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Soft Natural Style Analysis: Jennifer Lopez | Kibbe Body Types

Soft Natural Style Analysis: Jennifer Lopez | Kibbe Body Types

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Kibbe Soft Natural Style Analysis: Jennifer Lopez

In this post, I explore and discuss the Soft Natural body type, style identity, and essence by focusing on a selection of outfits by dancer, singer, and actress, Jennifer Lopez.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

What Is The Soft Natural Body Type?

According to Kibbe, Soft Naturals are soft yang with a yin undercurrent. This makes them a Natural with a Romantic undercurrent. They are frame dominant, with width in the shoulders, some softness in the flesh, and noticeable curvature.

Soft Natural Body Type:

  • Soft Naturals tend to be slightly soft and have a fleshiness to their bodies
  • They can have a small waist in proportion to their bust/hips. They do not have a double curve
  • They can appear slightly curvy or have a gentle hourglass shape, but not overly so
  • They can have slightly fleshy upper arms and thighs

Following their lines, Soft Naturals are best complemented by soft, flowing, and generally unconstructed pieces. Their best silhouettes have relaxed lines with soft edges at the neck, waist, and hem. They look great in a mix of natural textures and colors.

What Is The Soft Natural Essence?

David Kibbe describes the Soft Natural body type style identity as ‘Fresh and Sensual Lady’. Their essence is innocent, open, and sensual. They give off a sexy but approachable ‘girl next door‘ vibe.

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Jennifer’s Body Structure:

Kibbe Soft Natural: body lines

Soft Naturals are Naturals with additional softness and curve. So, they have the same characteristics of being frame dominant and having flesh that tends to musculature, but that flesh creates curves. I see this in Jennifer, she looks strong and while I can see her curves, she is first frame dominant over curve dominant. I see a blunt (not sharp) bone structure and broad lines.

However, different from a Flamboyant Natural type, I also see an additional softness in the flesh and smaller, shorter limbs. Her arms look short and her hands look small, but overall she looks fit and strong.

Elongation/ Vertical Line

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees and has to do with how fabric falls on the body. Soft Naturals have a short to moderate vertical line.

Kibbe Soft Natural: vertical line

Jennifer has a short to moderate vertical line. She looks rather small, but not tiny. Here, she is best suited to the two longer lengths (middle, right). The length of the short white dress is not her best and it makes her look shorter than she is.

Soft Natural Hits


Kibbe Soft Natural: athleisure

Casual and comfortable styles are the hallmark of the Natural type. So, as expected, Jennifer looks amazing in these gym outfits. With her hair done up or not, these looks are harmonious with her.


Kibbe Soft Natural: casual/ denim

Again, these casual denim styles look great on Jennifer as a Soft Natural. The denim is so harmonious with her that it almost acts as a background onto which she can project whatever look she wants just by changing her accessories.

In the first look (left), she looks put together and relaxed because of the clean and polished look of the turtleneck and the casual sneakers.

In the middle look, she looks edgy because of the over-the-knee boots and the fringe bag. In the last look (right), she looks ultra laid-back because of the midriff showing top and slightly distressed denim.


Kibbe Soft Natural: unconstructed garments

Jennifer looks great in all of these looks. These unconstructed styles highlight her strong frame from which they hang beautifully.

However, as a Soft Natural, she looks her best when there is also some curve definition in the unconstructed styles.

The first look (left), looks good on her, but a lot of her essence is lost. It would be better suited to a Flamboyant Natural.

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The middle look is stunning. I love how it hangs asymmetrically on her shoulders, bringing attention to her frame, but I also love the subtle curve definition down her other side. This dress brings out all her best elements and I think that’s why it’s one of her most memorable looks of all time.

The third look is where an unconstructed silhouette meets sex appeal. Jennifer Lopez has plenty of sex appeal, and often she leads with it and it works beautifully for her. This dress is rather too simple for her, so without the leg, it would be extremely boring, but as is, it works and she looks good.

Outerwear: A Coat Study

Naturals have a long vertical line and a strong frame, so they look great in heavy coats and better if the fabric is slightly (or heavily) textured. However, Soft Naturals are smaller and slightly more delicate and this translates to their best fabrics and silhouettes.

Kibbe Soft Natural: coats

As a Soft Natural, Jennifer is better suited to slightly lighter and smoother fabrics (but still within the ‘heavy’ family) and her best silhouette is one that still showcases her figure.

So, in the images above, I think she actually looks her best in the first look (left), without the coat, because it’s the only one where I get a sense of her curves and figure.

Kibbe Soft Natural: coats

This is perhaps easier to see in these images where the first sharply tailored look (left) is the least flattering on her. It’s too Dramatic and it downs out her softness and looks separate from her.

The middle coat is the same as the coat in the last look (right), but I think she looks better in the last image because the coat is closed and belted at the waist which adds softness by highlighting her figure.

Jennifer Lopez: fur coats

Jennifer loves a fur coat. However, I think they (the fabric) are too delicate for her as a Soft Natural. This level of delicacy is best suited to Romantics.

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I’m not arguing that she doesn’t look great in them, I wouldn’t dare, but I don’t think they are harmonious with her. In the images above, I think she looks better as we move from left to right, where we go from most fur to least fur.

Jennifer has a glamorous, Romantic essence to her, so she can and does pull off high glamour looks. But I think, texturally, just a little bit of fur (as compared to a lot) is the best for her.

Sensual Glamour

Kibbe Soft Natural: sexy outfits

When I think of Jennifer Lopez, the word that comes up is sexy. She oozes sex appeal. In the images above, this sexy essence is classed up, and she is giving off more sensuality rather than raw sex appeal. She looks amazing.

Kibbe Soft Natural: sexy outfits

In these looks, Jennifer is leaning into her raw sex appeal, and she still looks great. This is very impressive to me because I think on the average person these dresses would look tacky. They are showing an almost alarming amount of skin, which generally takes away elegance. However, Jennifer can pull them off without any loss to her essence.

Jennifer has a strong Seductress archetypal energy that I think is her core archetype. She leads with sexy, so these ultra-sexy dresses are right at home on her and she looks perfectly harmonious.

As a comparison, consider Beyonce, who is also a very sexy figure with a strong Seductress archetype. However, she also has a Queen archetype that Jennifer does not. In these dresses, Beyonce would look cheap and tacky because her Queen archetypal essence would be cheapened.

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Kibbe Soft Natural: silhouette study

Naturals are best suited to open necklines and loosely fitted garments that allow for a sense of movement. Soft Naturals require a slightly more fitted silhouette with curve definition.

Jennifer Lopez looks great in body-hugging dresses because they showcase her curves, but as a Soft Natural, she is most flattered by soft fabrics and a looser fit that gives a sense of openness and flow.

In the images above, she looks her best in the last image (right), where the dress is slightly unconstructed, the neckline is open and it gently hugs her curves.

The middle image is okay on her, the neckline is open and plunging which is sexy, but the fit is so tight that it feels restrictive on her Natural structure.

The middle look is the worst. The turtleneck is too high a neckline for Naturals and it looks like she’s being suffocated. It also makes her head look bigger than it is. The fit of this dress is otherwise very flattering on her, but the neckline makes it all look too tight and restrictive.

Let’s take a further look at this:

Kibbe Soft Natural: worst necklines

In all of these looks, I have a desire to loosen her neck. These dresses are probably very comfortable, but they don’t give off that sense. These raised and closed necklines are too restrictive on her and they make her head appear bigger.

Waist Emphasis vs. Waist Definition

Soft Naturals have curves but, as part of the Natural type, they are still frame-dominant and require accommodation for their ‘width’. So, while they look great in waist definition, waist emphasis (such as a belt) is too harsh on them as it cuts at their width and looks unharmonious.

Kibbe Soft Natural: waist definition vs. waist emphasis

Jennifer looks amazing in these dresses. Her waist is defined and her shape is outlined beautifully and in a way that honors her width.

Kibbe Soft Natural: waist definition vs. waist emphasis

These looks showcase just how unharmonious waist emphasis is for Soft natural. This is not to say that J Lo, and Soft Naturals in general, can’t wear a waist belt. But it can’t be fastened or constructed in such a way that it cuts her body in two. This fails to accommodate her width and creates separation in her body. It makes her waist look wider, not smaller.

In each of these looks, the belt is so unharmonious that where it cuts her is all I see. The middle and last (right) looks are not the best for Jennifer generally speaking, but the belt makes it worse, and the thinner the belt, the worse it is. If all these look just lost that one item they would all look better.

Soft Natural Misses:

A look at some silhouettes that don’t flatter Jennifer Lopez and Soft Naturals in general:


Kibbe Soft Natural: worst silhouettes

Soft Naturals have curves, and bodies with curves look their best when their clothes showcase their curves. These looks don’t and they all take away from Jennifer.

The first look (left), swallows up Jennifer’s body. The top is ill-fitted, but outside of that, I actually like that it’s asymmetrical as well as how it drapes. If only the rest of the dress was like that. The skirt is where this look really goes to die. It’s where Jennifer’s body gets completely lost. It’s much too flared and the fabric is too stiff.

The middle dress is too slinky. The fabric is too lightweight and as a result, has absolutely no structure to match her strong bone structure. The color is also so close to her skin tone that the dress disappears into nothingness.

The last look (right) is very cool and fun, but not for her. This dress would look amazing on a Gamine type- it’s short, the neckline is high, and the silhouette is fun and literally bubbly. Great on a Gamine, but rather childish and unharmonious on a Soft Natural.

Kibbe Soft Natural: worst silhouettes

These looks are both too big. This excess of fabric makes her look wider than she is and her body is lost under it all. They are also too whimsical and girly for her mature, sexy essence. The pink dress (left) particularly looks childish on her. I actually have no words for the yellow dress (right) but it’s quite bad.

Just a few more examples of poor silhouettes for Jennifer and Soft Naturals.

Kibbe Soft Natural: worst silhouettes

I will never understand who said this first dress (left) was a good idea. The flare of the skirt is too large, the white color is stark, the green bow is too large, the gold bow (this shade of gold in general) is rather tacky, the bow strings are too long and, while we’re at it, why are there TWO bows??

The second look is less terrible but also bad. The neckline is too high and closed off. The skirt is too flared. The color contrast is stark and violates her vertical line. Here, however, because of how flared the skirt is, the waist belt isn’t bad as it helps to ground the look back to her body (which is lost in the skirt).

Ingénue Essence

Jennifer Lopez: worst outfits

Jennifer does not have Ingénue essence. These girly looks created with soft, frilly, and delicate fabrics are all very separate from her. These super soft styles contrast negatively against her and make her look harder and older than she is.


While Jennifer doesn’t have the little girl Ingénue essence, she does have a youthful (yet sensual) essence, and styles that are too mature look separate and matronly on her.

Jennifer Lopez: worst outfits

The first look (left) is just not great, but more than anything this fabric is dated and unbearably aging on her. Again, this flared skirt is not for her and overall, this outfit makes me sad.

The middle look is cool and edgy. I like the color, I like the leather, and I like the beret and shoes. The actual dress, however, is not flattering on Jennifer. The turtleneck and flared skirt are just not for her. While it’s far from being her best, this look is the best of these three because it does have a sexy edge to it.

The last look (right), is also matronly on her. The full skirt in this stiff fabric is not flattering and neither is the stiff fabric of the collared shirt. This outfit and the first one have a zero sexiness factor and that’s why they look so matronly and inharmonious on her.

Essence: Hair

These are some of the least flattering hairstyles for Jennifer Lopez and Soft Naturals.

Jennifer Lopez: worst hairstyles

Top left:

The top left images are not harmonious with Jennifer. The very left look is cool but it’s too edgy for her. It doesn’t look natural on her. The other look (the bun) is not sleek enough. It looks a bit like a nest on her head.

Top right:

The top right images are not polished enough for her. There are too many flyaways that make the look too messy. While Naturals look great in a tousled look, Soft Naturals have a Romantic essence and I think it’s more important that their hair be glamorous than ‘Natural’ for them to look their best.

Bottom left:

These looks are too unkempt and undone for Jennifer. Again, she needs her hair to be glamorous.

Bottom right:

These looks are too sleek. Jennifer is still a Natural, so she needs volume and movement in her hair to look her most harmonious.

Soft Naturals: Volume and Movement

Jennifer Lopez: best hairstyles

Comparing the top and bottom, I think Jennifer looks her most harmonious in the top images where her hair has more volume and has a general sense of ease and movement. In these looks, she looks softer and I take in her whole face, nothing jumps out.

The bottom row is sleek and flat, and better suited to a Dramatic type. These styles bring attention to her bone structure and she looks drier and sharper.

Jennifer Lopez: up-dos

In these looks, Jennifer’s hair gets less ornate in styling as we move from left to right and as this happens, I think she looks more harmonious. Intricate detail is too fussy for her, and as the styles get simpler, she looks better.

Jennifer Lopez: best long hairstyles

Jennifer looks great in all types of hair, but not equally. I think she looks better as her hair gets more polished and voluminous.

In the top row, we explore J Lo in one of her signature hairstyles- the ponytail. In the bottom row, we look at long swept bangs and hair loosely hanging. In both cases, I think she looks better as we move from left to right and her hair gets smoother and more voluminous, or as it gets more glamorous.

Essence: Makeup

These are some of the least flattering makeup for Jennifer Lopez and Soft Naturals.

Jennifer Lopez: worst makeup

As a Natural, Jennifer’s makeup is best when it’s subtle and the colors are not harsh. Blending is incredibly important otherwise whatever is not blended will stand out harshly against her face.

Top row:

In these looks, failing to keep her eye makeup subtle and blended, Jennifer has crazy eyes. The colors are too harsh and the overall effect is unflattering.

Bottom row:

The colors used on her face are not right for her. In the first look (left), her lips are too red. I think the shade is too dark for her and I see her lips before I see her face. I also think her eyeliner is too dark and pronounced.

In the next image, her lip color is flattering, but the matching eye shadow is too much and the combination of the two creates a strange effect. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work, but it doesn’t.

The next image (center right) is the least flattering of these looks. The colors on both her lips and eyes are too light for her and they wash her out, and she looks sickly.

The last image is from a music video, and I doubt J Lo would wear yellow lipstick in real life, but this is a great example of how inharmonious overly intense colors are on Natural types. In this image, all I can see are the yellow lips because of how separate they are from her.

Best Looks:

Jennifer Lopez: best makeup

Jennifer looks amazing in all of these looks. This is her Soft Natural makeup at its best. Her lips are nude and natural or colored in bold but not overpowering tones. Her eyes are gently highlighted with subtle eyeshadow and bold or subtle eyeliner.

The makeup is visible but clean, subtle, and blended. She looks beautiful.

Best Looks:

How beautiful is this leg? This dress is so J LO I had to include it. She looks beautiful and in a way that I don’t think someone else could in the same dress.

This has a choker, but it doesn’t look or feel restricted because of the open chest (down to her stomach!). The metallic detail brings the drama and her beautiful leg serves additional sexy just in case you needed it. The sleek ponytail lets the chocker shine and her makeup is beautiful.

I love this look. It respects her vertical, I love the open chest and plunging neckline. I love the subtle sensuality of the “cutouts” and I love the figure-hugging but breathable fit. Her hair and makeup are perfect.

This is Jennifer Lopez at her best. Sexy but elegant, simple but glamorous. No notes.

Jennifer Lopez looks incredible in these body-hugging midi dresses. The length respects her vertical line and the fit highlights her figure while the bare shoulders allow us to see how strong they are. I love her hair and makeup, and her simple and elegant accessories. She looks beautiful.


Pinpointing your Kibbe body type can be challenging because grasping the nuances of each body type can be confusing. I hope this Soft Natural body type and style analysis of Jennifer Lopez was helpful.

If you think you could be a Soft Natural, try some of the same outfits and see if they suit you as they do her. 

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.

Please let me know if this helped you and if you agree with my analysis.

Talk soon,




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  1. What if someone is soft natural but also winter colour season? I feel there is a conflict between the need for high contrast makeup and the need for natural style makeup

    1. I think in this case it’s useful to think of Soft Natural as being your guide for clothing and the best lines for your body. Then, separately, think of winter as being the colors you’d choose within those clothing line recommendations.

      As far as makeup, for me this falls within a person’s essence and that dictates if it would be bold or subtle, for example. If you have a dominant Natural essence, then subtle makeup will be more harmonious with you, even if you are a bright winter. If you have a bold Dramatic essence, then sharp, high contrast makeup will be more harmonious.

      I hope that helps, it may be more confusing to grasp because I’m introducing a new concept, but that’s how I see and understand it on the people whose analyses I’ve done. If you’d like to understand more about my understanding of essences, I have a series on seven of them and you can read them here. 🙂

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