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Summer Dresses For The Body Types | Shopping Guide

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Summer dresses for | Summer dresses for | Kibbe Body Types

It’s summer again, and as I dress I find myself reaching for something easy, light, and airy to deal with the temperature but still look good. So, I thought it was a great time to look into what makes the perfect summer dress for each of the body types.

Knowing your lines can help you buy better the first time so you don’t accumulate clothes and accessories that you don’t use. This post is a buying guide for summer dresses for each of the five main Kibbe body types, with respect to their lines and essence.

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.


Note: This is not an analysis of the women wearing the clothes, just the styles of the clothes they are wearing. So, for example, I believe that Kendall Jenner is a Flamboyant Natural, but the outfit she’s wearing leans Classic, so I’ve used her image in the Classic category.

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Okay, let’s begin:



The Dramatic Kibbe body type is characterized by long, lean lines, and sharp edges. This gives an elongated, masculine (yang-dominant), and powerful appearance.

Similarly, Dramatic clothing lines are long and sharp and fabrics are stiff, creating an altogether sleek, sculpted, and elongated look. The Dramatic essence is powerful.

Summer dresses for Dramatics | Summer dresses for Soft Dramatics | Kibbe Body Types

What makes these outfits Dramatic are the long lines, sharp details, and narrow silhouettes. Outfit specific dramatic elements include: the bold red color and sharp V neckline of Karlie Kloss’s dress (left),  the heavy, stiff fabric and tight fit of Padma Lakshmi’s dress (middle), and the elongated monochromatic line of  Amal Clooney’s (right) narrow turtleneck dress and sneakers.


Take note of the long vertical lines, the bold colors, asymmetry, and narrow silhouettes.

Summer Dresses for Kibbe Dramatics

a. here (left)

b. here (middle)

c. here (right)


Dramatics should avoid: Wide silhouettes and overly girly styles.

Kibbe Dramatics Summer Dresses | Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn looks so much more harmonious in the dresses to the right because they are narrower in silhouette which matches her narrow frame. The heavier fabric of the brown minidress also matches her prominent bone structure and she looks great.

In the looks to the left, she’s not her best. The long denim dress drowns her in fabric and the shorter blue and white dress looks too childish on her.



The Natural body type is defined by soft yang and is the overall combination of a slightly broad and angular structure, with a defined musculature. Natural clothing lines are long but wide, and with blunt edges (not sharp).

The Natural silhouette is relaxed, straight, and unconstructed. The fabrics are textured and heavy. The Natural essence is free, easy-going, and fresh.

Summer dresses for Naturals | Summer dresses for Soft Naturals | Kibbe Body Types

What makes these outfits Natural is the long vertical lines, the relaxed fits, the flowy fabrics, and the unconstructed styles like that of Jennifer Lopez‘s dress. Each of these women look stylish yet comfortable and laid lack.


Take note of the long vertical, the flowy fabric, and gentle draping.

Summer Dresses for Kibbe Naturals

a. here (left)

b. here (middle)

c. here (right)


Naturals should avoid: Overly tight, overly stiff, and overly girly styles.

The looks to the left don’t flatter Alessandra Ambrosio. The first look is too stiff and the bold pattern would be better suited to a Gamine type. The second look is too tight and restrictive, a little space between her and the dress would make this more harmonious with her. The third look is too girly and delicate and it looks childish on her.

The look to the right is simple and easy and it’s the most flattering on her. It’s narrow but has flow and the fabric has some weight but also movement, it’s not stiff. I also like the slightly longer length of the denim jacket which suits her better than the cropped style in the middle because she has a long vertical line.



The Kibbe Classic body type is defined by a perfect (blended) balance between yin and yang and the overall look created is tailored, smooth, and symmetrical with even edges- not a hair out of place.

Classic clothing lines are soft, straight lines or smoothly curved lines. The fabrics are high-quality, timeless, and traditional. The Classic essence is timeless, reserved, sophisticated, and polished.

Summer dresses for Classics | Summer dresses for Soft Classics | Kibbe Body Types

What makes these outfits Classic is the simple silhouettes, the clean lines, the minimal detailing, and the gentle patterns and color palettes.



Take note of the simple, high-quality finishes, the clean designs, and elegant silhouettes.

Summer Dresses for Kibbe Classics

a. here (left)

b. here (middle)

c. here (right)


Classics should avoid: Overly long, overly girly, and unpolished styles.

Lupita Summer Dresses | Kibbe Classic

Lupita looks inelegant in the dresses to the left. The first look (left) is too long and the way it ties at her waist is bulky and not sufficiently polished. The second look is too dainty and delicate and the watercolor palette makes even more so. It would be better suited to a Romantic type. The third look is lacking in structure and it feels too flimsy and again, unpolished for her. She looks very underwhelming in it.

The look to the right is her best, the midi length is great, the white and brown color palette is classic and the details of the dress and accessories are simple yet elevated. She looks beautiful and elegant.



The Romantic Kibbe body type is defined by lush yin and characterized by roundness and curves. The overall shape of their clothing should be round and soft and should emphasize their full hourglass figure.

Fabrics are luxurious and details are feminine (ruffles, lace, rouching). The Romantic essence is magnetic, sensual, and luxurious.

Summer dresses for Romantics | Summer dresses for Theatrical Romantics | Kibbe Body Types

What makes these outfits Romantic is the soft fabrics, the delicate ruffled detailing, the cinched waists, and feminine prints (right).



Take note of the soft, drapey fabrics, the ruffles, the petal detail (middle), the cinched waists, and the floral print.

Summer Dresses for Kibbe Romantics

a. here (left)

b. here (middle)

c. here (right)


Romantics should avoid: Overly long, unconstructed/ shapeless styles.

Summer Dresses to Avoid for Romantics | Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looks completely lost in the long, loose, unconstructed dresses and undone styling on the left. To the right, as soon as she has more polished styling and her waist is cinched in to give her shape, she looks more like herself and she looks beautiful.



The Gamine body type is defined by an even yet seemingly random combination of yin and yang opposites. This creates an overall very youthful and energetic appearance.

Gamine clothing lines are short and sharp and are always striving for a staccato effect. Silhouettes should be fitted and compact. Graphic elements and color usage that adds to their fun vibe are ideal. The Gamine essence is energetic, youthful, and mischievous.

Summer dresses for Gamines| Summer dresses for Flamboyant Gamines | Kibbe Body Types

What makes these outfits Gamine is the high necklines, the fun and bold prints, particularly in the case of Reese Witherspoon‘s dress (middle), the short lengths, and the bold, contrasting trims.


Take note of the bold patterns and contrasting trim, the short lengths, and heavier fabrics.

Summer Dresses for Kibbe Gamines

a. here (left)

b. here (middle)

c. here (right)


Gamines should avoid: Overly long styles, boring palettes that lack visual interest.

Summer Dresses for Gamines

Emily Ratajkowski looks boring in the single color dresses in the middle. The long black dress is not only boring but the length also drags her down. She looks amazing in the outfit to the right, the colorful pattern is bold and interesting and the short length is perfect for her.



This guide is to help sharpen your eye for what you need to look for when buying a summer dress by asking some simple questions. Are you better suited to smooth or textured fabric? Longer lengths or cropped styles? Slim silhouettes or loose fits? A tight fit or flowy styles? Loud or understated details?

The answers to these questions are different for each of the Kibbe body types, and knowing them for yourself will help you buy better each time, and avoid the styles that don’t work for your lines and essence (i.e. the items you buy that sit at the back of your closet).

You can Find Your Kibbe Type by taking the test here.


I hope this guide helps you to shop better. Let me know if it does.

Happy shopping,




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