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Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis: Selena Gomez | Kibbe Body Types

Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis: Selena Gomez | Kibbe Body Types

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Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

What is Selena Gomez’s Kibbe Body Type?

I have determined her to be a Romantic. Perhaps a Theatrical Romantic, but certainly in that family.

Update: Since I first wrote this post, David Kibbe has typed Selene Gomez as a Theatrical Romantic! I called it- whoop whoop! I’m keeping the post the same, but since we know the answer I got is correct, this post is more about the process I went through to get there. Enjoy.

This post is a detailed account of how I got to this conclusion. I’ll be focusing on the lines of her body and clothes as well as her essence.

The basis of this analysis is primarily the Kibbe system of body typing, and secondarily the Kitchener system for understanding Essence. These systems are unique and independent, but I like to use them together. Please keep in mind that I’m no expert and these are just my thoughts. They could very well be wrong. Anyway, let’s begin.

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Let’s take a look at the lines of Selena’s body:

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: body lines

I see short lines, soft flesh, and a rounded bone structure. Selena looks delicate and small. While she is fleshy, this is true regardless of her weight, she does not have a broadness in the chest- her shoulders are quite small. Selena is more curve dominant (than frame dominant).

Elongation/ Vertical Line

The vertical line is observed in the silhouette between the shoulders and knees and has to do with how fabric falls on the body.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: vertical line

Selena has a short vertical line. However, she is suited by and can pull off all the lengths of the looks above. I thought the longer lengths would drown her, but they don’t.

Natural Lines


Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: athleisure

These are not great looks for Selena. These tracksuits are too casual for her and look very underwhelming. The first look (left), is the worst. The oversized sweater swallows her up and the pants are just there. I think the shoes, socks and general styling is what really kills this look. It doesn’t have enough glamour for her and it looks frumpy as a result.

The other two looks (middle, right) are much better and even stylish on her. This is not because of the tracksuits themselves, but rather the styling. Her hair and makeup are done, the bag and shoes are glamorous and she looks casual in a way that’s still beautiful on her.


Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: denim

The first look (left) is great on Selena. She looks casual on account of the oversized T-shirt and jeans combo, but the styling is very feminine and elevated such that she looks very put together. Being ‘put together’ is very important for Selena. If she was wearing flip-flops or sneakers, for example, this look would suffer.

The middle look is very Gamine: the high neckline, the cropped jeans; the loafers; and the cropped, boxy jacket. The mid-size, angular bag also works with these lines.

The last look (right) is very Flamboyant Natural because of the oversized blazer and baggy, straight-leg jeans. This is her least flattering look. It swallows her up and she looks very small in it.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: denim

Selena looks beautiful in both these looks. The jeans are quite loose and casual, and arguably so are the sweaters. However, in each case her stylish is very glam; the statement earrings, the boots, the bag, and of course the hair and makeup. This sensual and glamorous essence is what stands out in these looks and it captures her so well that she looks stunning in both.

Gamine Lines

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: gamine lines

Selena has grown up on television and in the public eye, so a lot of her outfits when she was much younger were naturally Gamine-ish, and she looked very cute in them. She looks adorable in the first look (left).

However, as she’s grown up and matured, Gamine lines are too childish on her and it’s become clear that she doesn’t have a Gamine essence.

In the middle look, the graphic t-shirt looks okay but rather separate from her. Even in the last look (right), the pocket detail of the jeans looks a bit too busy and childish on her, even though she is clearly quite young in the photo.

Coat Length Study

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: coats

All of these lengths look great on Selena, from short-midi (left) to almost floor-length (middle). The length by itself doesn’t swallow her up. The midi length is the least flattering (right).

She is more affected by fabric weight, which is why of these three, the last image (right) is arguably the least flattering because of how visually heavy and textured it is. She is better suited by smooth, light fabrics.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized + Long + (visually) Heavy Coat

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: oversized coats

These coats are much too long and heavy for Selena. Her bone structure is too delicate to handle this much visual weight. In both cases, she looks frumpy and inelegant. I also get the sense that she’s struggling to keep these coats on her because they are so heavy.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized + Textured (visually heavy) at any length

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: oversized coats

Again, these fuzzy, textured styles do not suit Selena and they are very separate from her. They lack the delicacy and smoothness that she needs. These jackets look almost cartoonish on her.

The tomboyish combat boots and pants (left, middle) are similarly not harmonious with her. She very much needs to dress like a lady (polished, feminine) to look her best.

Flamboyant Natural Staple- Oversized Blazer

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: blazer

This is very interesting. I think these three suits represent three body type styles, and they suit her to very varying degrees.

The first image (left) is the least flattering on Selena. The cut is narrow, the tank top underneath is very casual and odd and the jacket fit is rather boxy on her. The color especially washes her out, and the monotone and simple nature of the entire ensemble is too boring for her. She needs sophisticated detailing.

The second look (middle), is much better than the first. The fabric looks smoother and more refined, and the traditional cut of the blazer is more flattering on her. However, this is still not her best. The jacket is oversized which is not the best for her and the pants are cropped. The two-tone nature of the shoes (with this look) takes some sophistication away from the entire look. I also want to brush and smooth out her hair.

The last look (right), is the best. She looks stunning. The suit is fitted to her body, showing off her curves and cleavage- which looks beautiful and natural on her. The detailing of this outfit is perfect. The earrings, shoes, buttons, and shoulder tassels add glamour and polished bling. Her hair and makeup are subtle but polished.

Dramatic Lines

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

These are quite Dramatic lines, but they are somewhat close. Specifically, I wanted to explore how Selena looks in a head-to-toe monochrome ensemble with some crisp tailoring. This is the best I could find.

I think she looks a bit stiff in the first (left) outfit, the fabric is too stiff for her and doesn’t allow for any natural movement. I also think this color pattern is not the best for her. However, the open neckline helps her out and lets this look ‘breathe’ just a bit. If she took just a headshot in this outfit, it would look great, but a full look is too much.

I love the color of the second look (middle) on her, but again the fabric, while softer than the first look, is still a bit too stiff for her. The cutouts are okay, and I find the choker and her neckline in general, to be restrictive.

The third look (right), is the best. She looks beautiful and sophisticated. She does look a bit boring, but in a mature way. The fabric is weighted but soft and allows for movement. The neckline is high but gently open. The overall fit is loosely tailored (and not strictly so) which is best for Selena. The hair, bag, and shoes act as contrasting and polished accessories.

Dramatic Lines + Essence vs. Dramatic Lines + Romantic Essence

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

The first look (left) is so awkward on Selena. The leather suit is too stiff and harsh on her. The fabric, being stiff, doesn’t conform to her body and the fit is loose, boxy, and oversized. That she is in all black is also not great for her, she almost fades into the background behind her outfit. The hair is messy and the shoes are blunt and boyish, adding to the overall lack of sophistication and disharmony of this look.

The second look (middle) is less awkward than the first, but still not her best. Again, it’s the stiff leather skirt that throws it off. This proves just how important fabric selection is for Selena. Everything else is quite harmonious; the top gently hugs her body and makes allowance for her chest. Her shoes are polished. I do wish her hair wasn’t so dark or that it was pulled back, but she looks good.

The third look (right) is amazing. This is how Selena pulls off ‘sexy and edgy’. The pants are leather but they are fitted to her body. The cut-out detail provides playful peeks of skin that are sexy but subtle. The top likewise highlights her cleavage and is very sexy, but feels playful. The studded detail in the shoes adds edginess and the gold belt pulls it all together (and also cinches her waist). Her light, blonde hair (with natural dark roots) is perfect to brighten and finish this look. Her makeup is subtle and beautiful.

Romantic Lines

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

This is another study in fit and fabric selection for Selena. In the first look (left), she looks beautiful, but it is not her best, especially compared to the other two looks. Her black leather dress does get some things right; it’s fitted up top, detailed, and cinched at the waist. However, the leather is too heavy for her and in general, the look is stiff and hard on her. Her styling is beautiful.

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The two looks to the right are Selena at her best. She looks amazing in these body-hugging gowns in luxe fabrics and delicate detailing. It doesn’t matter if her neckline is high and closed (middle) or open (right), she looks equally beautiful. I think what matters more for her is glamorous styling and detailing. So in the first look, the glittery cut-out detail creates this glamour and, in the second look, this is achieved by her luxurious jewelry.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

Again, Selena looks amazing in these looks, but to varying degrees.

The first look (left) is the best. While it has visual (and probably real) weight, it is fitted, luxurious, and glamorous- all of which are more important for Selena. The silver bling detailing takes this dress to another level.

The second look (middle) is the least flattering on Selena. The dress is beautifully fitted and the shape is beautiful, however, the fabric is terrible for her. On her, this fabric looks cheap.

The third look (right), is okay. I love the top- the cut and fit around the bodice are gorgeous and the diamond ring detail is perfect. I like that it opens into a cape but I wish it was a short one that ended at her under-breast line. This would highlight her cinched waist and work so much better for her. I also wish there was no front slit and that the bottom was more fitted to her body.

I think the cape is too much fabric for Selena and the front slit causes the dress to open and flare out more than it needs to.

Ingénue Essence

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez: Ingenue essence

Selena definitely has an Ingénue essence and it shows up most notably on her face. Regardless of her age, she continues to look like a fresh-faced teenager. She looks at home and is so beautiful in these girlish hairstyles.

However, her body does not have an Ingénue Essence:

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

These outfits are not flattering on Selena. The fabrics (tulle, diamante) and cuts of these dresses make them very ‘little girl’ in essence and they all look very separate from Selena. They are not sophisticated and mature enough for her.

Mature Ingénue

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

These looks are beautiful on Selena. The cuts and lengths of the first two dresses (left, middle) are very Ingenue in essence. The bright orange colors also add to this effect. However, the fabrics and styling of both looks are sexy and mature- particularly in the first image. This balances the Ingenue aspects and creates an overall harmonious ensemble.

While still beautiful, the middle look is the least flattering on Selena. It is decidedly the most girlish on account of the lower hemline and the fun earrings and nails. Still, it pulls together and she looks good.

The third look (right), is the most mature in styling, fabric, and cut- but the detailing on the fabric gives it a touch of girlish playfulness and this is beautiful on Selena.

Gamine Lines

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

This is how Selena pulls off Gamine lines. These looks lean Gamine because of the high necklines, sharp and small geometry, graphic elements, and color blocks. However, and very importantly for her, each of these looks is grounded in mature styling (shoes, bag) and sultry hair and makeup. That stops them from looking childish and instead they look fun.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

The first two looks (left, middle) are stiff and geometric and separate from Selena. The square top (left), and square edges (left, middle) are not the best for her curved silhouette.

The middle look is the least flattering. The white color is too harsh on her and the chopped-up nature of the ensemble (as a pose to a dress in one piece) is not the best for her. The belt detail is odd. The diamond necklace and red lips are Romantic elements that would ordinarily elevate her look, but here they look stark against the white outfit. This look is very disjointed.

The best of these is the third (right) look, I think due to the sultry nature of the slinky fabric. As compared to the other two looks, here she looks mature and sexy- which is more harmonious for her.

Worst Silhouettes

These are silhouettes that flatter Selena the least. In general, she is least flatted by unconstructed silhouettes that deviate from her body. Sharp geometric cuts, too-girlish styles, and fabrics that are too lightweight or too stiff also don’t flatter her.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

The first look (left) is too-girlish and the fabric is too frilly and lightweight for Selena.

The big flare skirts (middle, right) lose her body. The stiff and heavy fabric of the top in the middle image is too harsh and looks matronly on her.

Shapeless / Unconstructed

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

Selena is lost in shapeless dresses.

In the middle look, the loose black dress robs her of her sensuality, which is fine because I think the goal was to create a ‘cute’ look, which is also aided by the short length. But imagine if this dress was long and shapeless, it would not flatter her at all.

In the first image (left), the dress has too much fabric and she drowns in it. The crinkly nature of the fabric also takes away her elegance and sensuality. Add to that the lack of styling and she just looks…bad. This dress is better suited to a Natural and preferably a Flamboyant Natural type.

Not Quite Right

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

Each of these looks is missing something. Let’s discuss:

The first look (left) is great in terms of styling. I like the length of the dress and the way it drapes around her bodice. I feel like it could have been more fitted around her lower body but it’s okay. The feather shoulder detail is very distracting and is a diversion I don’t think she needs. Still, it is overall cute on her.

The middle look is the least flattering. Again, this stark white color does nothing for her and the sharp cuts of this stiff fabric are also harsh against her delicate bone structure and soft flesh. She looks like she’s in a dress prison.

The third look (right) is beautiful. It leans heavily on the sensual essence, with the satin fabric, high slit, and cascading locks, which Selena can handle. However, there isn’t enough body conforming. This dress is too unconstructed for her and would be better suited to a Soft Natural type.

Best Silhouettes

Body-hugging silhouettes, polished styling, and glamorous details.

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

Selena looks her best in subtle or extreme draping, anything that holds and conforms to her body. She needs glamorous detailing- a pair of earrings, a polished shoe or a sexy sandal- the more feminine the better. Medium to medium-heavy weight fabrics in luxurious finishes are her best. Lengths don’t matter too much, as long as shape and glamor are maintained.

The first look is a lesson in casual done right for Selena. The dress itself is in a simple fabric, but it is elevated by clean tailoring and construction. It looks like it was made well. The white sneakers make this a casual look, but her very elegant bag balances them out. Lastly, her makeup is polished and glamorous and she looks beautiful.

The middle look is simple and elegant. The bold lip and strappy sandals are the perfect complement to the body-hugging midi.

The third look (right) is another well-executed casual look for her. The sweater is loose and oversized and the fabric is very textured. However, her body is clearly defined underneath it by the jeans and t-shirt/ bodysuit whose fabrics are smooth. Thus the look is balanced and beautiful. The earrings are glam and her boot is polished.

Why Selena Gomez is NOT a Kibbe Soft Natural

There has been speculation and discussion around Selene’s Kibbe type on various discussion boards on the internet, and one type that comes up for her a lot is Soft Natural. I have proven to myself that she is definitely not that (or a Natural of any kind), and I’d like to discuss why:

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Style Analysis- Selena Gomez

Of these three outfits, I think Selena looks her best in the third (right), followed by the first (left) and she is least flattered by the middle look. A Soft Natural would be most flattered by either of the drapey looks (left, middle) and least flattered by the more fitted red gown.

In the middle image, Selena’s body is lost in the silver slip dress and she loses some sophistication and sensuality. In the first look (left), she looks elegant and beautiful, and much more harmonious than the first look because the dress under her cape is fitted to her body, albeit gently so.

The third look (right) is simply stunning. The dress is fitted to her body and it looks amazing on her. The long length makes it more glamorous, as do the earrings. The reddish color plays into the sensual essence that works so well for her.

Simply, Selena looks better the more body-hugging her clothes get and the more glammed up her styling gets. This is the opposite of a Natural type.

Essence- Hair

Selena Gomez: best hairstyles

Selena can pull off a lot when it comes to hair, just as long as it is glamorous and overall soft and luscious. Volume and curls are great on her, but they are best when they keep their shape to create a ‘gently run through’ look as opposed to the ‘tousled’ look of Naturals.

This is demonstrated in the bob images in the bottom row think. I think she looks better in the first image (left) where her curls are ‘cleaner’ as compared to the middle where the hair is more tousled.

It may be hard to see because she is so beautiful in every one of these images, but compare the long lengths of the bottom-right image to the top-center image. Imagine she is wearing a satin evening gown, which hair would suit her best?

For me, the answer is clearly top-center. The polished hair with the gentle curl would be more harmonious with a glamorous look (which is more harmonious with her). The tousled hair would take away from the polished finish.

Selena Gomez: worst hairstyles

Selena is not suited by ‘undone’ hair styling or styling that is extreme in any way, it comes off as harsh and drastic on her.

The wet hair look (top-left) is too unsophisticated for her. It doesn’t come off as ‘sexy’, it looks like she didn’t have time to do her hair.

The bone-straight long hair with the blunt bangs is too sleek and dramatic on her. The bleach-blonde bob is also too drastic on her and it robs her of her essence. The short bob (bottom-right) is very cute, but in general, the length is too short for her. She looks her best in hair that is lush and inviting, which for her means length.

Essence- Makeup

Selena Gomez: best makeup

Selena looks her best in glamorous makeup. This can include a bold cat-eye with a shimmery lid and a bold or nude lip, or it cannot. As long as the overall effect is glamorous, she can play around to her heart’s content. The looks above demonstrate this.

Selena Gomez: worst makeup

Similar to her hair, Selena is not flattered by makeup that is too dramatic and severe- it comes off as harsh and drastic on her. She also isn’t flattered by ‘barely there’ makeup, it looks incomplete on her.

The top-left look is too dark and overpowering (especially the eyes) for her that it looks gothic- it looks like she’s going to a Halloween party.

Balance is important for Selena. The top-center and top-right looks are not necessarily too overpowering, they are just unbalanced. The eye makeup is too dramatic for a nude lip such that her eyes are all I see and they overpower the rest of her face.

The middle look is just odd on her. Her makeup washes her out and her lip color is too light which makes it worse. Her hairstyling also doesn’t help and everything combines to create an unflattering look.

In the bottom-right image, her makeup is done well, but she looks boring because the ‘no makeup’ look that simply doesn’t work for her. The shades in the bottom-left image (eyes, lips) are too light for her. She needs bolder and more exact makeup.

Best Looks:

Selena looks so beautiful here. I love her lip color in the first image (left) and that sharp cat-eye. Her hair is bone-straight, but it falls gently behind her and you can tell it has movement.

The dress is gorgeous; sexy straps, rouching; it follows her body. I love the rings and earrings and her hair and makeup are beautiful.

I love this look. The bright color, the satin fabric, and the way it’s fitted to her body. Her hair and makeup are beautiful and the diamond necklace brings all the glamour. So beautiful.

I love this look. Yes, this dramatic A-line silhouette is not the greatest for her, but this completely works. I think she did everything correctly so this is a fun risk that pays off.

The color is a big thing here, this color is gorgeous on Selena and is a way to tie back to the sensual Romantic essence that is so important for her, especially since the cut (bottom flare) of the dress takes it away. The diamond earrings and ring bring glamour and her makeup is subtle but beautiful.

I love this look very much. It’s giving subtle regal energy. The luxurious velvet fabric, the diamond necklace and earrings, and the statement ring all create an essence of sophisticated glamour. On her, this is almost understated, it’s so elegant. I love that little under-boob sliver of flesh detail. Hair and makeup are perfect.


If I had to type Selena, I would say she is a Romantic. Perhaps a Theatrical Romantic, but certainly in that family.

Update: Since I first wrote this post, David Kibbe has typed Selene Gomez as a Theatrical Romantic! I called it- whoop whoop! I’m probably more excited about this than I should be, but it’s really nice to get positive feedback (that’s how I’m treating it) on my process. I’m getting pretty good at identifying lines and essences- yay!

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I’d love to know what you think. Please let me know if you came to the same conclusion or if you’d type Selena differently. If you’d like to Find Your Kibbe Type, you can take the test here.

Talk soon,




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