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Romantic vs Soft Natural | Beyoncé vs J Lo | Kibbe Body Types

Romantic vs Soft Natural | Beyoncé vs J Lo | Kibbe Body Types

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Kibbe Romantic vs Soft Natural | Beyoncé vs J Lo

The Soft Natural and Romantic Kibbe body types and style identities have quite a lot in common, making choosing between them a little confusing. Luckily, they also have some distinct differences which I hope to highlight.

In this post, I make a direct comparison between the Romantic and Soft Natural Kibbe body types and style identities to highlight these similarities and differences. I’ll be using Beyoncé for Romantics and Jennifer Lopez for Soft Naturals.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Similarities between Kibbe Romantic and Soft Natural

  • Short vertical line
  • Romantic essence

Differences between Kibbe Romantic and Soft Natural

  • Soft Naturals are Yang dominant with a Yin Undercurrent, Romantics are fully Yin
  • Bone structure: Broad and blunt in Soft Naturals, Delicate and small in Romantics
  • Flesh: Tending to musculature in Soft Naturals, soft in Romantics
  • Width: Soft Naturals have width (openness in the shoulders and upper torso), Romantics do not have width.n

Let’s Compare and Contrast

Body Structure:

Kibbe Romantic vs Soft Natural: body lines

Jennifer Lopez (Soft Natural)

I see a frame-dominant structure with flesh that tends to musculature, but that flesh creates curves. Jennifer looks strong and while I can see her curves, she is first frame-dominant over curve-dominant. I see a blunt (not sharp) bone structure and broad lines.

I also see an additional softness in the flesh and smaller, shorter limbs. Her arms look short and her hands look small, but overall she looks fit and strong.

Beyoncé (Romantic)

I see short limbs, rounded lines and edges, and soft flesh. Beyonce’s bone structure is delicate. She has a very defined waist, I can see a clear hourglass figure. Kibbe describes Romantics as a ‘ripe hourglass’ and this is true for her.

Elongation/ Vertical Line

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees and has to do with how fabric falls on the body.

Kibbe Soft Natural: vertical line

Jennifer Lopez (Soft Natural)

Jennifer has a short to moderate vertical line. She looks rather small, but not tiny. Here, she is best suited to the two longer lengths (middle, right). The length of the short white dress is not her best and it makes her look shorter than she is.

Kibbe Romantic: vertical line

Beyoncé (Romantic)

Beyoncé has a short vertical line. Again, she looks small and delicate. In these images, I think she is best flattered by the shortest length and least flattered by the longest.

Waist Emphasis vs Waist Definition

Romantics look amazing in waist emphasis as it highlights their hourglass shape. Soft naturals look great in waist definition, but waist emphasis (such as a belt) is too harsh on them as it cuts at their width and looks unharmonious.

Let’s explore this further:

Kibbe Romantic vs Soft Natural: waist emphasis vs. waist definition

In the satin dresses without waist emphasis, Jennifer (Soft Natural) looks harmonious and curvy while Beyonce (Romantic) looks underwhelming.

In the tight purple dresses with belted waist emphasis, Beyonce looks curvy and harmonious and Jennifer (Soft Natural) looks restricted and truncated at the waist.

Kibbe Soft Natural: waist emphasis vs. waist definition

Here again, the belts cut off Jennifer’s vertical line in a way that is restrictive and unharmonious. When the belts are lost, she looks free and like her curvy self.

Kibbe Romantic: waist emphasis vs. waist definition

Here again, when a belt is used to emphasize Beyonce’s waist, she looks more complete and like herself. Without it, she looks rather bland.


Kibbe Soft Natural: athleisure

Casual and comfortable styles are the hallmark of the Natural type. So, as expected, Jennifer looks amazing in these gym outfits. With her hair done up or not, these looks are harmonious with her.

Kibbe Romantic: athleisure

These are some of the worst lines and styles for Romantics. Athleisure by definition is designed to be sporty and comfortable. The fabrics are sweat-wicking and performance-oriented, not fancy. Beyonce looks frumpy and underwhelming in these casual styles.

Casual/ Denim

Kibbe Romantic vs Soft Natural: casual/ denim

Jennifer (Soft Natural)

These casual denim styles look great on Jennifer. The denim is so harmonious with her that it almost acts as a background onto which she can project whatever look she wants just by changing her accessories.

In the first look (left), she looks put together and relaxed because of the clean and polished look of the turtleneck and the casual sneakers. In the second outfit, she looks fun and youthful because of the graphic t-shirt and patchy, cutout jeans.

Beyonce (Romantic)

The first look is too busy and even childish on Beyoncé. Her clothes are distracting and this outfit lacks the elegance that she and Romantics need.

The second look is better (cleaner and more sophisticated) than the first, but the t-shirt and sneakers make it a bit too casual for her. She looks cute, but not her best. A pair of heels and a fancy handbag would make the look more harmonious with her.


Kibbe Romantic: outerwear

The first two images (left side) are the least flattering for Beyoncé. The fabric is too stiff in the first image. It’s a beautiful coat and it fits her well, it’s just not the best for her. The black coat is lighter in fabric, which is good, but the cut is made of long, straight lines which do not suit her curved lines.

The last two images (right side) are the most flattering. The fabrics are softer and silkier which is better for her delicate bone structure. The last look (right) is the best because it’s the softest and lightest, thus the best suited to draping. I can picture it draped around her and cinched at the waist and she would look amazing.

Kibbe Soft Natural: outerwear

This is perhaps easier to see in these images where the first sharply tailored look (left) is the least flattering on her. It’s too Dramatic and it downs out her softness and looks separate from her.

The middle coat is the same as the coat in the last look (right), but I think she looks better in the last image because the coat is closed and belted at the waist which adds softness by highlighting her figure.

A Fur Coat Study:

Kibbe Soft Natural: fur coat

Jennifer loves a fur coat. However, I think they (the fabric) are too delicate for her as a Soft Natural. In the images above, I think she looks better as we move from left to right, where we go from most fur to least fur.

Jennifer has a glamorous, Romantic essence to her, so she can and does pull off high glamour looks. But I think, texturally, just a little bit of fur (as compared to a lot) is the best for her.

Kibbe Romantic: fur coat

Fur coats were made for Romantics. They are luxurious and soft and bring to mind a certain glamorous lifestyle. Beyonce looks right at home in these furs. They don’t look ‘too much’ or like she’s trying too hard to be fancy. Styled up or down, they just look like her regular coat.

This is clear in the first (left) and third images. The second and last images are meant to be more dramatic, but even then, the coats still look harmonious with her.


unconstructed styles favor the frame dominant form of the Soft Natural but drown out the curvy frame of the Romantic.

Kibbe Soft Natural: unconstructed garments

Jennifer looks great in all of these looks. These unconstructed styles highlight her strong frame from which they hang beautifully.

However, as a Soft Natural, she looks her best when there is also some curve definition in the unconstructed styles. For this reason, the middle and last (right) looks are better than the first.

The first look (left), looks good on her, but a lot of her essence is lost with the absence of any curve. It would be better suited to a Flamboyant Natural.

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Kibbe Romantic: unconstructed garments

Romantics are defined by their ripe hourglass figure. They look their best in clothes that follow and accentuate that shape. In these unconstructed styles, Beyonce’s body and her sensual essence get lost.


Kibbe Romantic: feminine garments

Romantics are the softest and most yin of the body types, so as we would expect, they are suited by all feminine elements. They look great in light, flowy fabrics, delicate patterns, draping, frilly trims, and ornate detailing.

Beyonce looks great in these feminine styles.

Kibbe Soft Natural: feminine garments

These styles are too soft for Jennifer. Soft Naturals do have a Romantic essence/ yin undercurrent, but they are first and foremost Naturals. So they need structure to be maintained. Femininity without structure looks separate from them and makes them look hard, not feminine.

Structured Femininity

Kibbe Soft Natural: structured feminine garments

Jennifer looks amazing in these dresses. Her waist is defined and her shape is outlined beautifully and in a way that honors her width. The structure of the cuts and fabric supports her frame and lets her softness come forward and she looks beautifully feminine.

Romantic Staple- Lace

Kibbe Romantic vs Soft Natural: lace

In these images, Jennifer’s hair and makeup are perfect, and Beyonce’s is not flattering at all. So, at first glance, Jennifer looks better than Beyonce does in these looks. However, when I remove their heads (lol, stay with me) and just look at the dresses on their bodies, I see something different.

Lace in all its delicacy was made for the Romantic type and it looks most harmonious on Beyonce, while it looks a bit too delicate on Jennifer (Soft Natural). She looks absolutely beautiful, but I think the fit is a bit too tight and restrictive for her.

I love this dress on Beyoncé and I think it fits her beautifully. Here, the high neckline doesn’t take away any sensuality from her because the fabric and design provide it. The look is balanced.


Kibbe Romantic: ornate details

Let’s consider Beyonce’s earrings in the first image (left), they are HUGE but they don’t overpower her. She looks great but above that, she somehow looks normal. Dressed up, yes- but not overdressed. On Natural types like me), these would look like costume jewelry.

Considering the ornate and ‘showgirl’ nature of the dress as well as the earrings, this is truly impressive and highlights just how much glamorous styling and detail Romantics both need and can handle.

She also looks very harmonious in the delicate lace leotard with the elaborate ruffle trim (right).

Kibbe Soft Natural: ornate details

Ornate detailing looks busy and fussy on Jennifer. These girly/ overly-feminine details are all very separate from her. These super soft styles contrast negatively against her and make her look harder and older than she is.

In each of these looks, I’m first drawn to look at the detailing before I see her. It’s very separate from her.

A Study on Sensuality: Overt vs Subdued

The Lover/ Seductress -Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: overtly sexy dresses

In these looks, Jennifer is leaning into her raw sex appeal, and she still looks great. This is very impressive to me because I think on the average person these dresses would look tacky. They are showing an almost alarming amount of skin, which generally takes away elegance. However, Jennifer can pull them off without any loss to her essence.

Jennifer has a strong Seductress archetypal energy that I think is her core archetype. She leads with sexy, so these ultra-sexy dresses are right at home on her and she looks perfectly harmonious.

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Jennifer Lopez: subtly sexy outfits

When I think of Jennifer Lopez, the word that comes up is sexy. She oozes sex appeal. In the images above, this sexy essence is classed up, and she is giving off more sensuality rather than raw sex appeal. She looks amazing.

Beyoncé: overt vs. subtly sexy dresses

I find this very interesting as I think it demonstrates how sensuality can quickly go off the rails and look cheapened or tacky, particularly for the Romantic type which generally leans on this essence.

In the green dress to the right, Beyoncé looks beautiful. She looks sexy and luxurious, a perfect balance for her. The figure-hugging nature of the dress highlights her curves, she’s serving leg with a side sliver of cleavage. She looks sexy but still classy.

In the first dress (left), Beyonce’s overall look is cheapened. She’s overexposed (cleavage, shoulders, legs) in a way that removes elegance and her hair looks childish and unrefined as compared to the hair on the right.

Beyoncé: overtly sexy dresses

This dress and styling are not elegant enough for her. In fact, it diminishes and cheapens her essence.

There is no question that she looks amazing- she is serving body goals and her makeup is beautiful. The detailing on the dress is stunning and it’s a lesson in craftsmanship. The nude matches her skin (hallelujah) and it is all glorious.

However, it lacks her essence and so something about it will always look slightly off on her (at least for me).

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The Lover/ Seductress – Beyoncé

Beyoncé also has a strong Lover archetype that she leans heavily into when she performs. Her onstage persona is designed to seduce and she oozes sex appeal. In this setting, this overtly sexy style of dressing is perfect because it matches the persona she’s projecting.

Beyoncé: sexy leotard

The Leotard

Beyoncé vs. J.Lo: the leotard

I think they both look great, but I believe Beyoncé more. On Jennifer, I see a beautiful woman wearing a leotard. On Beyoncé, I don’t. I just see her. There is no separation.


Pinpointing your Kibbe body type can be challenging because grasping the nuances of each body type can be confusing. This is especially true when you are trying to decide between two body types that have some close similarities.

I hope this Soft Natural/ Romantic body type and style comparison of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé helped highlight where these body types differ. If you think one of these types could be yours, try out the lines and see how similar outfits look on you as compared to them. 

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

It can be a long and frustrating process, but identifying your type can really enhance your style and make shopping and dressing easier and more fun. So, I think it’s worth it.

Please let me know if this helped you and if you agree with my analysis. Good luck!

Talk soon,




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  1. Hey, This is the best comparison post I’ve seen.. I really think now I’m a soft natural! And I will try on both lines to see. 🙏

    1. I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful, Joanne. 🙂 Happy experimenting and please feel free to let me know if your initial thought (Soft Natural) is correct!

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