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Kibbe Body Test: Answers Explained

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kibbe body type test answers explained

Well done on completing the Kibbe Body Types Test. In this post, I will be discussing your results, specifically how to read and understand them and how to use them to identify your Kibbe type.

Start by recording your answer for each of the 15 questions. Then, group your answers (per letter) for each section. In the end, you should have an answer sheet that should look something like this:


Sample answer sheet:

Skeleton: 4B

Body flesh: 4B, 1A

Facial features: 3B, 2E, 1D

Double-check that the number of answers adds up to 15. Then analyze what the answers are saying.


Look to see if your answers have a clear majority for each section, this is the best-case scenario which will make finding your type pretty straightforward.


How To Interpret Your Kibbe Test Answer Sheet

In the example above, the person in question is clearly a Natural type because they have mostly B answers (11 total). Of the last four answers, one provides additional sharpness in the flesh (1A), so this person’s body is frame-dominant with muscular/taught flesh. All the ‘soft’ or yin answers belong to their facial features: 2E, and 1D.

So, taking all this together, I think this person could be a Soft Natural- a Natural structure and flesh with some softness in their face. However, there is also a strong case for a Flamboyant Natural (because of the additional sharpness in their flesh) who just happens to have additional softness on their face.


In this case, this person would be able to narrow down their potential body types to just two: Soft Natural or Flamboyant Natural. From here, they would then wear the clothing line recommendations for each to see which is more harmonious with them.

This is the exact process you should replicate in reading your results.

It is possible to have some outlier answers and still see what kibbe Id category you fit into. If your answers are all over the place, or almost equal parts yin and yang, you may be a Gamine type. More on that later. Below is a list of what category the majority of your answers put you in.


Majority A answers- Dramatic

Pure Dramatic

If you got mostly A answers for all three sections then you’re a pure Dramatic (D). This ID has a yang dominance and is long, lean, and angular.

Pure Dramatic Example: Tilda Swinton also, consider this study I did on Dramatic Flamboyant Naturals.


Soft Dramatic

If you have predominantly A answers with a few E or D answers then you’re a Soft Dramatic (SD). Your E and D answers are probably in the flesh and facial features categories. Your body and face are yang dominant and angular, but you may have some yin or softness to the flesh on your bone structure or your facial features.

Soft Dramatic Examples: Bella Hadid ; Zendaya also, consider this study I did on Curvy Flamboyant Naturals.


Majority B answers- Natural

If you have predominantly B answers under all three sections then you are a kibbe Natural (N). Your bone structure, facial features, and flesh are all elongated, broad, and blunt in comparison to one another. Your body has a yang dominance but is not as extreme and angular as the dramatic kibbe ID.


Flamboyant Natural

If you have mostly B answers with a few A answers then you are Kibbe’s Flamboyant Natural (FN). Your bone structure is long and lean but your flesh and facial features have a broad and blunt look to them.

Flamboyant Natural Examples: Gigi HadidKendall Jenner; Hailey Bieber; Angelina Jolie; Blake Lively; also, consider this study I did on Curvy Flamboyant Naturals and Dramatic Flamboyant Naturals.


Soft Natural

If you have predominantly B answers with a few D or E answers then you are considered a Soft Natural (SN). Your bone structure will be broad, slightly blunt, and overall elongated. But your flesh and face lean more towards the yin side and have a softness to them.

Soft Natural Example: Jennifer Lopez


Majority C Answers- Classic

If you have predominantly C answers under all three sections (bone structure, flesh, and facial features) then you are a Classic (C). Your features are blended and very balanced. For more information on blend versus contrast, check the kibbe Id system here.


Dramatic Classic

If you have predominantly C in the body flesh and facial features sections with a few A or B answers for bone structure, then you are a Dramatic Classic (DC). You have a very proportionate, even face and body flesh, but your bone structure has some yang dominance.

Dramatic Classic Example: Gugu Mbatha-Raw


Soft Classic

If you have predominantly C answers for the bone structure/skeleton section but have several D or E answers under body flesh and/or facial features, then you are a Soft Classic (SC). Your bone structure is very balanced and proportionate but you have some softness and yin to your face and flesh.

Soft Classic Example: Kirsten Dunst


Mostly D or E Answers- Romantic


If you have predominantly E answers under all three sections then you are a Kibbe Romantic (R). Your skeleton, flesh, and face all have yin dominance that exhibits softness, and rounded edges, also known as lush yin.

Romantic Example: Beyoncé


Theatrical Romantic

If you have predominately D answers, you are a Theatrical Romantic (TR). Your bone structure, flesh, and face all lean towards the yin side of the spectrum, but not as strictly as the pure Romantics.

You can also be a theatrical romantic if you have predominantly E or D answers with a few A answers. Your A answers will mostly show up in the bone structure or facial features but you will maintain softness in your flesh and shape.

Theatrical Romantic Example: Selena Gomez


Mixture of A/B answers and D/E answers- Gamine

If you got a generally even mix of opposite answers A/B and D/E, then your kibbe ID is Gamine (G). You are a combination of yin and yang and can display these traits in different parts of your body, flesh, and face.


Flamboyant Gamine

If your results have a mix of A/B and D/E answers but with slightly more A or B answers then your kibbe ID is a Flamboyant Gamine (FG). Your individual features can be placed distinctly in the yin or yang category (not blended) but overall your body tends to have some angles and sharpness. Your body becomes toned easily which highlights your angular silhouette. No matter your weight fluctuations you never really have curves.

Flamboyant Gamine Example: Zoe Kravitz, Tessa Thompson


Soft Gamine

If your results have a mixture of answers but you have more D/E answers than A/B then you are a Soft Gamine (SG). You have a mixture of yin and yang across all three sections- skeleton, flesh, and facial features. You could have a bit more roundness/ softness in your facial features. You may get more rounded from weight gain and working out doesn’t overly define your muscles.

Soft Gamine Example: Reese Witherspoon


Can Your Kibbe ID Change?

According to David Kibbe, your ID cannot change. Weight loss and weight gain will not alter your Kibbe ID, but it can make it more or less obvious in some cases. Kibbe recommends evaluating your body ID after the age of 25 to get the most accurate results.



I hope this post was helpful in finding your kibbe ID. If you’re still confused, please keep in mind that this is meant to be a journey of self-discovery, and more specifically of discovering your personal style. As such, it will take time.

If you’re stuck, start by choosing your most beloved clothing items- the ones that just fit right- and try to figure out what their lines and properties are. They fit right and compliment you so beautifully because they are harmonious with your natural lines. So be curious about those lines.


Are the lines of the garments soft and drapey (yin) or hard and stiff (yang)? Are the items long or short? It’s not a sure fix, but if you’re really stuck, answering these questions will help you to reverse-engineer your kibbe type. Plus, it will help you to attune to the properties of both your clothes and your physical lines, which is a big part of seeing things in a ‘kibbe way’.


Have you figured out your Kibbe ID yet? In case you’re wondering, I’m a Flamboyant Natural.

Talk soon,




12 thoughts on “Kibbe Body Test: Answers Explained”

  1. Hello i need some help with my results.
    I got
    Part 1
    1. B
    2. c
    3. a
    4. b

    Part 2
    5. d
    6. d
    7. d
    8. d
    9. d
    Part 3
    10. d
    11. d
    12. e
    13. d
    14. e
    15. d

    I am really confused because there is really nothing that fits to my results

    1. Hi Orah, thanks for your comment. Based on just your answers, you have a strong yang structure with very yin flesh and facial features. I’d have to guess that you are perhaps a Soft Dramatic.

      It’s really difficult to give any meaningful help without seeing your body and doing a thorough analysis. I can’t be certain that your answers are actually representative of your body, so please take my guess with a pinch of salt. If you’re interested, I’d love to help you through my Body Type + Essence Analysis service, part of which includes me taking the Kibbe test for you by using your pictures. You can learn more under my Services tab.

      Otherwise, I hope what little direction I could give was helpful. 🙂

  2. Help! No matter how much deep diving I do, I can’t seem to figure out my ID.

    My results are:
    Body structure: 3C, 1E
    Flesh: 3C, 1E, 1B
    Facial Features: 5D, 1B

    I feel more suited as a soft classic. I am not overly curvy, nor am I excessively angular. There is a softness and slight roundness to me, but I’m 5’11 which seems to negate everything else and supposedly limits me to being a D, SD or FN – none of which ring true to who I am. The closest is FN, but I don’t fit the patterns, especially with weight gain.

    I am lost. My height makes me feel very misplaced in this system. I would really love to hear your thoughts.

    BTW, thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Naj, thanks for your comment.

      Based on your answers, I’d have to agree that you should be a Soft Classic if your answers are truly representative of your body. However, without seeing it, I can’t know that and your height does bring into question whether you’re answering everything objectively. It can be difficult to type ourselves. Add to that, the C option sometimes gets overused because it’s essentially an ‘I’m not sure’ answer for everyone who’s not actually a Classic.

      So, if you can’t decide if you lean too yin or yang, saying you’re ‘moderate’ may feel safe- but it can also skew your answers. 5’11 is too tall to not fall into one of the yang dominant types, you just likely don’t present as the examples of Dramatics/ Naturals you’ve seen. Remember that how a body type manifests in you can be very different to the ‘standard’ often described. For example, some FN are curvy like I discussed in this post.

      If you’re interested, I’d love to help you through my Body Type + Essence Analysis service, part of which includes me taking the Kibbe test for you by using your pictures. You can learn more here.

      Otherwise, I hope what little direction I could give was helpful. Good luck!🙂

  3. i got all Es except for 3 and 5D, 8B and 15C, so i assume i am a romantic but im unsure if maybe soft gamine is an option bc i am 4’11” and i dont know if romantics can be this short

    1. Hi Talita, thanks for your comment.

      I wouldn’t know without seeing your pictures, but based on your answers I would agree that you’re a Romantic. There is no lower limit for the Romantic height so, based on height alone, you could be both, either a Soft Gamine or Romantic.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

  4. I wanted to make sure I am properly understanding my results, but in the Skeleton part I got 2 Cs, and 2 Es, in the Body flesh part I got 2 Cs and 3Ds, and in the Facial Features part I got 1 C, 4 Ds, and 1 E. Would that make me a theatrical romantic? I have tried to look for different images of celebrities kibbe confirmed who share this ID and I do not really see it in me. Please help!

    1. Hi Ann, thanks for your comment. Based on your answers I would say that Romantic, Theatrical Romantic, and Soft Classic are all in play. I wouldn’t be able to make a proper categorization without seeing your pictures. I hope that helps, good luck :).

  5. Hi! I’m not very sure about my results, for the first part I got 2D 2A, for the second I got 2D 2C 1E and for the last part I got 3E 2 C 1 E 1D 😩 I truly don’t know how to interpret my results.

    1. Hi Millie :). I wouldn’t know without seeing your pictures so how much I can help is really limited. That said, I’d guess you’re some kind of Romantic.

  6. Hi,
    I’m very confused.
    Body structure: 1d 2c 1b
    Flesh: 4d 1e 1c
    Facial: 1e 3c 2b

    So total 6c 5d 3b 2e

    I’m so confused cause nothing really fits in the end

  7. For the body part of it I have 4 C’s and 4 E’s and for the facial structure I have 3 E’s 3 D’s and a C it does not give an option for an even amount of C’s and E’s.

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