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Soft Gamine Style Analysis: Reese Witherspoon | Kibbe Body Types

Soft Gamine Style Analysis: Reese Witherspoon | Kibbe Body Types

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Reese Witherspoon Soft Gamine Kibbe ID

In this post, I explore and discuss the Soft Gamine style identity and essence, focusing on a selection of outfits by American actress, Reese Witherspoon.

The basis of this analysis is primarily the Kibbe system of body typing, and secondarily the Kitchener system for understanding Essence. These systems are unique and independent, but I like to use them together.

Please keep in mind that I’m no expert and these are just my thoughts. They could very well be wrong. Anyway, let’s begin.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

What Is The Soft Gamine Body Type?

According to Kibbe, the Soft Gamine body type is a Gamine with an undercurrent of yin or Romantic elements. That is, a body type defined by an uneven mix of yin and yang characteristics, distributed unevenly (and not blended perfectly as in a Classic type).

Even with the added softness and curve, the defining characteristic of Soft Gamines is their small stature or petiteness, they look small.

Soft Gamine Body Type:

  • Short limbs and compact curvy frame
  • They are usually 5 ft 5 in and under
  • Small hands and feet
  • They have a delicate bone structure and they tend to have doll-like features (larger eyes, full cheeks, and moderate to full lips
  • Soft Gamines tend to be slightly rounded and may appear slightly fleshy

Following their lines, Soft gamines are best suited by short, sharp or blunt lines. Edges may be gently rounded and fabrics should be medium to heavy-weight. Silhouettes should follow their curves. Patterns should be bold and the overall look should be compact, fun, and bright.

What Is The Soft Gamine Essence?

David Kibbe describes the Soft Gamine body type style identity as ‘Spitfire Chic’. The Soft Gamine essence is energetic, youthful, and playful. They give off a rebellious yet fun ‘I make my own rules’ vibe, however, the Soft Gamine essence is more mature and feminine than the Flamboyant Gamine essence. Their best looks are those that give off a sense of high energy.

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Reese’s Body Structure:

Soft Gamine body type

Looking at Reese Witherspoon’s body, I see a small frame with width all throughout. I see short limbs and soft flesh. I see soft curves and a feminine physique.

She is a combination of short lines, soft flesh, rounded edges (shoulders, knees, etc.), and sharp edges (elbows, chin, etc.).

Elongation/ Vertical Line

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees and has to do with how fabric falls on the body. Soft Gamines have a short vertical line.

soft gamine vertical line

Reese Witherspoon has a short vertical line. She is her most harmonious in the first two images that respect this short vertical. The fabric falls naturally and harmoniously, it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging on her body and it doesn’t make her proportions look off.

The dress in the last image (right), is the longest and also the least flattering on Reese. That long vertical line drags her down and actually makes her look shorter than she is.


Reese Witherspoon soft gamine sporty style

Reese looks great in these sporty looks. They are midi-length (in terms of body coverage) and tight so they outline her small, curvy body and it looks great.

soft gamine sporty style

Reese does not look as great in these sporty outfits. The shorts cut off her vertical, which isn’t a big deal because she has an overall short vertical line.

However, the fit of the shorts (and in some cases, the top too) is boxy and unfitted. This results in the outline of her body being lost, which makes her look frumpy.

Color Essence – Fun and Bright

soft gamine kibbe ID

Reese Witherspoon seems to be one of those sunny, fun, and happy people. I just imagine that she wakes up happy and excited- that’s the aura she has.

This photoshoot leans into that and it works so great for her. This perfectly encapsulates both the Gamine essence– bright, bold, bite-sized fun as well the sweet and innocent Ingénue essence, both of which I think she has to a lesser extent.

That is Reese at her best, bright colors, bold patterns, and compact silhouettes.

A Pattern and Color Study

Bold Color Contrast and Patterns

soft gamine bold patterns

Reese looks amazing in these outfits. The colors and patterns are bright and bold. In each case, the top and bottom are sharply contrasted against each other. She looks lovely and lively in these combinations. She looks harmonious.

Subtle Color Contrast and Patterns

Reese Witherspoon best soft gamine looks

Here again, she looks great in these bold patterns and/or highly contrasted (top to bottom) ensembles.

I think she is especially suited to the middle and third (right) outfits because in them she is wearing a crisp, white collared shirt. This ‘Classic’ piece elevates the look and makes it ‘preppy’ which (as we will see later) it’s ideal for Reese.

Color Contrast, No Pattern

In these looks, there are no bold patterns. This strips them of the excitement and fun of the previous looks and the outfits as a whole start to look boring on her.

At best she looks interesting and at worst, she looks matronly. The lack of fun ages her.

No Color Contrast, No Pattern

 Reese Witherspoon unflattering soft gamine outfits

In these looks, not only are there no bold and fun patterns but there is not even any color contrast.

These monochromatic styles look deathly boring on Reese. At first glance, I don’t even know that it’s her I’m looking at- these looks rob her of her essence.

This is particularly true in the first image (left), where even her bag and shoes are the same white color as her dress. She vanishes. It’s not that she looks bad, it’s just she doesn’t look like herself. She’s could be any pretty blonde actress- again, her essence is gone.

Preppy (Fun, Bite-Size Classic)

Reese Witherspoon preppy outfits for Soft Gamines

While certainly a Soft Gamine in lines, I think Reese has a Classic essence. She gives off a very polished and even ‘high-maintenance’ vibe. It’s very central to her character, or at least how she comes across. So, she needs to honor it to be harmonious.

Her style can be bold, fun, and even eclectic – all Gamine traits, but it always has to be put together and polished- which are Classic traits. She needs both to look her best.

Preppy (in my view) is bite-sized Classic. In Reese’s case, I think of it as Soft Gamine meets Classic. All the same elements, but smaller to fit a more compact frame and a lot more fun.

Preppy allows for more details than Classic. This allows preppy to be both fun and polished on a Soft Gamine like Reese Witherspoon.

Pure Classic lines and styling on a Soft Gamine would be boring. Pure Soft Gamine lines and styling on a Classic would be fussy.

Preppy is Reese Witherspoon at her best. The lines are sharp and crisp, the silhouettes are compact, narrow, and fitted, the edges (wrists, ankles) are cuffed and/or tapered AND there is so much detail!

Cocktail Dresses

soft gamine short dresses

Reese looks so good here. I love this silhouette on her. Short and sharp lines, heavy and structured fabric- beautiful. In these dresses, my eye is drawn to her hair, legs, and face- that is, to her– and she looks beautiful.

The length of the dresses honors her vertical and the stiffness of the fabric and silhouette makes her softness shine against it.

I especially love the first (left) and third (right) looks. The lighter purple color with the contrasting gold buttons (left) and bright floral pattern (right) are more harmonious with Reese’s light coloring and need for brightness and fun.

The black color of the middle image is rather dull and aging on her.

A Study in Casualwear

chic casual denim looks for soft gamines

More preppy outfits, more wins! Reese looks great in all these looks. She looks relaxed, the (in some cases) untucked and unbuttoned shirts, open necklines, and denim create casual, laid-back looks.

But the crisp fabrics of the shirts, the clean cuts of the denim, and the subdued color palettes are all Classic elements that elevate the looks and give them a certain polish.

As a result, she looks cool and chic, and completely within her element.

Soft Gamine Misses


soft gamines in incorrect lines

Reese looks disheveled in these outfits. They are too casual for her. Particularly in the first (left) and middle images, the fit of the jeans and tops is loose and slouchy, likewise her bags and other accessories.

This creates a very ‘boho’ feel to the outfits that does nothing for her. These very relaxed lines and textured fabrics make her look like she got dressed in a rush.

Yin-Dominant: Soft Fabric, Draping, Ruffles

Reese Witherspoon worst dresses

These are not the best styles for Reese Witherspoon. The fabrics are too soft and the detailing is too feminine. All of these are better suited for a Romantic type who has a complete absence of Yang.

Reese has a lot of Yang. It’s not dominant because she has more Yin, but her Yang (and its blend with her yin) is pivotal to her Gamine structure. So, when her looks lack the sharpness and structure of the Yang influence, they look inharmonious and thus separate from her.

Each of these outfits looks off on Reese. Some, like the first (left) and last (right) outfits, look childish on her. They are too reminiscent of little girl attire. And some, like the second outfit (middle-left) are too mature and aging on her.

There is too much delicacy without structure to these outfits. Thus, they fail to support Reese’s structural makeup in its entirety.

Remember that Gamines are an uneven mix of Yin and Yang. Reese, as a Soft Gamine, has some additional Yin that is most visible in her flesh and overall figure. Her clothes need to mirror this makeup to be harmonious.

Reese Witherspoon worst dresses

These dresses don’t sit quite right on Reese Witherspoon. The fabrics aren’t too delicate, they each have enough weight, but the cuts are too feminine. Again, they are more Romantic than Soft Gamine.

In the first (left), second (middle-left), and last (right) images, the silhouettes are too rounded. There is an excess of fabric that creates ruffles at the hemline. This is not flattering for her, a sharpener and narrower silhouette would suit her better.

These dresses are aging and matronly (last), or childlike or too girly on her (first, second). In all cases, they are inharmonious.

The third look (middle-right), is the straightest in silhouette, which makes it better than the rest. However, it’s not fitted. That large gap between her and the dress, particularly in the bottom half, drowns her body, and is thus also not flattering on her.

This is a great example of what some structure can do for Reese. This dress is a poor choice for her for all the reasons mentioned above; it’s too soft in fabric and loose in silhouette, it loses the curve of her body.

However, the jacket (and the bag) adds structure and rigidity to this look. Suddenly, it’s balanced. It’s not her best on account of the dress, but taken as a whole, she looks good.

This juxtaposition of soft and rigid, rounded and sharp, lightweight and heavy is perfect for Gamines.

Now, compare that to this: Yang-dominant: Stiff Fabric, Sharp Lines and Edges

Reese Witherspoon best dresses


This is one of Reese’s best silhouettes. Short, sharp, and narrow; weighted fabric; structured and fitted. She looks beautiful and balanced in each of these.

The Yang nature of the dresses (sharp, stiff, structured) is in harmony with her bone structure. In addition, the close fit of the dresses also shows off her curves, which accommodates her Yin. Her additional Yin then also comes across in the softness of her face and hair.

All in all, she looks very feminine in these looks because they themselves are not.

Color, Pattern, and Styling

Silhouettes aside, there is an element of boring to some of these looks because they are too simple in their color palette and styling. Reese is a Gamine, not a Classic.

These looks lean more Classic in how clean the styling is. ‘Clean’ is deadly boring for Gamines. Reese has a Classic essence, so she can handle it better than most Gamines, but I find this to be too boring even for her.

An exception is the yellow dress in the third look (middle-right). Here, I think she doesn’t look underwhelming, just understated but beautifully so. I think the bright color of the dress does most of the heavy lifting, and the additional contrast and pop of color offered by the shoes seals it. She looks radiant and polished.

A pop of color in the shoe, a different colored belt, a cute, bright bag, or an interesting pattern on the fabric would do wonders for each of these other looks.

A Silhouette Study

best silhouettes for soft gamines

Let’s consider the following looks, all of which feature a different silhouette. For control, they are all purple and monochromatic.

I think that Reese looks better as we move from left to right and I found this very interesting because, at least for me, it isn’t intuitive.

For a start, I thought she would look her best in the shorter lengths with no exceptions, but this isn’t the case. Let’s discuss:

The first dress (left), is the very worst on her because not only is it too long, but it’s also ill-fitting. It doesn’t hug and caress her body, it’s kinda just shaped to follow it. A more elastic fabric with a tighter fit would suit her better.

The big flare of the skirt expands the silhouette and loses her bottom half. Also, it creates visual weight at the bottom of her body, which drags the entire look down. This is not a good dress for Reese.

The second look (middle-left), has a great length, and it has a few individual elements that totally work great for Reese. However, in this combination, they create an altogether unflattering look.

I like the stiff fabric of the skirt, but the cut is too long, straight, and narrow. If this was a short (mini) A-line skirt, this would look great. But as is, this skirt is too mature and aging on her.

I also dislike her shirt. I like the clean lines and good construction, but I think it’s too visibly feminine. The rounded shoulders are delicate and puff sleeves balloon at her wrists to highlight the excess fabric which creates a sense that the shirt is not fitted.

Altogether, the look comes across as boring and matronly. It’s both stiff and billowy. In this case, the juxtaposition isn’t cool and harmonious (because Gamines are a mix of opposites), it’s confusing and unflattering.

I think she looks her absolute best in the long, tight, purple dress in the last image (right). The next best is the fitted purple knee-length (middle-right).

This tells me that the most important factor for Reese is a fitted silhouette- I need to see the outline of her body. This is even more important than respecting her vertical.

Soft Gamine: Preppy but NOT Classic

suits for soft gamines

Essence does not and cannot overpower body type lines.

While Reese has a strong Classic essence, she is not a Classic and this becomes glaringly obvious when she wears purely Classic lines.

Suits to the right:

Reese looks restricted and boring in these looks. The head-to-toe black ensemble with no contrasting element creates a solid block of color that is stiff and stagnant on her.

The weight is the fabrics have the same effect, which normally is a credit to Reese. However, in these cases, the suits don’t follow the curve of her body (like the dresses above do). So, she just looks trapped in heavy fabric.

That’s why, of the lines to the right, the middle outfit is the best. In it, the suit does a better job of conforming to her body. Still, the color palette is too limited and the whole look is very underwhelming.

Suit to the left:

Reese looks great here. The suit is fitted yet relaxed. I see sharp, short lines and boxy silhouettes from the parts of the suit to the handbag and sunglasses. Softness is brought in by the soft t-shirt that gently drapes where it is tucked in as well as her hair.

The sharp color contrast/ color block created by the black suit and white top adds visual interest. I love the red lip pop of color that is reiterated in her toenail polish. There is an ensemble effect, but it’s broken up with fun and contrasting pieces that bring the look to life.

Overall, she looks polished and relaxed. Sophisticated and fun. In a word, preppy.

I concede that some of these suits are more Dramatic than they are Classic, in which case this argument is perhaps better made in the discussion of dresses above. Regardless, the argument remains:

To look her best, Reese must honor her Classic essence, but she must foremost honor her Gamine lines and the essence of her body type.

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A Coat Study

coats for soft gamines

Reese looks great in these coats. They are short, which honors her vertical line. They are also weighted and structured, with sharp and rounded edges that honor her bone structure. Overall, the coats are harmonious with her.

The colors are flattering, whether subdued (first image) or brighter. Contrasting button detail provides visual interest.

The coat in the last image (right), is more Yin leaning than the others. It’s lighter in fabric, and it cinches at the waist which highlights her femininity by highlighting her figure. She looks great in this too because she does have a curvy figure.

In this way, she has the freedom to play with her silhouette, what’s important is that she keeps the balance of the overall look in mind when making outward choices.

coats for soft gamines

This is further illustrated by the last image (right) where she is wearing the blue coat. Again, this is a Yin-leaning choice. The coat is weighted, but it’s very smooth in texture and finishes, and it cinches at the waist, all of which make it feminine.

However. Reese looks great and very balanced in it because while the coat honors her soft figure, her accessories (shoes, bag) and styling (hair) offer the sharpness and rigidity that she needs to encapsulate her entire structural makeup. So, altogether, she looks balanced.

Gamines- be wary of vertical

In the first two images (left, middle), Reese’s coat is great in all aspects except one- the length. Unfortunately for her, length is a critical factor.

Gamines are short and compact, so it doesn’t take much for them to be drowned by a very long garment. This is even easier when the garment in question is a coat as outerwear is typically larger than regular (under)garments. So a piece that is both large and long will easily overpower a Gamine’s small frame.

I think for Gamines, the longest coat length they should opt for is just past the knee.

This coat is not terrible in this regard, it’s longer than I would like for her, but at least it’s cropped at the ankle. It could be worse, it could be floor-length.

That said, this is still not ideal for Reese. There is a definite sense of her being overwhelmed by the coat.

A Mix of Misses

Reese Witherspoon worst dresses

The first look (left) has quite a few things wrong. The first thing I see is the leather. As a fabric, it’s too intense for Reese, particularly if it’s making up most of the outfit. (It’s great for accessories, for example)

I especially dislike the arms of this dress. The ruffles don’t suit her, and they enlarge her shoulders- another detail that doesn’t suit her small frame. Lastly, the way the fabric gathers along the arm, but particularly toward the wrists creates a sense of chaos. The opposite of clean and polished. The opposite of what works best for Reese.

The skirt is not great but it’s not the worst. I think if there had been continuity of fabric and style to the top part of her body, and she lost the arms- this look might have maybe worked.

But there is a great disjoint in fabric type and pattern from the top to the bottom of the outfit. This mixed pattern style is normally great for Gamines and I have recommended it- in this very post- but not like this. It doesn’t work here.

I get a feeling that parts of the outfit were cut and pasted together to create something interesting. There is no sense of a ‘complete set’. The pieces are all too separate from each other. I think I understand and even like the concept, but it fell flat on execution and it does very little for Reese.

The second look (middle-left), has great color contrast and a staccato effect pattern with the repeated black and white elements. This is generally great for Gamines, but unfortunately in this case, it doesn’t matter as the fabric choice is terrible for Reese.

The fabric lacks structure and is light weight so as to pool/ balloon wherever it gathers, creating a frumpy fit and an unflattering silhouette.

The fabric of the third dress (middle-right) is too lightweight and the striped pattern is somehow doing too much while simultaneously not doing enough. The dress is both busy and boring.

The details make it busy; the big bow tied at her neck, the asymmetrical skirt, and the general eye-bending illusion of a black and white striped pattern.

That said, the fact that the pattern is uniform from head to toe (with no added visual interest from accessories) makes the overall look underwhelming. She looks boring.

The last look (right), is not terrible, and I think it’s the best of these, but it still misses the mark. I like the top part of the dress, it’s sharp, structured and fitted. It’s in the bottom half that things get less than ideal.

The silhouette of the skirt is too open and unfitted for Reese. The skirt doesn’t closely follow the curve of her body, rather it gently balloons to create a rounded silhouette. The juxtaposition with the fitted top is odd and it gives her body a weird shape.

The symmetry of the skirt is neither here nor there, but the long part of the high-low cut is too long. I wish the dress ended at her ankle instead of her feet.

The bright floral pattern gives this dress life and I like how her lipstick picks up that red color to create ‘complete set’ effect. However, the cons outweigh the pros in this look.

Essence- Hair:

Reese Witherspoon short hairstyles

Comparing shorter hair lengths on Reese Witherspoon, I’m surprised to see that she is better suited to a longer bob (bottom row) as compared to a very short, chin-length bob (top row).

This is surprising because in general, the shorter the length, the better it works for Gamines. The short haircuts mimic the short lines of their structure. However, Reese has a very sharp and prominent jaw.

While youthful in essence, I think cuts that end at her jawline highlight her strong jaw, and this ‘strength’ and sharpness overpower her face. She doesn’t look bad, just not her best.

In the longer bobs, I find it easier to take in her entire face and features, including the softness of her facial contours. She looks beautiful and harmonious.

Reese Witherspoon dark brunette hair

Reese obviously looks great in her signature blonde hair top row). The surprise for me was how well she also wears dark hair (bottom row).

It makes her eyes pop and it doesn’t negatively affect her skin (making it look sallow or ultra pale). She doesn’t look like ‘Reese Witherspoon’ as we’ve come to know her, because her blonde hair is such a signature part of her image, but she looks good.

Best Hair Looks

Reese Witherspoon best hairstyles

These are some of Reese’s best hair looks. I’ll be sticking to blonde as that’s how she mostly chooses to wear her hair.

She can do curls, but they have to be on the larger side and very polished (nothing too messy or ornate) such as in the first image (left). This leans more towards her Classic essence.

She can of course wear her hair bone straight, which I think is her natural texture and this looks beautiful on her as pictured in the second and third images (middle-left, middle-right).

Lastly, Reese looks great in some bangs! Whether with her hair long (middle-right) or shorter (right), the bangs draw attention to her eyes beautifully and help to visually shorten and balance her face.

Essence- Makeup:

Reese Witherspoon makeup

Reese Witherspoon looks her best in precise, visible makeup.

If we look at her makeup as we move from left to right, we’ll notice that it gets more visible (particularly the lip color) and she looks better.

In the first two images (left, middle-left), her makeup is barely there and the ‘no makeup’ look does nothing for her. For me, she even looks less like her herself.

In the last two images (middle-right, right), her lipstick gets brighter and more visible. She looks better in both. In the last image, her sharply defined red lipstick stands out and brings her face to life.

We can see this effect again in these comparative images. To the left, she looks better in the image to the right where her pink lip is brighter and more visible. In the nude lipstick (left), she looks a bit underwhelming, as though her makeup were incomplete.

To the right, she looks good in both images as they each showcase a bright lip shade. However, I think she looks her best in the last image (right), because the red lipstick is brighter and even more visible than the pink.

For Reese, a visible lip color is best, and the brighter the better.

Reese Witherspoon worst makeup

Let’s consider Reese’s eye makeup:

While I think she looks her best in a defined eye look, I think when this is extreme/ excessive it becomes inharmonious, such as can be seen in the first two images (left, middle-left).

In these looks, her eye makeup is all that I see, which means it’s inharmonious and it overpowers the rest of her face. Interestingly, it doesn’t look terrible on her, it’s just not ideal.

I think she looks much more natural in the images to the right (middle-right, right), where her eye makes up is defined but not extremely so.

Specifically, the black eyeliner doesn’t outline all around her eye, it outlines most of it. The nude/ silver/ white liner in her inner eye/ duct area softens and opens it up.

The last image (right) is also interesting because it highlights how flattering (visible) makeup is on Reese Witherspoon.

Here, while I can see her subtle eye makeup, the rest of her face looks rather bare. She looks beautiful and fresh-faced, but she doesn’t look quite complete. I have a desire to ‘finish’ her makeup. I wouldn’t feel this way, for example on a Natural essence type.

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Best Makeup Looks

Reese Witherspoon best makeup

This is Reese Witherspoon’s best makeup.

In each case, her eye make is natural and subtle, and the eyeliner is sharp and defined, but not extremely so. Her eyeliner is focused on the top and outer parts of her eye, leaving the inner duct area open- which makes her eyes appear big, clear, and bright.

Her lips are sharp and bright. The color brightens her face and the entire look is balanced and harmonious. She looks beautiful.

Best Looks:

I like this look. I love the white edging on the bodice, it provides visual interest and a sense of fun.

The length is perfect for Reese and I like the fabric. While it isn’t stiff, it does have weight and the construction allows it to beautifully hug her body.

The hair and makeup are simple and clean and she looks beautiful. I do wish for a brighter lip but I’ll live.

This is very similar to the first look (above) and I love it for much of the same reasons. I think that purple stripe is so fun and this dress has an added advantage with the heavier and thus stiffer fabric.

Also, I like her hair being down and neatly curled in this look, it’s both beautiful and gives her some extra softness to balance the yang-dominant look.

This look has it all.

Short, sharp lines; stuff fabric; bright, vibrant color; visually interesting and bright shoes; and a narrow and fitted silhouette. She looks so dreamy and beautiful.

I love it. Reese looks amazing in this short and fitted dress. The fabric is heavy and stiff and her curvy silhouette is front and center.

The color palette is subdued but everything else is so perfect that even that detracts very little. I love the hair and makeup. She looks amazing!

Plus, I think her expression (big smile, great excitement) exudes a certain high energy that is quintessentially Gamine in essence that it adds a certain flare to this image.

There is something about pink that suits Reese Witherspoon. Pink, for me, conjures up a youthful innocence and robust energy- traits I believe Reese embodies. It’s why she was such a perfect casting job for her standout Legally Blonde role.

I love the just-past-the-knee length of this dress, the figure-hugging design, the fabric and, of course, the color.

I love her hair and make up, that pink lip is the perfect touch that brings the entire look together. Simple, elegant, and fun.

I love this dress on Reese Witherspoon. The fit is skin-tight to accentuate her dominant curves, which is her best silhouette.

It’s well-constructed (I love that I can see the seams) and the black bands create visual interest through a (Gamine staple) staccato effect. Her styling is clean and polished. She looks beautiful.

This is just perfect. Reese Witherspoon looks like a sophisticated pixie dream. This look is subdued in color, but it does everything it’s supposed to. So the ‘all black’ ensemble makes it sexy and dramatic, but not dull. So, so beautiful.


Pinpointing your Kibbe body type can be challenging because grasping the nuances of each body type can be confusing. I hope this Soft Gamine body type and style analysis of Reese Witherspoon was helpful.

If you think you could be a Soft Gamine, try some of the same outfits and see if they suit you as they do her. 

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Please let me know if this helped you and if you agree with my analysis.

Talk soon,




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