t get the impression that she is very tall. Not short either, she just looks regular, average height. Because of this, I think she looks her best in ultra-short or ultra-long lengths. The midi length is her least flattering.


Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey looks great in athletic wear. She looks fit, strong, cool, and sexy. This is especially the case when she observes a T-silhouette (slouchy top, slim bottom) as can be seen below:

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey looks great in these outfits. This silhouette is made for her. It almost doesn’t matter what she’s wearing as long as she keeps these lines.

Neckline – an interesting observation:

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

In these similar outfits, Hailey looks better as the neckline gets higher. This was surprising and confusing (since I was leaning toward her being a Flamboyant Natural) until I considered the outfits in their entirety. Her jeans (leg silhouette) play a more significant role in determining how good an outfit looks on her rather than an open neckline (shoulder accommodation).

While they are broad for her frame, her shoulders are not insanely wide, making different necklines viable for her. Her legs, however, are very slim and require a slim leg silhouette. When she does this, even a high neckline works great (third image to the right). When she doesn’t do this, even an open neckline looks bad (first image to the left).

Oversized Blazer

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

In these similar outfits, she looks better in the leather jacket with rounded edges (right) rather than the blazer with sharp edges (left). This is clear if we cut off her bottom half.

However, when we consider the entire image, she looks better in the first image (left) because her jeans are slim-fitted, which is vital for her. In the second image, the loose jeans kill the great fit of the leather jacket on her to half and the outfit is not flattering overall.

It actually blows my mind how imperative a slim-fit pant silhouette is for Hailey.

Without Structure

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These outfits drown Hailey. I don’t even get the sense that it’s her in these clothes. They are too big, loose, casual, and unconstructed for her. There is nothing slim and sleek to anchor them.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized Suit With Loose Structure

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey looks good in these outfits, but not great. I find the pants to be too wide for her and in the case where she’s wearing sneakers (left, right) they are too casual and take something away from the outfit.

Oversized Structured Blazer + Slim Leg

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is how Hailey wears an oversized blazer best. She needs a slim leg. The contrast of the narrow bottom to the wide shoulders emphasizes her T-silhouette and the outfit is in harmony.

Also, importantly, her details (shoes, bags) are polished. A pointed toe further elongates and narrows her leg. If she was wearing sneakers her outfits would lose elegance.

Silhouette Comparison

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

I find this very interesting in showcasing Hailey’s T-frame (slightly oversized top, very slim bottom) and how she needs to honor it to look her best. None of these fits do it correctly and none of them are her best.

I think Hailey looks her best in the middle look. This slightly oversized fit of the blazer is perfect. The pants are quite wide for her, but the look still works.

The silhouette of the first look is too narrow and would better suit a Dramatic. The silhouette of the last look is too wide and would better suit a pure Flamboyant Natural.

Dramatic Lines- Long

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These looks are not Hailey’s best and they show why she is not a Dramatic. She looks stiff and restricted in these dresses. This midi length also pulls her down and she looks shorter than she does in shorter dresses.

The middle dress is the worst because of the waist emphasis. As a Natural type, Hailey can handle waist definition, but not extreme waist emphasis like this belt creates. It looks like something is truncating her. The boots are also too bulky for her.

It’s not that she can’t pull off Dramatic lines, her strong Dramatic essence allows her to carry off the sharp lines, but they are not her best because they are not hers.

These long Soft Dramatic lines are even further and separate from her. These outfits require a more prominent curvature that Hailey doesn’t have. They would be better suited to a Soft Dramatic like Bella Hadid.

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Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

In these outfits- Dramatic lines, but with very little or no softness- Hailey looks better than the Soft Dramatic lines in the previous example. However, she doesn’t look her best. These are not her lines and she looks very restricted and severe.

The leather coat (middle) is too tight and the shoulders are too sharp, and the silhouette is altogether too straight and narrow, i.e. no T-silhouette.

The leggings in the third image (right) are too tight and restrictive on her. The fabric is too shiny and synthetic looking (which clashes with her Natural essence). The jacket also cuts her at a weird place, it either needs to be a shorter crop or a longer (and wider) fit.

I think the first look (left) is the best because of how much softer it is than the others. The brown color is less severe than the jet black, the jacket is gently fitted with the way the belt falls creating a sense of flow, and the boots are slightly slouchy. All these stylistic details combine to create an altogether softer look that better accommodates her Natural essence.

Dramatic Lines- Short, Tight, Stiff

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is Hailey at her best. The girl was born to show us her legs. Dresses this short elongate her legs (and thus her), and she looks much taller.

The blazer dress to the left is the better of the two, the blazer provides structure and sharpness through the lapels while the softer fabric of the dress allows room for movement and draping. The belt and metallic pointy shoe add more sharpness and edge. The blazer dress is Flamboyant Natural, but with a strong Dramatic essence.

The second dress (right) is purely Dramatic. It looks great, but not as good as the other one. It’s altogether too stiff of Hailey. It doesn’t allow her the movement she needs.

A Tale of Two Outfits- Dramatic or Flamboyant Natural

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This outfit is mostly Dramatic. The tight short black dress, the tall leather boots, the leather blazer, and the general all-black nature of the ensemble. The accessories (bag, shades) are structured but rounded. This gives this look an overall Dramatic essence.

The fit of the blazer is oversized, which makes it more Flamboyant Natural, but since this is also true for the second outfit, I’m going to use it as a control variable. The same with hair and makeup as they are similar.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This outfit is more Flamboyant Natural than the one above. The top is very loose and oversized, and the blazer is oversized. This is balanced by sharp accessories: the bag, boots, and shades. The white also provides contrast against the black jacket, but the boots maintain her vertical. This gives this look an overall Flamboyant Natural feel.

I think Hailey looks better in the second look which is mostly Flamboyant Natural in fit, but Dramatic in detailing. This is again because this outfit further emphasizes the T-silhouette (with the oversized top) and allows movement in a way the other one doesn’t.

Oversized Coat

Structured Coat

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey looks okay here. I think these coats overpower her. They are too straight and stiff and the shoulders are too oversized and boxy. Her fit needs to be more relaxed, more Natural.

Unstructured Coat

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These fits are so much more harmonious with Hailey’s body. They are oversized, but slightly so, and the edges are relaxed. There is structure and weight, but it is not severe. She looks great.

The gathers at the hands of the second coat are a bit too dainty for her, but still, the overall fit of the coat is great.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Denim

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey looks cute in these looks. She doesn’t look like HAILEY BIEBER as we’ve come to know her stylistically, but she looks good. I can see her Natural essence here.

The first look (left) is the least flattering for me, I think because of the flair fit of the jeans. It’s too Natural. The middle and right looks are okay, she looks like the girl next door, which is the exact Natural archetype.

Let’s consider her vertical line again

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

All of these looks have something off about them, that doesn’t do much for Hailey, but they are also very similar. Seeing what works the least can help to identify what her body structure can’t tolerate, which helps to understand it more.


I think this is the least flattering look. Her bottom isn’t slim or sleek enough, this messes up her T-silhouette and makes her look bulky. The boots are too long and slouchy, which cuts her vertical line into three (almost equal) parts and makes her look shorter. The jacket has too many embellishments and her lipstick is too bright.


I think this is the best look. The base of the outfit and the coat are great, the problem is the accessories. The bag is not sleek enough, the shape is perfect, but the woven design is too relaxed for her. The shoes are similarly too boxy and militant. A sharp-toe ankle boot would be perfect, and an unrolled pant hem would be more sleek and harmonious.


Again, the accessories and styling spoil this outfit. This hair doesn’t work and these shades are too flashy. Her shoes are also too casual for her. A sleek bun, a sleek pair of boots, and her signature dark square shades would fix this look. A higher neckline top would be better too, but it’s not that serious. Her jacket is fine because Hailey can handle a boxy, cropped jacket very well.

Takeaway: Hailey needs to preserve the sleek, long line of her lower body and her accessories and styling must be sharp and polished.


Flamboyant Natural Staple- Loose, long, knits

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

There is not enough Dramatic in these outfits. She is drowned by a lack of structure and these fabrics are too textured for her.

In the first look, even her accessories are rounded, slouchy, and rouched which makes it worse. She looks like someone else. The accessories in the second look are sleek and thus better, but it’s not enough to balance the outfit. An all-white outfit is also too light for her and washes her out.

The third look is the best of these three, but not her best. This look is also stabilized by the accessories.

Gamine leaning

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These are not Hailey’s clothes, or they shouldn’t be. She does not have a Gamine essence and so she looks childish in the first two looks (left, and right) and completely devoid of elegance and style. These looks don’t come off as ‘cool’ on her, just bad.

The lack of structure, the oversized pants, the graphics, the haphazard use of color, as well as the bulky shoes- all, do nothing for her.

The look on the right is the best, because of the oversized leather jacket. It establishes the T-silhouette and makes the outfit work. Now she looks cool and low-key. Notice how the colors are subdued and the palette is clean.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

I dislike all these outfits very much. The fit of the jeans in the first outfit is too loose and the shoes cause unflattering bunching at the calves. The top looks cheap. I know it’s Balenciaga because it screams it, but that kind of clothing cheapens Hailey’s grown and classy essence.

The jeans in the second look (middle) are crazy. The giant holes, the flare leg, the string tie, and the zip detail are all too much. This kind of excessive detailing takes away from her.

The third look (right) looks like it came from two different outfits- serious up top and casual down low- and they don’t mesh together well. She needs a streamlined and cohesive outfit. She looks like someone’s Aunty.

I think the jacket is too long and narrowly fitted. The sweater and shades are fine. The jeans are awful. Mom jeans do nothing for Hailey except make her look wide. The sneakers are too casual for this very confusing outfit.

Romantic Essence

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Hailey does not have a soft yin/ lush Romantic essence. Her femininity is strictly more on the sexy side, expressed through the bigger, sharper yang lines of her frame. These cute and girly dresses are very separate from her and actually make her look less feminine.

The first outfit (left) is quite bad. The ties in front and the length of the skirt are the worst offenders. There is no structure and she completely loses shape. The pattern is childish. It’s just bad.

The second look (middle) has a great length but the fabric is too lightweight and delicate and the ruffles make it even more so. Overall, it’s not terrible but it’s also not near being good.

The third dress (right) is lovely, it is simple and feminine but not girly. However, the pattern is awful (for her) and it throws off the entire outfit. But imagine if the dress has a light, gentle pattern or even imagine it in black.

Suddenly all we would see is the fit, which completes her Natural lines, and she would look ‘free and easy’ which is what I think she was trying to achieve with all these looks.

Ingénue Essence

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These pictures demonstrate just how much Hailey doesn’t have the Ingénue essence. She is not girlish and cute, she is grown and sexy. She doesn’t look cute in these girlish styles, she looks like she’s trying to be cute. It’s very separate from her.

Cropped Silhouettes

Oversized + Cropped

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These looks are unflattering. Hailey is lost in these outfits and her body both disappears and is made wider at the same time. The styling is too casual and overall she looks disheveled.

Fitted + Cropped

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Yes! Love them, all of them. This cut at her waist, which is naturally high, follows and highlights her lines perfectly. The open necklines are a win. The accessories are perfect.

Even in the first look with the sneakers and slightly wider pants, she looks perfectly casual. Because she got her basics right, the look is complete and harmonious.

In the third image, the slouchy cardigan creates a relaxed T-silhouette. She looks great.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

More examples of how this high waist, slim- leg and cropped jacket silhouette works so beautifully on Hailey.

The middle outfit is even more flattering because the oversized cropped jacket creates a Dramatic T-silhouette, and the monochrome look offers elongation by maintaining her vertical. It’s perfect.

The third look shows this at play with a skirt suit. This is obviously a casual look, but this outfit would look even better with a shaper, stiffer fabric and cut.

Overall Best: T-Silhouette

T-Silhouette can take different forms: Cropped + structured or Midi + unstructured. Slouched, oversized shoulders, slim (not skinny) leg. High waist, super short and tight, heavy fabrics. Sharp lines.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is Hailey’s best silhouette and this picture shows the different variations it can take. Long or short, as long as her outfit has a strong T-silhouette she looks amazing.

Essence- Hair

Hailey Bieber best hairstyles

Hailey’s hair is best when it’s clean and sleek. Her Dramatic essence shows up most of her face (and in her legs), so her hair has to match it.

In the top row, her hair is at its best; polished and sleek. She looks great.

In the bottom row, we can see how her face starts to lose its power and sharpness when her hair is curly, tousled, or otherwise not perfectly polished and sleek. She doesn’t look bad, she just looks less pristine.

Essence- Makeup

Hailey Bieber best makeup

Hailey looks her best in Natural makeup. She can handle a slightly intense eye, but nothing drastic. Her best lips colors are natural shades.

Hailey Bieber worst makeup

These are Hailey’s least flattering makeup looks. The two images to the right show her in very intense dark lipstick shades. They overpower her delicate coloring and look very off.

The middle images (and top right) showcase eye makeup that is too intense. Again, this overpowers Hailey’s face.

Hailey’s Dramatic essence calls for visible makeup and styling. The bottom right image shows her in ‘no makeup’ makeup. This is very underwhelming for her and the lack of sleekness in her hair also creates an overall ‘undone’ look which is not flattering on her.

Now, let’s consider these looks:

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

I…don’t like this look, but I think it works and I’d like to discuss why.

The dress is too unconstructed for Hailey and it literally does nothing for her. I think it’s too structureless even for the most Flamboyant Natural person, let alone Hailey.

However, she did everything else right (hair, makeup, and shoes), such that the sum of those sleek, sharp, Dramatic elements balanced out the dress.

The result is a poor look, but one that is being pulled off. I find this very interesting.

Hailey Bieber Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This look is a risk that pays off. She went in a direction that is opposite to what is ‘best’ for her, but she grounded it in the elements that are fundamental for her and it works.

The dress is a bit too whimsical and lightweight, but the bodice is sharp and fitted and the slit is high. The pink hair is a tad too Romantic and girly, but the cut is blunt and all of it is pulled back. The vertical line is long, the shoes are sharp.

Both these looks show that the ‘rules’ are just guides. Once you understand them and know what elements are vital for your personal styling, as long as you get them right- you can play around, experiment, and still look great.

Fashion should be fun.

Best Looks:

All the sharp lines. All the drama. The rounded shape of the glasses balances out all the sharpness. The hair being slightly loose does the same thing. It’s perfect.

This is a clever design for her particular torso. I think this dress works precisely on her in a way that it couldn’t on something else. I mostly love the embrace of her body lines.

The styling is perfect- the hair, jewelry, and makeup (the dark lip adds drama or the look would be boring). She looks stunning.


If I had to type Hailey, I would say she is a Flamboyant Natural. However, she also has a strong Dramatic leaning/ undercurrent. Both of these style lines have to be accommodated for her to look her best.

I’d love to know what you think. Please let me know if you came to the same conclusion or if you’d type Hailey differently.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Talk soon,




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