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Seasonal Color Analysis: Autumn | Warm + Muted

Seasonal Color Analysis: Autumn | Warm + Muted

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Seasonal Color Analysis: Autumn | Warm + Muted

In continuing with my Seasonal Color Analysis series, today I will be exploring the Autumn color profile.

In Seasonal Color Theory, Autumn refers to people who are ‘warm and muted’, meaning they have warm undertones and soft, muted (not vibrant) coloring. As such, they are best suited by warm and muted colors that we would typically see in the Autumn.

For this analysis, I’ll  be focusing on three Autumn Women: Halle Berry, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber.


Gold vs Silver Test

Autumns have warm undertones, so in the metallic test, we expect that they will be suited by gold and look separate/ off in silver.

Halle Berry looks amazing in these gold/ golden dresses. Her skin looks both milky and radiant and she really just looks spectacular. The dresses seem to melt into her skin and she looks perfectly harmonious.


These silver dresses look separate from Halle, I see a clear distinction between her and them and they are not as harmonious with her coloring.


Gigi Hadid looks separate from these silver dresses. In each case, I see the dress and then I see her, the cool tone doesn’t blend into her warm coloring.


In these golden looks, Gigi looks harmonious. Her skin is glowing and the warmth of the gold tones and her skin marry perfectly. Her hair and skin are highlighted beautifully.


Hailey Bieber is better suited by the golden looks, her skin looks natural and radiant. She looks sick in the silver jumpsuit as it makes her skin look sallow.


The White vs Cream Test

True white leans more cool and cream is warm. So, we will expect people with warm undertones to be better suited and to look more harmonious in cream.

This is true for Halle. She looks amazing and harmonious in the cream dresses to the left. Her and the dresses are one beautiful thing, there is no separation. The opposite is true in the white dress to the right, it’s too bright and cool on her and I see it separately from her.


This version of white is not the best for Gigi. It’s a bit too bright and cool for her and it makes her skin look dull, this is especially visible in the first image (left) where she looks drained of color.


In these warmer cream looks, Gigi looks so much better and more harmonious. Her skin looks healthy and radiant


The same is true for Hailey. The white looks to the left are just ever so separate from her and I see them first before I see her. In the cream look to the right, I see her and the outfit together. She is more harmonious and radiant.


Autumn: Warm + Muted

This is the wheelhouse of the Autumn, so we expect them to look great in these colors.

Halle looks amazing in the warm and muted tones. Her skin looks amazing and her beauty is brought to the forefront. The colors are perfectly harmonious with her and act as a perfect backdrop for us to focus on her hair and skin, so her beauty is highlighted.


Here again, she looks amazing in these warm and muted tones. She was made to wear these delicate, nudish tones. The slight glimmer of each of these gowns gives her extra radiance and she looks stunning.


Let’s compare how she looks in cool and muted (left) vs how she looks in warm and muted (right). While neither of these colors looks bad on her, she does look better and more radiant in the peach dress to the right.

The excess warmth, as compared to the cooler pink color, matches with the warmth of her coloring and she looks more harmonious.


Gigi is complemented by these warm and muted tones. While these may not be some of her best beauty looks, the colors are great on her and they make it very easy to focus on her face and skin.

The second look featuring the brown satin pants is the exception, here she is showcasing a perfect look from hair and beauty to outfit. The warm, muted tones of her the entire look are stunning and very harmonious on her.


This is perhaps easier to see here. In these selection of warm and muted nude looks, Gigi looks stunning. Her hair and skin shine and she looks perfectly harmonious.


Hailey looks great in the warm, muted tones, but not equally. She is particularly suited to the darker brown shades (left, middle), especially when she wears her hair darker as she has in both these images. She looks good in the muted yellow outfit (right), just not as good as the other two looks.


Here again, I think Hailey looks good in these colors, but the best is the darker brown to the right. While still complementary, the two lighter orange (left) and peach (middle) colors are a bit too light for her. So while she’s an Autumn, she is a dark Autumn.


Autumn in Spring (Warm + Bright)

In these colors, half the requirement for Autumns is met, in that the colors are warm. However, they are also bright so we expect them to look okay but slightly overpowering on the wearers.


Halle looks really good in these colors, but she looks slightly behind the color. This means I see her dress first, and then I see her. This is not too pronounced here because these colors are are not too bright, but her coloring is so delicate that this saturation of color is already slightly overwhelming for her.

You can see this better in the first image (left), where her skin looks dull and not as radiant as we’re used to seeing it. The orange dress (right), being the brightest, is also the most separate from her.


A similar thing can be observed with Gigi. In her case, it’s even more pronounced because the colors she’s wearing are much brighter. Gigi is behind the colors she’s wearing. I see the bright outfits first before I see her and her skin looks dull and pale behind it.


I see the same thing here. Her skin looks pale and dull and the bright colored clothing steals the attention away from her. The last look (right) is the best because, while the color still overpowers her, she’s showing more skin and the garment start further away from her face which helps to better balance the look.


I see the same thing with Hailey. In these very warm and bright looks, I see the colors of the clothes first and separately from her and they overpower her coloring.


Here, it’s clearer to see how pale and dull her skin looks in these bright colors. These colors are cooler than the ones above, but equally as bright and I feel it’s the brightness that’s most separate from her.


Autumn in Summer (Cool + Muted)

In these colors, half the requirement for Autumns is met, in that the colors are muted. However, they are also cool so we expect them to look okay but slightly separate on the wearers.

These colors are very unflattering on Halle. They are completely separate from her. These colors are especially cool to the point of being icy, so they really clash with her warm undertones. These colors also make her skin look muddy and not dewy and radiant as we’re used to seeing it.



The same effect is at play here, the colors are too cool and icy on her and she looks very separate from them.


These colors are cool but not as icy as the ones above, so they look better on Halle, but they are still not her best. This is best seen by the effect they have on her skin, it looks rather dull and murky, not radiant.


Gigi looks pretty good in the muted and cool colors. In fact, she looks better in these cool and muted colors than she does in the warm and bright colors in the previous section. So, the most important aspect when choosing her colors is mutedness, and then warmth.


Hailey looks okay in these cool and muted colors, but they are definitely not her best. I think the icier the color, the less flattering it is on her. So, the pink outfit (middle) is the least flattering, followed by the blue (left). The purple outfit (right) is the warmest of the cool colors and so it’s the most flattering on her.


We can see this again here, the cooler and paler the outfits are, the more separate they look from her. So, while all of these are not her best colors, I think the purple (left) is the most harmonious and the blue (middle) and icy pink (right) are the most separate.


Autumn in Winter (Cool + Bright)

These colors are the complete opposite of what looks harmonious on Autumns, so we expect these colors to look completely separate from the wearers.

Halle doesn’t look awful in these colors, but they are overpowering on her, particularly the bright blue dresses on the left. If you compare that to the more muted blue dress on the right, you can see how much more harmonious that dress is on her. She looks great in the muted blue dress.


We can see this again here. These cool pinks are all not her best, but the two brighter pinks to the left are the most separate on her. They overpower her coloring and I struggle to keep my eyes on her face as the color of the dresses forces my attention down.

As soon as the pink becomes muted as in the last look (right), it becomes more harmonious with her. The last dress, while also not her best color, is not as separate from her as the other two.


These bright and cool colors completely overpower Gigi. She is somewhere behind the outfit and, in each case, I struggle to keep my eyes on her face because the colors she’s wearing pull attention from her to themselves.


Hailey looks good in these colors. They are slightly intense on her, but they don’t overpower her. I’m able to keep my attention on her face and, in the middle and last (right) images, I perceive her and the garments together. The first image (left) is the most intensely colored, so the separation effect is more visible, but even there it’s not terrible.

This is surprising but she can handle more intense color than I expected.


In the last image (right), her skin does appear dull and pale as compared to the colors she’s wearing, so we can see that these cool and bright colors are separate from her. However, it’s not terrible. This is also visible in the first image (left), but the color isn’t too bright so it’s not as pronounced.

As compared to the cool pink in the last image, the middle image is much warmer and so it’s the most flattering look on her and she looks pretty good in it.


The Black Test

I think black is too intense for Halle. She looks okay in it, but if you look at the first two looks, you can see how she comes behind the jumpsuits and her skin looks rather dull. This is easier to see in these looks because the jumpsuits cover her entire body and they go up to her neck, so the comparison is easy to make. There’s just this block of black fabric and then there’s her.

In the third image, she looks beautiful in the black dress and it’s the most flattering of the black looks. This is because it has the least fabric, so we see more of her skin, and the skin around her face and neck is exposed, so the look is better balanced. So, while it’s not her best color, she can wear black, she just has to do so carefully, especially around her face.

The last look (right) is a charcoal dress, which I think is a better dark neutral for her, and could take the place of black if she were to tailor her wardrobe for her best colors. In the dress, she looks more harmonious than in the black and it doesn’t overpower her coloring.


The same is true for Gigi. The black outfits to the left are too intense for her coloring and she looks pale behind that color. This is perhaps easiest to see in the third image where she’s wearing the black cape-shirt.

The dark green dress (right) is a better dark neutral for Gigi than black. In it, she looks so much more harmonious and her skin looks radiant.


Of the three women, I think black is the most forgiving on Hailey because of her ability to handle more color intensity, but I still think the same is true for her. While she looks okay in the black dresses to the left, she looks so much more harmonious and radiant in the dark brown dress to the right. That is a better dark neutral for her and it flatters her more than black.


The Lipstick Test

The least flattering look on Gigi is the first one (left) where the bright, cool, and intense shade of purple lipstick is the furthest from her warm and muted coloring. It looks completely separate from her.

In direct contrast to that, the middle look is bright and warm and it’s beautiful on her. The warmth of the shade matches the warmth of her skin and although it’s intense, it’s dark which she can handle.

The last lipstick shade is the perfect everyday look for her, it’s warm, muted and low in intensity. She looks stunning in it.


Here, we can compare Gigi’s hair color. I think she looks more harmonious and natural in the first look (left) where her hair color is warmer and darker (as compared to the images on the right). To the right, the bleach blonde hair is too cool for her and it robs her skin of its warmth and radiance. She looks off in this hair color.


Hailey is least flattered by the cool, pink lipstick to the left. It’s too icy for her, and even though her hair is a matching cool, bleach blonde, altogether these things combine to rob her skin of its natural warmth.

The two looks to the right are more flattering on her, the warm peachy/orange lipstick (middle) and the soft brown/mauve lipstick to the right both look beautiful on her because they match her warm coloring.



This post has been an exploration of the Autumn profile in Seasonal Color Theory. This is part of a series and you can read the other posts in this series here.

My takeaway, as always, is that even within the same category, there is no universal standard on what will look good on everyone who fall within it. Here, Hailey Bieber’s ability to handle higher intensity colors was surprising and shows that there will always be differentiating factors that act as anomalies to how certain colors will behave on different people within the same Autumn color season.

So, even once you identify your color season (or find your body type) take the time to investigate what is true for you because we will all express differently.


Let me know if you have any thoughts on this analysis, I love to hear from you.

Talk soon,




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