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Kendall Jenner: Kibbe Body Type, Essence + Style Analysis

Kendall Jenner: Kibbe Body Type, Essence + Style Analysis

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Kendall Jenner: Kibbe Body Type, Essence + Style Analysis

What is Kendall Jenner’s Kibbe Body Type?

I have determined her to be a Flamboyant Natural. However, she also has a strong Romantic essence.

This post is a detailed account of how I got to this conclusion. I’ll be focusing on the lines of her body and clothes as well as her essence. I also hope this is a fun read that helps people trying to type themselves to better understand the lines and other things to look for.

Please keep in mind that I’m no expert and these are just my thoughts. They could very well be wrong. Anyway, let’s begin.

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Let’s take a look at the lines of Kendall’s body:

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall has length, she is clearly tall. She also has width. Her shoulders are wide and her chest is broad and open. Her bones are long and rounded (not sharp).

Although very slim, or even potentially underweight, she didn’t look waspish. The flesh in her thighs and arms is present- it’s there, it’s pinchable. She looks strong and physically capable (for lack of a better term). I don’t feel that she is frail.

All this points to her being some sort of Natural. Let’s explore further.


This is not a measure of height or perceived height (i.e. how tall a person looks), as is often said in body typing circles and as I myself have thought/ said).

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees, and has to do with how fabric falls on the body.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall has a long vertical line. She looks (and is) tall. The middle dress that hugs her body from shoulders to knees creates a long straight line that makes this easy to see. She is easily able to pull off all these lengths.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Athleisure

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis
Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall looks great in these athleisure outfits. She looks easy and relaxed, but still good. Importantly, she doesn’t look underwhelming.

Actually, the only thing I see as taking away from her is the lack of makeup. An effortless face does look underwhelming on her. While the ‘Natural’ laid back clothing looks great, I think she has a strong Romantic essence- which shows up in her face- which needs to be done up.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized Blazer

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall looks great here. These blazers (left, middle) sit perfectly on her shoulders and anchor her outfits. They bring visual and actual structure and elevate the looks.

Similarly in the third image (right), the shirt elevates the outfit and completes it beautifully by being the loose and unconstructed (but importantly, structured) element that typically complements Flamboyant Naturals.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall was made to wear a slightly oversized blazer dress. The structure speaks to her strong frame and the looseness provides the space and movement that Flamboyant Naturals need.

Importantly, she is least flattered by the first (left) look of these three outfits. This is the most Dramatic of the outfits, it’s sharply tailored and tightly fitted. It looks restrictive on her, especially as compared to the other two.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized Coat

Unstructured Coat, Lightweight

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

These lightweight coats are very unflattering on Kendall. They are too light and unstructured both in fabric as well as visually. As a Flamboyant Natural, she needs both Dramatic and Natural elements. Without the Dramatic, she looks unsupported by her clothes.

The first look (left) comes off more casual than it actually is. The t-shirt is casual, but a heavier, structured coat/ blazer would create a different (elevated) overall feel that would match her shoes and bag. This coat pulls the entire look down.

Similarly, the kimono in the second look (middle) drags her outfit down. It’s too billowy and offers no structure.

The third look is actually better because the fabric of the kimono is heavier, and the cut is closer to the body (instead of large and billowy). Also, the black sheath dress acts as the grounding Dramatic element that gives her outfit some grounding and structure. It’s still not the best look on her, but it’s better.

Dramatic Staple- Structured Coat

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Yes! Kendall needs this structuring, and she looks great in these coats- but not equally.

In the first look (left), her coat is too large. Her Dramatic element is strong, so this coat is better suited to a pure Flamboyant Natural (like Gigi Hadid). It doesn’t quite drown Kendall (because she does have the structure to carry it, but it takes up too much space and overpowers the outfit.

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The coats in the second and third (middle, right) outfits are pure Dramatic, but they look better on her (compared to the first look). I think the middle jacket is too narrow and tightly fitted. I wish there was just a little space between her and the jacket, but she still looks good.

I love the third look, I think the longer length of the coat and the slim (but not tight) fit make it perfect.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Denim

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is interesting as it acts as a window into Kendall’s essences.

The first look (left) is fully ‘Natural’ and is quite underwhelming on her. It doesn’t give a sense of her body. The patches on the jeans and the loose fit of the denim shirt (and the sneakers and cap) all work to create an outfit that’s too casual and boring on her.

The second look (right) is the better of the two. It’s still casual denim, but these jeans are clean (no patches) and the fit is tight to the body. The top with the ruffles (and flag of midriff) as well as the heels and handbag all create a more Romantic outfit.

The second look is much better on her, highlighting how important it is for Kendall to honor her Romantic essence.

Flamboyant Natural Styling- Flare jeans

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

The styling and lines of each of these flare-cut denim outfits are decidedly Flamboyant Natural; the overall boho vibe of the first look (left), the leopard print, fur-lined jacket of the middle outfit, and the oversized shirt of the third monochromatic look (right).

These are not the best fits and looks for Kendall. On her, these outfits are boring and something of her beauty and essence is lost.

Clean, straight mature

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is Kendall’s best denim fit. The long length honors her long vertical line, the slim (not tight) fit honors her Flamboyant Natural essence which requires looseness and her Romantic essence which requires a mature and done up expression.

These outfits are objectively casual, they feature a hoodie, t-shirts and even sneakers- but they all look elevated. Her hair, makeup, and accessories (with again honor her Romantic essence) pull together to make them work.


Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

All of these outfits look childish on Kendall. The graphic t-shirts and ripped jeans take away a sense of maturity and sophistication that her overall essence calls for.

The first look (left) is particularly childish to the point of being silly on her. The ultra-ripped jeans, graphic tee, hat, and shirt all work to create a grungy look that best aligns with the Flamboyant Gamine essence (not the lines). It’s very separate from her.

Silhouette Comparison

Dramatic Lines

The Dramatic silhouette is a long, thin line.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

In lines that create this purely Dramatic silhouette, Kendall looks fine. She displays a great figure, but these are not her best outfits. There is something missing.

The middle outfit is the most dramatic, and it’s the least flattering. The tight black crop and skinny leather pants, shoes, and shades all create a tight, thin line. Keeping the pants very similar, I think she looks better as she adds some contrast and space between herself and her top (so not skin-tight).

The first look (left) is second best for these reasons, but the t-shirt is too slouchy and open for Kendall. It’s too Flamboyant Natural without honoring her Romantic.

The third look (right) is the best. The white top is gently structured (not slouchy), fitted but not tight, and it offers contrast.

Let’s compare that to a pure Dramatic:

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

The opposite is true for Bella Hadid. She looks her best in the two images to the right, where everything is sleek and tight. I think the middle image even looks better because of the added sharpness of the leather jacket and tight bun.

The first look (left) is the least flattering with the loose sweater-top and frayed jean ends, both of which make the look more Flamboyant Natural.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

The first silhouette is purely Dramatic. It’s sharp, stiff, and straight (minus the sleeve ends). It looks restricting on Kendall.

The second silhouette is her best and most flattering. It has a long vertical line, an open neckline, waist definition, and a slim, straight leg. The fabrics are heavy, yet flowy- all of which honor her Flamboyant Natural lines and essence. The sweetheart neckline honors her Romantic essence.

The third look is how Kendall can pull off Flamboyant Gamine lines and essence correctly, while still honoring her own lines and maintaining her best silhouette. She looks cool, edgy, and fun.

Let’s consider short outfits:

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

With her great legs, Kendall looks amazing in very short outfits. But, again, she is still better suited by the look that respects her best elements and essences.

In the first look (left), she looks her best. The loosely fitted dress with distinct but subtle waist definition, weighted but flowing fabric, and more open neckline are all Flamboyant Natural elements. The figure-hugging nature of the dress is Romantic in essence.

The outfit is then balanced by the structure provided by her bag and boots which are solid, heavy, and stiff.

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Dramatic Staple- Monochrome (for separates)

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

This is surprising for me. I think Kendall looks better in the look to left, where her red suit is color-blocked with the black shirt and shoes. In the monochromatic suit outfits to the right, she looks fine but less interesting.

Monochromatic suits are a purely Dramatic element, and it’s rather dull on Kendall who is a Flamboyant Natural.

Dramatic Lines- Short, Tight, Stiff

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

In the two outfits to the left, I think Kendall looks restricted. The first outfit (left) is too stiff and boxy, and the skirt of the second outfit (middle) is too tight. While interesting, I also think the dramatic shoulder overwhelms her.

The third look (right) is her best. The dress is loosely structured, the neckline is open, and her waist is defined, but not severely so- all Flamboyant Natural elements.

Ingénue Essence

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

The lines of all these dresses go against what is best for a Flamboyant Natural (short, frilly, high sheen, ruffles), yet these are not her worst looks.

Kendall looks cute, fun, and innocent. These looks, while not flattering her lines, don’t look separate from her.

This proves that she has some Ingénue essence because otherwise, she would look incredibly awkward in these girlish silhouettes, fabrics, and colors.

The third look (right) does push this cuteness a bit too far in my opinion, and the long, pink tulle does start to feel like a bit much for her Flamboyant Natural structure- but even so, I can’t deny that she genuinely looks good. Her face looks youthful and natural, nothing looks awkward.

The first look is more Romantic in my opinion. It’s cute, yes, but in a grown and sexy way. It mixes both these essences and it works for her.


Flamboyant Natural Staple- Loose, Unconstructed Silhouettes

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall is lost in these looks. Without the structure of stiffer/ heavier fabrics and tailoring, she just swims in fabric. There is nothing to anchor these outfits.

The dress on the right looks the best, I think due to the tighter rouching around her waist that creates definition and gives her body some shaping. The first look is just there, it’s not doing anything for her.

The middle look is the worst. Everything about it works against her. The monochromatic flesh-tone color, the slinky fabric, the unconstructed fit, the high neckline, the open sleeves- It’s all bad.

Bold Prints

Kendall cannot handle a print, she gets overpowered. The bolder it is the worse it gets.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

All I see in these looks are the prints. The prints (and thus, the dress) and Kendall are separate from each other and competing auger each other.

The patterns, being so bold, comets and win against Kendall such that I have to make myself concentrate to focus on her face.

The third look (right), has the most subtle print, and it’s this the best. I can actually look at her face.

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Same thing here. All I see (and see first) are these prints and Kendall is behind them. The prints are wearing her.

Cropped Silhouettes

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Being of a body type made up of elongated lines, Kendall looks off in cropped garments. The short lines clash against her bone structure and she looks like a gigantic human wearing small clothes.

This is the case in the first image (left) where all the lines are cropped. Nothing is harmonious and the outfit looks like it belongs to someone else.

The second look is much better because although the jacket is cropped very high (too high), the pants are long and high, which almost creates a long vertical line. If the crop was lower (thus revealing less mid-section), the vertical line would look closer to being unbroken which would suit her better.

This can be seen in the third image (right). This is actually a great silhouette for Kendall, and an example of how she can pull off cropped pieces. It crops at the natural break of her waist, where her pant immediately starts, creating an unbroken line. She looks cool.

Worst Silhouettes

Loose, Weightless + Cropped + Flared Silhouettes

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

First look: The neckline is too high, the fabric is too lightweight, and the fit is too unconstructed. I have no sense of her body underneath. This silhouette does nothing for her.

Second look: The crop is too high, the top and bottom are too unstructured, the skirt is too flared. Her vertical line is broken by the large crop in the middle and her body shape is lost.

Third look: The top of this dress is too stiff (yet it is the best of these three because it does provide shape and structure and defines her waist. The skirt is too flared and the fabric is too lightweight. This unbalances her silhouette and makes her appear wider.

Interestingly, the third look is almost purely Romantic in essence (corset, sheer bottom, visible underwear, red cross necklace, loose hair) and it’s not her best look. This shows that while she has a strong Romantic essence, she is still primarily a Flamboyant Natural and that essence needs to be satisfied first.

Now compare all these to these:

Fitted (not tight) + Solid color + Waist definition

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

Kendall looks amazing in all these looks. Her waist is emphasized without being strictly defined. The fabrics are heavy enough to handle her visual weight. The dresses are narrowly fitted, without being too tight. The necklines are open.

The colors (no bold patterns) don’t compete with her, they complement her. I will say, I think she is slightly overpowered by the red- I see the dress first, but that’s not my focus right now.

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Best Silhouettes

Straight, long leg, high waist definition, structured T-silhouette (long or very long), medium to heavy fabrics, softly elongated lines (not sharp).

Kendall Jenner Kibbe Body Type + Style Analysis

First look: The crop at her natural waist, where her pant starts. Some looseness provided by the gently slouchy top. This balances the skin tight bottom.

Second look: The dress is structured and fitted, but loosely so. It has waist emphasis and an open neckline. The fabric is medium weight.

Third look: Straight-leg denim, high waisted, narrow, loose fit. Oversized blazer- structured and loosely fitted. T- silhouette.


Essence- Hair

Kendall Jenner best hairstyles

I think in hair styling it becomes very clear that Kendall is a Flamboyant Natural, but again with a strong Romantic essence.

Firstly, she is best suited by some styling and not the ‘just wake up and go’ styling of true Naturals.

Within this styling, she looks beautiful with subtle volume and waves, and some (but very little) inexactness (like flyaway hairs). She also looks good in sleek hair. This can be seen in the top row of images, which I think are her best.

When she leans too much in the direction of Flamboyant Natural (by adding a lot of volume, tousled hair, asymmetry and too many flyaway hairs), it begins to take away from her. She doesn’t look as good and I have a desire to brush her hair or tuck it back in. This can be seen in the second row of images.

Kendall Jenner worst hairstyles

Hair color is where her Flamboyant Natural essence really comes out. She is suited by her natural dark hair best (top row), everything else looks off (bottom row).

Understandably, within the unnatural colors of the bottom row, she is best suited by the darkest shade (left) and least suited by the lightest (right), because the lighter her hair gets, the further away it gets from her natural coloring and the less harmonious it is with her overall coloring.


Essence- Makeup

Kendall Jenner best makeup

This is Kendall at her best. Beautiful, subtle (but clearly visible) makeup in natural tones, but with two different feels.

On the left, the lighter inner eye and general light and bright makeup makes her look fresh, open, and youthful- many of the traits of the Natural type.

The sharp and dark eyeliner of the second look (right) and slightly darker lip makes her look edgier, sexier, and more mature than the first image- many of the traits of the Romantic essence.

Kendall Jenner best and worst makeup

The top row shows Kendall at her best in subtle, yet sensual makeup. She has an intense brow (full, sharp) which acts as the structure of her face.

The middle look with the lighter hair makes her look more dramatic and slightly alienish because of the loss of contrast. Her makeup is still good though.

Looking at the bottom row:

Intense makeup does not look good on Kendall. It contrasts starkly against her dominant Flamboyant Natural lines and essence.

In the first image (left) her lips and eyebrows are too dark and they overpower her face. I find it very difficult to keep my focus on her eyes, it is drawn to her lips/ brows. She also looks very pale. The middle picture where she has no brows looks crazy. In the third look (right), her eye makeup is odd and distracting.

Let’s do a quick comparison of a true Dramatic in similar makeup:

This makeup is even more severe than what we see on Kendall, but Bella (right) looks cool in it. She looks intense and dramatic, but in a good way. Gigi (left) looks scary.

Gigi is a Flamboyant Natural like Kendall and the effect of such severe makeup on them is similarly bad.


Best Looks:

This suit is everything Kendall needs. Long vertical line. Structured and fitted, but loosely so. Subtle but defined waist emphasis. Open neckline and the fabric is heavyweight.

The make-up is beautiful. The red lip is a nod to her Romantic essence. The hair is right. The shoes pop. I love it.

I know I said babygirl can’t handle a print, but this outfit was a moment. This works and I think it’s because of all the other elements of this look that perfectly support her bone structure and essence requirements that make this risk safe for her.

The black latex turtleneck is the structured grounding (Flamboyant Natural) that gives this look life and edge. That same black color runs the length of the dress (the pink flowers are painted on black fabric), which creates an unbroken vertical line.

The fit from neck to knees is skintight (Romantic), which is then balanced by the dramatic flare of the mermaid tail. The print itself (huge pink roses) is very Romantic in nature.

Hair and makeup are perfect. I love this.

This dress came quite late in the ‘nude dress’ era, so I think people, in general, were so over this style of dress that it was easy to overlook just how beautifully executed this is. This looks stunning on her. It’s incredibly Romantic yet natural (Natural) on her.

Kendall looks like a dream here. It’s ‘drip drip’ but elegant. It’s equal parts high drama-the chocker necklace, the jewels; and subtlety- the nude color, the gentle makeup.

It’s long and figure-hugging, but also delicate and flowy. It’s intricate but it also (almost inexplicably) gives the impression of ease- I feel like she just had this lying around and threw it on. It’s simply, perfectly beautiful.


If I had to type Kendall I would say she is Flamboyant Natural, with a strong Romantic essence. Both of these style lines have to be accommodated for her to look her best.

I’d love to know what you think. Please let me know if you came to the same conclusion or if you’d type Kendall differently.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Talk soon,




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