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Kibbe Body Types: Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

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The Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural Kibbe body types and style identities have quite a lot in common, making choosing between them a little confusing. Luckily, they also have some distinct differences which I hope to highlight.

In this post, I directly compare the Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural Kibbe body types and style identities to highlight these similarities and differences, using gorgeous model sisters Gigi Hadid (Flamboyant Natural) and Bella Hadid (Dramatic) for my comparison.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

What Is The Flamboyant Natural Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Flamboyant Naturals are soft yang. They are frame dominant, with broad shoulders and slim, straight hips that create a clear and prominent T-silhouette. They have a long vertical line and a broadness to their structure.

Following their lines, Flamboyant Naturals are best complemented by loose/ relaxed, oversized, and unconstructed silhouettes that honor both their dominant vertical and horizontal lines. They look great in a mix of natural textures and colors.

What Is The Dramatic Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Dramatics are pure yang. Their bodies are made of sharp, narrow lines so that they come off as angular and dry. There is no softness to their structure, and even when they are overweight, they still appear sharp. They have a long vertical line so they are tall, and tend to look even taller than they are. They are best represented by a long, thin line.

Dramatic clothing lines are long and sharp and fabrics are stiff, creating an altogether sleek, sculpted, and elongated look. Following these lines, pure Dramatics look great in a tailored men’s suit, a long tailored coat, and a head-to-toe monochromatic look.

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Similarities between Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural

    • Yang dominant (frame dominant)
    • Long vertical line 

Differences between Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural

    • Width or horizontal line, which is narrow for Dramatics and wider for Flamboyant Naturals
    • Essence (powerful and intense for Dramatic; easy and laid-back for Flamboyant Natural)
    • Flesh, which is sinewy for Dramatics and more substantial (fleshier) for Flamboyant Naturals


What Is The Flamboyant Natural Essence?

The Flamboyant Natural essence is free-spirited, down-to-earth, and fresh. It’s effortlessly bold and open.


What Is The Dramatic Essence?

The Dramatic essence is powerful. They may come off as intimidating and domineering. They give off a ‘straight to business’ vibe.

Let’s Compare and Contrast

Body Structure Analysis:

Both Flamboyant Naturals and Dramatics have a long vertical line, but Flamboyant Naturals also have a width to their frame which makes them appear larger than Dramatics.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Bella (Dramatic) is long and taut. Her overall look is drier when compared to Gigi, who appears fleshier and wider (compare their shoulders).

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Again, Gigi has more visual weight than Bella (they may very well be the same weight on a scale, but I’m just talking about how this translates physically).

Even though they have curves, both of them are definitely more frame dominant than curve dominant.

Long Vertical Line

Both Dramatics and Flamboyant Naturals have a long vertical line, so they are best suited to long garments that honor this trait.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: vertical line

Gigi looks good in all these outfits, but as the length of the outfit gets longer, it looks better on her.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: vertical line

Similarly, Bella looks good in all these outfits, but as the length of the outfits gets longer, they look better on her.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized Blazer

Flamboyant Naturals have broad shoulders, which form the basis of their structural width. As such, they are complemented by oversized blazers which highlight this feature.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

On Gigi (Flamboyant Natural), this look (right) works harmoniously with her T-silhouette and completes her frame. On Bella (Dramatic) the blazer drowns her narrow shoulders.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: oversized blazer

Bella is swallowed by these oversized blazers. Her narrow shoulders don’t support them as easily as Gigi’s wider shoulders do. She would be better suited to a fitted jacket.

The third look (right) is the best of these because the pants are slim and sleek, which is a characteristic of Dramatic lines. The pants (and monochromatic palette) help to balance out the jacket.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: oversized blazer

Gigi looks great in these outfits. The blazers fall perfectly on her and they highlight the width of her shoulders without swallowing her.

The blazer on the left is more fitted and looks good, but the other two (middle, right) where the blazers are oversized actually look better on her.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Casual Wear


Denim, being a casual, natural fabric, is undeniably a (Flamboyant) Natural element. We would expect denim-heavy looks to compliment Naturals more than they do Dramatics.

To start, let’s take a look at two very similar outfits, but whose overall vibe is very different.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Note, this is not a question of being able to wear the outfit-both these ladies are models who can wear anything. It’s a question of whether or not the outfit communicates the true essence of the person wearing it. If they look at home in it or if they look like they’re wearing someone else’s clothes.

Gigi looks at home. She looks powerful, confident, and like she’s ready to do anything.

Bella looks lost, her (sexy and fierce) essence is lost. This doesn’t feel like her and I almost want to ask if that’s really her in there.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: casual/ denim

Gigi was made to wear jeans and a t-shirt. She looks beautiful and effortless. The casualness of every aspect of these looks (jeans, t-shirts, hair) complements her. She looks like the supermodel next door.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: denim

In these outfits, Bella looks less beautiful than she is. She looks like she didn’t try but not in a good way. It’s not effortless, it lacks effort. It’s underwhelming.

Note that in the middle image, she is wearing a button-down shirt and heels, yet she looks more casual or as casual as Gigi does in her outfits.

A Tale of Two Denim Bodysuits

This is how each of the ladies can integrate the same outfit to honor the lines of their body type:

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Bella- Dramatic

I love this denim bodysuit on Bella. While the denim is a Natural fabric (because it’s casual), the cut and fit of this bodysuit honor her Dramatic lines. It’s long and narrow, fitting tight to the body which highlights how tall and lean she is. The deep V opening adds sharpness which is congruent with her bone structure.

Gigi- Flamboyant Natural

This ultra-casual, loose-fitting denim overall looks amazing on Gigi. It respects the laid-back, unconstructed essence and lines of the Flamboyant Natural and she looks at home in it.

These bodysuits are worlds apart, yet I think the effect is the same. Both ladies look cool and sexy. If they swapped looks, however, Bella would look like she was wearing a sack and Gigi would look ‘try-hard’.


Athletic wear is a Natural trait because it is sporty, comfortable, and very laid-back. So, it looks great on Flamboyant Naturals but underwhelming and even disheveled on Dramatics.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: athleisure

Gigi looks amazing in these sporty clothes. She looks stylish and complete. While I can tell that these are sporty, I don’t necessarily assume she is going to the gym. In this outfit, she could easily be meeting friends or going on a date or whatever. She just looks good.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: athleisure

On Bella, these similar outfits make me think ‘oh poor thing, they caught her on the way to the gym’. It looks like she’s quickly running there (or somewhere) and when she gets back she’ll get ready. The’ look is underwhelming.

Ingénue Essence- Overly Girly

Generally speaking, the Flamboyant Natural essence is grown, not childish. So, elements that evoke a young girl will clash with this essence and look childish. This is true for Gigi who lacks any Ingénue essence.

Ingénue Essence- Bella Hadid

However, it is not true for Bella who appears to have some girlish Ingénue essence. This was quite surprising for me as I assumed the Romantic essence was Bella’s secondary essence on account of how outwardly sexy she is. This is true, but I think these images demonstrate her Ingénue essence as well.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: overly-girly dresses

Bella looks beautiful in these outfits. The sheer, lightweight fabrics bring out a softness in her. I would have assumed they would clash against her ‘dry’ Dramatic bone structure and essence, but they actually showcase how delicate she is. Even the fun and youthful print of the third look (right) looks great and not childish on her.

This blew my mind so I decided to explore it further:

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid

Again, in these decidedly ‘girly’ dresses, Bella looks amazing. Even just the pose (never mind the pure white, full skirt dress) of the first look (left) would look awkward on a pure Dramatic without any Ingénue essence, but she looks sweet and innocent.

The frilly trim of the orange dress (middle) is also not clashing against her in any way. She looks stunning.

The feminine pattern and silky fabric of the third dress are altogether delicate, and far from clashing with Bella, she again just looks beautiful.

While I don’t think Ingénue is her leading essence (that’s the Dramatic essence for sure), it is present in her composition, just certainly not on her face.

Ingénue Essence- Gigi Hadid

Interestingly, Gigi has a lot of Ingénue essence on her face, but she does not carry it in her body. So, her hair and makeup can pull off Ingénue styles, but she cannot wear them. Let’s explore this:

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: girly/ ingenue dresses

The first look (left) is the least flattering on Gigi. It is too far from her natural essence and it seems stark against her. The short length cuts her long vertical line, and the fabric is stiff and seems restricting on her, which is further compounded by the high neckline. The baby pink color is also not the greatest. Her hair is pulled back (not free and flowing which is best for her) and I don’t like or get that hair thing.

The middle outfit is fine. It’s flowy and light which is great, but the high neckline, short length, and gathers of the skirt make it a bit too girlish for Gigi. So, it’s not bad but it’s not good either. I think her shoes are cool though.

The third image (right) is not bad, I think she looks very cute. While the dress is short, it isn’t constricting and the pattern is feminine without being girlish. It’s more the accessories that work against it.

The socks and school shoes are very Flamboyant Gamine in nature, the detail across her chest is very random and distracting. If she lost the black detailing, socks, and shoes and replaced them with a simple sandal or even sneakers and added a kimono, this look would be great. As is, it’s not the best on her.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid

This is how a Flamboyant Natural wears a short dress. This is free and easy, open and flowing. Styled with flowing hair and casual sneakers, this look is perfect for Gigi and Flamboyant Naturals in general.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Unconstructed Silhouette

Unconstructed silhouettes speak to the frame dominance of Flamboyant Naturals. These looks pull awareness to how big and strong they are, in a good way. These same silhouettes ‘swallow up’ and overpower Dramatics who seem to disappear behind them.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: unconstructed garments

The white dress is both large and long, and it would easily overpower another silhouette. Gigi impressively appears to be wearing the dress, and not the other way around. In the second image, I’m drawn to looking at her body. That is, the dress highlights her frame.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: unconstructed garments

These dresses should look better on Bella as they honor her long vertical line, but they lack the structure her Dramatic body type needs. The lightweight and flouncy fabric and shapeless silhouettes lose Bella and just hang shapelessly over her.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Knitwear

Part of the Flamboyant Natural essence is ‘relaxed and comfortable’, so they look especially chic and at home in weighted, chunky knits. Depending on the fit and construction, knitwear may also flatter Dramatics.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: knitwear

The look on the left is unflattering and underwhelming on Bella. The lack of structure and wide fit of the knit sweater does not complement her body and the look is just bleh.

On the right, she looks so much better. While the outfit is similar to the first one, this one is stiffer, narrow, and fitted to her body which complements her ‘narrow straight line’ Dramatic body. Over-the-knee boots are the perfect shoe for a Dramatic as they are bold, long, and sleek and they capture Bella’s sexy essence.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: knitwear

These unconstructed, loose, oversized knit sweater dresses look amazing on Gigi. While these looks might look too simple and even homely on a different body type, they look sophisticated on her.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Movement

Flamboyant Natural lines are characterized as bold and sweeping and their silhouettes are unconstructed. Added to that, their essence is free, natural, and unrestricted. This translates into clothes with some movement, that allows air to move between the garment and the body.

Dramatics are opposite to this, requiring garments with tight, sleek lines that fall very close to the body. They tend to get lost in garments with too much movement.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: loose, long lines

Far from creating a sense of floating, these looks drag Bella down. They look separate from her. The shapeless fits and airy fabrics don’t complement her Dramatic lines.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: long, flowy lines

All these looks are amazing on Gigi. The long vertical line and the movement provided by the capes capture the ‘free-flowing’ and ‘unrestricted’ Natural essence of the Flamboyant Natural.

Dramatic Staple- Tightly Fitted Clothing

Evening Gowns

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid: ultra-tight clothing

Bella looks incredible. These tightly fitted garments bring out her va-va-voom essence and she oozes sex appeal. The head-to-toe monochromatic looks honor her long vertical line and Dramatic essence and she looks harmonious.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: ultra-tight outfits

These looks are too restricting on Gigi. The two bodysuits are sexy, but they look underwhelming on her. They expose and highlight a great body, but they don’t capture her essence. The middle look is objectively beautiful and styled to perfection, but again it fails to capture her essence. While beautiful, at least for me, she looks like she’s playing dress-up.

Tight and Short

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural-Gigi Hadid: ultra-tight/ constricting outfits

Similarly in these looks, Gigi looks restricted because of how tight these outfits are. I almost get a sense that she is uncomfortable and I want to loosen her dress just a little bit. In the first (left) and third (right) looks, this sense of restriction is further emphasized by how short the dresses are.

Flamboyant Naturals have a long vertical line, so they need length in their garments to honor this. When a dress is both shirt and tight, this puts it at the opposite end of the harmony scale, and it looks separate from them.

Kibbe Soft Dramatic- Bella Hadid

Bella is a fiercely sexy human. That is her most dominant vibe and it marries well with her Dramatic essence. So, in these looks that are designed to be sexy- she looks incredible. She is harmonious with the lines and especially the essence of these outfits. She looks like the full embodiment of herself, cool, sexy, and fierce.

Mismatched Outfits

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

I wish I could make Gigi and Bella trade outfits. The fringe-covered dress would best suit Gigi as the fringe would give her the sense of movement that Flamboyant Naturals need. The skin-tight jumpsuit would best suit Bella’s narrower frame and bring out her sultry essence. As is, Bella looks boring and Gigi looks restricted and a little ‘try hard’.

Essence- Hair

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Flowy, Loose Hair

Flamboyant Naturals are all about flowy, sweeping lines. In hair, this translates into ear waves, effortless styling, and natural colors. A tousled mane is their go-to signature look.

Hairstyles: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Gigi looks her best in the top three looks. She looks effortlessly beautiful with the easy waves, and tousled hair that evokes the feeling of ‘I woke up like this’. Her hair also looks best with a little messy feel, she needs a few strands out of place to create that ‘natural’ look. When the hair is too perfect, it looks stiff on her.

Contrarily, in the second row of images, Bella looks underwhelming and even disheveled. The loose, easy waves pull away from her and make her look simple. The lighter hair colors also take away from her. As a high-contrast Dramatic, she needs the high contrast of her very dark hair. As it gets lighter, her features stand out less.

Dramatic Staple- Sleek, Tight Hair

Dramatics are all about sharp, sleek lines. So, they are best complimented by hair that is sculpted, tight, and sleek. Not a hair out of place.

Hairstyles: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Bella looks stunning in the top row of images. The sleek hairdos highlight her sharp and prominent cheekbones and make her look beautifully put together and sophisticated. Every feature of hers pops and she looks like herself, like the complete expression of the supermodel she is.

These are not Gigi’s best looks. She has low contrast coloring, so she is best suited for low contrast hair, which for her is closest to her natural dirty blonde. The bottom three looks demonstrate how dark and high-contrast hair colors look stark on her and take away from her. Tight and sleek hairstyles also look too severe on her as they lack the movement that is synonymous with Flamboyant Naturals.

Severely Dramatic Hairstyle- Side By Side

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural vs Soft Dramatic | Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

This is a Dramatic style; the jet black color, the severe cut, the long length, and of course the shaved side. This style couldn’t be further from what would suit a Flamboyant Natural, but it should suit a Dramatic.

That’s exactly what we find. Bella actually looks good in this insane hair. She looks super cool and fierce and her cheekbones are popping!

Gigi looks awful. It doesn’t even look like her. Everything about this look is too severe for her and I hope nobody ever does that to her again.

Essence- Makeup

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Soft, Natural Makeup

The essence of Flamboyant Naturals is effortless and, well, natural. They look their best in simple makeup with nude palettes. They can handle color, but nothing severe or too contrasted.

Makeup: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Gigi looks amazing in the top three looks, her face really shines in the barely-there makeup and I can see how beautiful she is. This makeup honors her Natural essence. The third look (right) with the red lip is balanced by a clean eye and an otherwise fresh face, and the red shade is not too contrasted against her skin.

Bella looks underwhelming in these images. The makeup lacks the intensity that brings out her sharp features and suits her best. It lacks the drama that Dramatics need. She doesn’t look bad, she just looks okay.

I think Bella needs a sharply defined eye more than anything else in a look and without it, her makeup feels flat. As seen in the third image, even with a bold lip, if she doesn’t have a defined eye her makeup could still be underwhelming. However, just an intense eye can carry a look as can be seen below.

Dramatic Staple- Sharp, Intense Makeup

Dramatic Makeup: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

Bella looks amazing in the top three looks. Each of these makeup looks has the visual interest and sharpness that she needs. The middle look is amazing because in it she has both intense, dramatic hair and dramatic eye makeup- all of which capture her Dramatic essence. All her best features are highlighted. Notice how Gigi is overpowered by the same look.

In the third look (right), Bella’s eyeliner is very dramatic. Interestingly, she is not overpowered by it and it complements her. She looks edgy and intense and complete.

In the bottom three looks, Gigi’s beauty is overpowered by her makeup. I can hardly recognize her in the first look (left), her eye makeup is too intense and the lip detail is distracting. Similarly, in the middle look, her bright blue eyeliner is all that my eye is drawn to. It competes with and wins against Gigi’s face. 

The last look (right) is not too bad, I think her eye makeup is beautiful. However, the lipstick shade is too dark for her and my eye is pulled to her lips and not her face as a whole.

Severely Dramatic Makeup- Side By Side

Dramatic Makeup: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

This is a great comparison that proves how far apart Flamboyant Naturals and Dramatics are in terms of essence.

This is a clearly Dramatic look; the harsh, intensely dark eye, lack of eyebrows (not sure who this suits), and long sleek hair are all Dramatic, so we expect this look to suit Bella and clash against Gigi. Which is exactly what happens.

Bella looks incredible because this makeup suits her Dramatic essence. She looks intense, badass, and otherworldly. I can’t say this is her best-ever beauty look, but there is something cool about it on her. I feel like how Bella looks is what the artist intended for all the models.

Gigi looks scary because this makeup clashes with her Natural essence. I want to run away from her. The look is so far from what would complement her that it is legitimately hard to look at. It also makes her look rather manly, which is strange because she has such soft feminine features. That’s how inharmonious it is with her.

Best Looks

Flamboyant Natural- Soft, Natural Makeup + Loose, Flowy Hair

Soft Makeup: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

This is Gigi at her best. Natural makeup, nude lip, gentle eye, and loose wavy hair. She is stunning here and an embodiment of Flamboyant Natural beauty goals. Both her Ingénue essence and her Natural essence comes out.n

Bella looks good. She’s a stunning human so it’s difficult to ever see her look bad, but this is not her best look. It’s quite dull on her. It’s beautiful but it subdues and blends out her beauty.

Dramatic- Sharp, Intense Makeup + Sleek, Tight Hair

Sleek hair: Gigi Hadid vs Bella Hadid

This is Bella at her best. Sharply Defined eyes, chiseled cheekbones, light lips, and sleek hair. She is stunning here and an embodiment of the Dramatic essence beauty goals.

In a similar look, Gigi looks beautiful, but not her best. This look doesn’t showcase the fullness of her beauty. I want to tousle her hair so badly to bring her to life.


Choosing between Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic can be quite tricky. There are so many similarities between these body types and the differences can feel so nuanced that it’s difficult to pick one objectively. I know I struggled.

However, I think that with practice and infinite patience, we can start to train our eyes to see these differences more clearly. That’s why these comparisons help and that’s why I make them.

If you came confused and stuck between Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic, I hope this post has helped you move closer toward making a clear choice, or at the very least know what you need to look out for to do that.

Please let me know if I’ve helped and if you agree with my analysis of the beautiful Hadid sisters.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Talk soon,




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  1. Great work done! This really makes sense. But i wonder if the difference between the two would be that big if Bella hadn’t done that much plastic surgery. Before she looked much softer, i think.

    1. Hi, Susi, thanks for your comment. I agree with you, Bella did seem to have some more softness when she was younger and whether it’s plastic surgery (which I don’t know if she’s had any done) or just that fact that she’s chronically underweight (in my view)- those things can definitely add sharpness to an otherwise softer body. That said, I do still think she’s a Dramatic regardless because neither of these these can alter width (shoulders etc.) and her frame just seems very narrow to me. But that’s a very interesting point.

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