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Body Type Analysis + Essence Analysis


This service offers a thorough analysis and determination of your Body Type and Essence.

You provide pictures (I will specify the types of images I need) and give you a written report. This report will be similar in style to the Celebrity Style Analysis and Style Essences blog posts I write, so please take a look at those to understand the level of detail provided.

To get a better sense of your essence, I will also ask you to provide a 5-10 minute video of yourself.

Turnaround Time: 7 days from when I receive your video and images.

Seasonal Color Analysis Service

3-month Personal Styling - Virtual


This service includes the Body Type Analysis + Essence analysis as a first step. This analysis is critical for me to feel comfortable enough with your personal style needs to offer personal styling.

You will need to know your color season or preferred palette. If needed, I can offer a Color Analysis service at a rate of $350.

I curate selections (based on a budget you set) that capture your style and essence. My emphasis is on lines, fit, texture, and style details (trim, buttons, hardware, etc.) to create a cohesive, harmonious wardrobe. 

I deliver a personalized capsule wardrobe for you to purchase at your convenience. This wardrobe includes:

  • Casual everyday basics (t-shirts, jeans, day dresses, etc.)
  • Work wear (pants, shirts, dresses, blazers, etc.)
  • Formal/ event wear (dresses, jumpsuits, suits, coats, etc.), and 
  • Accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, swimwear, etc.).
You can expect about 10 pieces per category, for a 40-piece wardrobe. 
This package also includes:
  • A style story vision board
  • 3- month (90 outfits) styling options for the recommended pieces
  • 3- month styling email support
  • Special occasion styling as needed (during 3-month period)
Turnaround time: 14 days